Your birthday is just another way of saying, “let’s celebrate your life!”

Today is my birthday and I’m just blown away with all the love that I received! It filled my love tank so much it’s overflowing like Niagara Falls!! I have so much more love to give the world! Birthdays are an amazing reminder that we are on this planet for a reason. For me that is to connect, enjoy life and play! Life can be a wonderful game, set your intentions and have preferences and always remember to then sit back and enjoy the unfolding of your gifts. Do not sit ridged in the “how” of the things that you want, simply enjoy the ride and know that what you want is not only coming, it will come in perfect time and be delivered to you with things even more wonderful than you can imagine. If you allow the Universe to deliver you all the gifts it has in store for you, then you truly become a powerful co-creator. The Universe wants you to be happy, to feel loved, to feel worthy and to be abundant. When you are filled up, you are more compassionate, more loving and more kind to others. Your success is someone else’s inspiration and you were born to inspire greatness in others.

Each birthday I sit back and look at the year I have just created for myself. I observed my life with no judgement so that I can look at it through the divine eyes of Source. I feel accomplished and connected when I remember how much I have learnt and what I experienced in only such a short amount of time. I have met some wonderful people and created new bonds that have enlightened and uplifted me. In one year of my life I managed to fall in love, over and over again, I forged several epic new relationships, I was singled out as one of the best actors in my class, I was promoted in my corporate job to a lead position in the company, I had the courage to leave that corporate job to pursue my love and passion for acting (one of my most courageous and proud moments), I was headhunted by a beautiful agent with no action or effort on my part (just divine guidance), I got offered my first acting role immediately, in a production that I LOVE, I reached my goal physical fitness level, I created deeper bonds with my parents, I traveled to wonderful places on the planet - the list is unbelievable and I could go on and on (and did in my mind until my physical body was buzzing with the energy of love and appreciation)! Even when we look back a year that may have had struggle or hardship, we can find appreciation for those things as they create contrast. They allow us to forge more stable ideas of what we would prefer, because never do we know what we DO want more, then when we know what we don’t want. It is powerful to acknowledge this contrast and then let it go. Don’t sit and focus on what you do not want, we attract more of what we focus on. So allow it to give you clarity and then declare to the Universe what your preference is. Then focus on that! Let that thought fill you with hope. Your constant focus on what you want more of in your life will draw it to you like a magnet! Be aware of your feelings, they are your guidance system allowing you to know what you are drawing to you. When you focus on something, ensure that you are believing that you will achieve this. If you are actually focusing of the lack of it, you will feel that resistance. For example, when people say, “I want more money,” and they feel frustrated or stressed, then they are focused on the fact they have NO money. What they are then drawing to themselves is more “no money.” Say it differently, “I am so blessed to be able to afford everything I need right now. I have an abundance of sunshine, oxygen, clean water, a roof over my head, ability to walk free under the stars. I have more than thousands of others in the world and I am grateful for those things.” In this state of appreciation you feel good, and you are drawing more of this abundance to you!

So celebrate your life, you are worth it!! I’m so blessed to be here, to be sharing this magnificent journey with you all on this wonderful earth! Life is a playground and I intend to enjoy all the rides it has to offer me! I love my birthday, I am so appreciative that I have chosen to experience life on this day 30+ years ago. I am vibed with all the love I have received today and I hope you can all feel that love I have now sent out 10 fold onto the world. I think I will have a “celebrate Ze day” twice a year for the good of humanity! Stay tuned!

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your Soul

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