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Here at TOP Minds we love connecting with like-minded people who want to learn, grow and better their lives. Through our online and face to face offerings, we want to create a community of empowered, joyful and connected people. Learn practical tool from one of Perths leading experts to help kick-start your wellness journey, take back your personal power and create a life you love.


For those that are serious about living their Bliss Life, and need to make powerful changes to achieve their goals, TOP Minds offers a 6 week Mind Mastery Program, as well as full day Empowerment events throughout the year. Personalised One on One coaching is also available for those who want a tailored program to achieve massive results, fast. For more information, or to book your FREE discovery session, click here.


Perth, Western Australia 

Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your Soul

BSc Mol Bio, Bio Med (Hons); MPharm

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