What the Vax?!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Here's a time I never thought we would be living in, but here we are. As a former biomedical scientist, specialising in virology and vaccine research, I obviously have a lot of information about vaccines and how they work in the body. What's surprising though, is that I've actually learnt more since leaving the scientific and medical community.

After completing my Masters in Pharmacy and practicing as a managing Pharmacist in both private hospitals and community pharmacy, I thought I was able to help people with their health goals. What I actually discovered is that I was set up to fail in a system that is built for, and relies on, illness. I call it the "sickness industry" because that's what it is. Personally, I Suffered from various medical conditions, that I was educated to believe were irreversible, chronic and will only get worse. I became hopeless and despondent. This is common for people who suffer chronic disease, especially if there's a large amount of physical pain involved in their conditions, such as it was for me. Not only did my cervical arthritis cause chronic headaches and neck pain, my eczema caused horrific itching and scarring on my legs, but there was also emotional pain, like when my alopecia areata caused large chunks of my hair to fall out or when my cystic rhinitis, which blocked my nose totally, would remind me that at any time an asthma flare up could suffocate me to death. The stress and anxiety I would feel every time the wind blew my hair and exposed large bald patches, or the shame I felt when someone saw the scars on my legs was horrifically all-consuming. The saddest part of my whole story is that its not unique. There are millions of people out there suffering both physical, mental and emotional pain and what's more, they don't need to be!

After 10 years of suffering, illness and pain, I left the medical community and decided to start a new scientific experiment... on myself. Against the caution of the health professionals I respected and trusted and against the fear from my loved ones (and even the own caution from my inner voice!) I went out and tried something new. And for a minute, my conditions actually got worse! Panic! Fear! Could I actually die trying something new?! Everyone else around me seemed to think so. But here’s the thing about severe chronic disease, sometimes you get so ill that death isn't the worst thing! So, I persevered with my self experimentation and only a few months later I started to see my body heal. After 10 years of puffers, ointments, creams, steroids, sprays and tablets, in only 8 short months I had completely healed all medical issues! I no longer needed any of my former medical cacophony!

This is not a story of spontaneous remission or miracles, this is a story of the body doing what it's designed to do. It's not unique to me and I'm not special. People ask me all the time, "what did you do?!" and they often want me to tell them that I took some sort of miracle pill and it all got better. But that's BS. It took my body years to deteriorate and it gave me a lot of hints that it needed help, which I chose to ignore. So, I had to start actually listening to my body and then stop doing the things that held it back from doing what it does naturally, ie heal. You can change your diet, but I know of people that are super "healthy" and die of cancer early. I know of people who smoke and drink and eat sugar and live to 90! So, it's not diet. You can earn a lot of money. I know of multimillionaires that are suffering cancer or depression so severe they commit suicide. So, it's not money. I know of super successful career entrepreneurs that are chronically ill. The Steve Job's of the world, who changed the way we communicate and yet still died at ridiculously early age of 56. So, it's not your career. Well? What is it? I've devoted my life to answering this question and I believe it's all down to your mind. If you don't have your mind right, then it really doesn't matter what else in your life is "going right." Mostly because, if your mind isn't right, then the success you have will often go unnoticed, or worse, we are constantly saying we should be somewhere else. Richer, thinner, prettier, whatever the measurement we have put onto what we think of as "success." So, how do we get our mind right and what has that got to do with vaccines?

Anyone can heal their body, in fact, you can heal your body, relationships, career and finances by using the same method I did. I teach it as a simple 6 week course. In fact, there are many people teaching the same thing in different ways. Its ancient knowledge that we, as humans, have been practicing for thousands (millions?) of years. It's not really a secret and it's certainly not complicated, however it's not necessarily easy to do. We've been conditioned since birth to look externally for our joy, worth and love. What that does to us is to make us feel incomplete or unsuccessful, no matter what amazing goals we might be achieving. It is a sad thing that people are constantly looking at the body, house, car, career, bank account that they think they should have in order to be happy, rather than look at where they are and feel the amazement of such an epic achievement. Yes, this is all very good - but what about vaccines?

Vaccines are on the worlds conscious collective as a movement that is unlike anything seen in history before. We are in the mists of the biggest revolution in human history. The last 400 (1000) years has been working towards this very moment and we lie on the precipice of creating a new mass reality with awesome consequences. For the first time in history we have a power to force people to do something to their bodies on a mass scale, without their consent. We've seen our civil rights trespassed on a worldwide scale in the guise of a pandemic. Forced into segregation, making our freedom to explore this Earth that we were born to be a part of stripped from us uncerimoniously and without justifiable cause. People will gauk at statemetns such as this, however I earge you to look at the data. Look at overall cause mortality from the last 10 years. It's not easy to desifer, however it is doable. The overall mortality rate globally has not significantly risen. It has been reclassified, which is a system that placates the agenda, however when we look at overall death rates, they should dramatically rise in a deadly pandemic. Did they? Do the actual statistics say this? i’ve done the work, I’ve looked at the stats. from the very beginning I questioned what statistics were backing up this term “pandemic”? I can’t question the validity of people getting sick. People always get sick. In fact, we must have people getting sick and dying, as horrible as that might sound. But are we forgetting that we are in fact living organisms and it is our right that we should one-day die. The issue with pandemics is that they often kill healthy, young individuals with healthy immune system‘s. In this regard we will lose a massive amount of human lives. Is that what we are seeing right now? or are we seeing the same people vulnerable to common flus and colds unfortunately coming to the end? Although many people find looking at death scary or uncomfortable, it is part of life. As they say, no one gets out alive. The statistics do not show a massive increase in mortality. When I say there is a reclassification what I mean is that deaths that would be classified as a different way of dying and now classified as a “covid death.” I heard various stories about this re-classification and what it actually means to those families. A family in the US stated that their son only a teenager, was in a very serious car accident. He was kept in hospital before passing away and his death, rather than going down as a car accident, went down as a covid death. So what? What does that actually mean? Well for this family it meant a lot! By being a covid death and not a car accident it meant that insurance didn’t cover a thing! In the states one of the highest risk of bankruptcy is because of medical expenses. Re-classification of this young boys death meant that his family was left with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Not only that, as horrific as that would be on its own, they have just lost the son, an unbelievable pain. I have heard many stories of this re-classification, even from medical professionals themselves. Why is this reclassification happening in the first place? Why would they want these Covid numbers to be increased? What is the agenda? That the numbers have been artificially increased is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact. The “theory” comes into it when we ask “why”? I’ll leave the “why” up to you. As it stands we are now facing mandatory vaccinations. Regardless of whether you believe in vaccinations or not is irrelevant. What we are actually seeing here is body autonomy ending. This is a massive deal! For the first time on a massive scale we are seeing our rights to what goes into our body being taken from us. What precedent is this creating for a future? For the future of your children? I recently did a talk on how vaccinations work, what they do to the body, and what are the side-effects. I always thought that statement “side-effects,” was quite funny, a great marketing ploy from the pharmaceutical companies. What’s the toxic effect from taking this drug? “Oh don’t worry about it, it’s just a side.effect.” When I was a pharmacist many people would ask me, “does this drug have side-effects?” I never knew quite how to answer that without being sarcastic. Every single drug you put in your body will have a toxic effect. That is what they do. In fact, we leverage off these toxic effects from drugs. If you have high blood pressure, most medical professionals don’t question why you would have high blood pressure, they have been taught to simply prescribe a drug where one of the effects is lowering blood pressure. it’s not the only thing that drug will do. These drugs often work on a lot of different areas in the body. They have other effects on the body. And then those effects that cause unwanted problems, “don’t worry about it, they’re just side. effects.”

I am obviously not saying all drugs are bad. However, I do not believe that drugs are the answer or the cure. Nor do the drug companies make this claim that they are a cure. In fact, if they were a cure, the drug companies would be out of business. They do not want a cure. They would prefer if you were in their business for a long time. The way I see it, if you can remain sick but not dead and stay on the medication for 50, 60, 80 years, wouldn’t that be a good business model? I think medications should be used when appropriate. What that looks like for the individual should be different for each person. I’ll let you decide what’s best for you.

After leaving the medical industry I started researching vaccines. I had assumed, naïvely, that vaccines were the same as the other medicines I was studying. But I was wrong. Vaccines do not undergo the testing and safety measures that are other pharmaceutical drugs have to Go through in Australia. This shocked me! How did I not know this? And I had been a researcher in vaccines! I didn’t know that they did not need placebo trials! I did not know that they did not have to show full safety profiles over years of testing! I didn’t know they were still using mercury in some of our vaccines! And what about formaldehyde and polysorbate 80? These are add it into those injections. Formaldehyde is what they use to embalm dead bodies and it is linked to causing cancer in humans. Polysorbate 80 is a detergent, known to cause several harmful effects in humans. These are just two of the other ingredients in a lot of your vaccines, a full list can be found on the CDC website. And we inject them directly into the body. What’s more, I didn’t know that they have full legal immunity if anything happens to the person injected! How could I be so ignorant? How could I, someone specifically educated in the medical industry, with background in vaccine research, not know?

Rather than beat up on myself I figured if I didn’t know then I bet other health professionals don’t know. We are not taught these things. More importantly, we're taught How to memorise and regurgitate answers. We, like most people in the education system, I have not taught to critically think. Simply memorise and regurgitate. Do not question why the most common side-effect of anti-depressant medications is depression. Do not question why the most common side-effect of antiarrhythmic medication is arrhythmia. Do not question ANYTHING about vaccines! Just learned that we give everyone the same thing whenever it’s “appropriate.” cookie cutter approach with the expectation that of course there will be “side-effects.”

Some of the studies, for vaccines, such as one of the hepatitis B vaccination, was as short as five days. What happens on day six? If you die on day 6 they’re not even going to record it? And how are they testing the efficacy of vaccines? This is a really interesting question and will take a lot more than the small blog to answer. But I invite you to ask this question and look into it. You might be surprised. Regardless these vaccine companies, with full legal immunity and only having to do very small testing with no true placebos, bring these things onto market making billions of dollars in profit. Years later through the trickling in of various side-effect reports, we see vaccines coming off the market due to ineffective and dangerous consequences. The diphtheria pertussis and tetanus vaccine was one of these that was removed from the market for killing more children than it protected from these three infections combined! This research comes out after it has been given to millions of people around the world. And remember these pharmaceutical companies are legally protected. I know what you’re thinking. How can this be possible? If you don’t believe me, just look up the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) 1986. Shocking, isn’t it. There is a wealth of knowledge over the last 30 years as to some of the horrible consequences of vaccinations. I personally believe a lot of my autoimmune diseases were partly to blame from these injections. I make no claims that this is a universal thing, but I do believe this was personally my journey. Having said all of this, remember that I did in fact reverse all of my autoimmune diseases. Your body heals. That is what it’s meant to do. This blog is more to highlight and elevate peoples awareness as to what is going on currently. I do not have all of the answers, that is not why I am here. I am specifically focused on helping people get their mindset right so that they can find solutions that are best for them. I don’t believe everyone else can tell you what is right and wrong for you. I believe that they can provide you with guidance and information so that you, and you alone, can make the best choice for you.

it is saddening that this choice has been taken away for millions of people in Australia right now. If you were to believe that this vaccination was to help you and to protect you, wouldn’t it be unfair if I were to stop you getting it? And just in the same vein, if you were to believe that this vaccination would harm you and give you no benefit, wouldn’t it be unfair if I were to make you get it? How can we force other people to choose what we think is best for them? Should we all not have that right to choose what goes in our own bodies? The precedent is dangerous. What if our governing bodies decide that it is best for everybody if they microchip you so that they can make sure that nobody is mass gathering. They might not want you to riot, or stand up for yourself if things aren’t going your way. If they say a particular group shouldn’t have freedom or access to things like education, jobs or even food, then the system would allow them to do that. Do you think this is an overreaction? This is currently going on in many parts of the world. This is actually currently going on in Australia! Vaccinated people are getting preferential treatment over unvaccinated people. There is a class segregation. Unvaccinated people are now not allowed to work, to obtain a living. This is always been our God-given right, but no longer. If we do not comply to dictatorship rules, we will be outcast. your ability to earn a living, and the survive, will be stripped from you. What’s more, free speech about vaccinations and our right to choose has been slowly and incrementally taken away. This is the precedent we are setting. this is not meant to scare anybody, however it is meant to highlight what we are currently doing. It’s not too far gone. We can make sure that this never happens again. We would not want to see a world where your children are not allowed to have free speech or autonomy over their own bodies. This would be a dangerous precedent. What do we do about it?

Great question! The first thing to do is to become aware. Have a look at the stats. Talk to experts. Start to question things. Then empower yourself, through education and self-awareness you can take back your power. Start to pay attention to where we are putting our power. What political parties are taking our power and abusing it? What can we do to make sure this doesn’t happen? These are all questions you must ask yourself. I do not have all of these answers. As a collective we can find solutions together. as far as how to build and improve your immune system, I believe that starts with your mindset. That I can help with! I have multiple videos and blogs on this exact thing. If this is something you struggle with, whether it is self-doubt, frustration, anger, hopelessness, or any of the other feel bad emotions, this is a state you can change through creating a new habit of thought. Creating new habits of thought can be fun and exciting! I can certainly help you achieve this. I do six week programs and will have a new group program starting in February 2022. reach out if you want more details. In the meantime, It’s my wish that everybody live a happy and joyful life. Irrespective of the circumstances, you have the power to make decisions that can vastly improve your life. I believe in your power and I trust that you will find your way.

Sending you all my love,


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