Where have we been and where are we going? The next human evolution

Humans grow and develop as we evolve. It is what keeps us and the Universe expanding. Recently, we had a massive evolution with the Industrial Revolution, which changed the way we operated as a species. Consumerism took off, people were able to increase their specialisations in fields where machines could take over the menial tasks. An explosion of growth was seen throughout the world. English and European school systems were shaped to produce children that would grow up to think the same way and could go forward and populate the industry as required. Rigid structures were implemented, where we could colonise new parts of the globe and maintain our systems of operations. Soon we were ready for more. Linear thinking became challenged more and more and divergent thinking gave rise to the Digital Era. Exponential growth began to take place. Things like plumbing took hundreds of years to become commonplace, yet the explosion of the internet was only done in decades. Quickly technologies became redundant! Think of the home telephone, the rise of the mobile made this once revolutionary technology seen archaic. Quicker than ever before in history we can produce more, share more, communicate more and consume more.

The results of the digital age were both wonderful and worrying. Sickness and cancers have risen exponentially, where it was only a few decades ago cancer was a rare event, the new statistics show we are almost at a 1 in 2 development rate. Alzheimer’s, a largely preventable disease, is now commonplace and suicide is taking over the death toll from war for the first time in history. Why are we so sick and unhappy if we have more available to us than ever before? The rise of the digital age offers us better communication and yet many feel more isolated and cut off than ever before. Cyber bullying created a pandemic of child suicide and anxiety. It could not be more disruptive, it can come into your cars, into your home, into your bedroom and even gets carried around with you in your pockets! And yet, it could not be easier to avoid! With blocking or simply “switching off” it is 100% avoidable! So why do people then choose to accept these cypher attacks? I believe it is because we all want to feel connected. “Switching off” can feel isolated and nobody enjoys feeling like they can’t interact and be a part of something bigger. We are all craving that connection and we all deserve wonderful connections. It is one of our core human needs. We have looked at cyber bullying in a way that does not actually solve the issue. We look to the bullies and tell them they are bad. They are just crying out for connection and have not been taught a healthy way to feel worthy. They then find a way that is toxic to get attention and we all give them that attention, thus perpetuating the cycle. Rather that addressing the root cause and re-educating that person to find worth and validation by sharing love and thus receiving love from others. Those that are under attack are then coddled. This strips them of their power. If I looked at you and said, you are okay, you are worthy and you are loved, that is always more powerful than if I looked to you and say, “you poor thing.” Pity is the energetic equivalent of saying, “ I know you feel powerless and hopeless and I also believe you have no power.” Techniques for self love and self worth can be learnt and when they are mastered, what others say and do becomes irrelevant. More importantly, those that love themselves attract love from others. This is a positive upward spiral and it is one of the most powerful things on earth.

Social media has given rise to massive consumerism. Buy the latest trends, look a certain way. Do and feel fantastic all the time. When this is harboured from a place of love then it can be wildly empowering and inspiring, if it is coming from the need to prove that you are “good enough,” then it can be toxic and at the very least, exhausting. Seeing that according to the World Health Organisation, over 300 million people are suffering with depression, I fear that many are posting in social media in a state of trying to prove their worth. More and more we live in a continued state of stress, which increases our risk of disease through chronic inflammation. It’s not a surprise that we see diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart problems, mental illness and stroke daily. At least one person in your life will be taking some sort of medication to help their illness and more often than not we are dying from disease, rather than from “old age.”

Is it all doom and gloom then?

Not at all!! Remember we are evolving, growing and expanding. There is a new evolution coming. Humans are always pushed to create better, more wonderful experiences. Through the contrast of what we don’t want, we can more easily define what we do want. More and more, people are using social media to connect with those they may never had the opportunity to connect with before. I have contact with friends that live on the other side of the globe! There is a movement for inspiration on social media. Physical and spiritual successes are being posted from a state of love that can help empower and encourage billions around the world. A push for minimalism is coming through in a huge way. Encouraging more people to live life for the joyous experiences rather than to collect trinkets. Meditation and Yoga practices have made their way into “yuppy” culture, making spiritual connections the new “in thing.” What wonderful addictions to have! And Kale! My god the kale! Have you seen the rise of kale eaters, it’s like the mark of spirituality when you eat kale haha. It doesn’t matter how you do it, or what practice you choose to follow, the point is, we are in a state of awakening. A new era in human evolution, one I call the Awakening of Naturalism. We are all energy, everything around us is energy. Even Einstein wrote E=MC2. He said ENERGY is everything! Matter and light is just equal to energy. And we have known this for Millenia. Humans have evolved to harness technology and for a while began to integrate science in this development of a connected spirituality. Somewhere along the way we got caught up with the “facts” and science and largely forgot spirituality. Religion tried to profit and use this confusion for its personal gain igniting large, bloody battles in the masked name of riotousness. Forgetting it’s true purpose, which is one of love, compassion and forgiveness. Yet in reality, this was only such a small amounting time in our linear history a species. Within a few hundred years we have begun to remember who we are again. Energy, spirit, fully connected to all. We are beginning to learn how to integrate science and technology to help us grow spirituality. Rather than using technology to gain more physical assets, we are harnessing it for better ways to reduce pollution. Ways to increase our healthy food supply. Ways to provide access to clean drinking water. Ways to continue our expansion and yet cause less impact on our beautiful earth. There are even scientists using stem cells to grow mea, so soon we will not have to even harm a living animal to eat meat. We are finding ways to utilise renewable energy to save our precious earth minerals. Technology is being used to enhance our already amazing bodies. Those that are deaf can hear. Those that are blind can see. If you lose a leg, you can get a better one that will allow you to run, climb and jump better than ever before. We are finding better ways to travel to allow everyone to connect with others on the other side of the globe, affordable to most and will only become more accessible. Soon companies like google will be able to make sure that 99% of the globe is connected using the internet. Information and education will soon become easily accessible to billions. People are coming out of the Industrial Age and reconnecting with nature. Hiking, sight seeing, swimming, walking. We are doing breathing and meditation practices more and more, allowing us to feel that loving connection to who we really are. A new way of life is rising up in the human experience. I am excited to be part of this wonderful expansion! I see more love, more connection, more fun!

When we look to the exciting future ahead, make sure you stay connected with who you really are. You are love, you are beauty, you are infinite intelligence. You where born perfect and worthy and whole. You will always remain this way, it’s only up to you to ensure that you remember these things along the way. When we maintain our faith in our own power, a power of love, we are strong and we are connected. We grow as one towards a magnificent future of unity and divine happiness.

Thank you all for being part of this wonderful experience I call life. I hope you all can feel the love I send you each and every day.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

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