What can we do when we crash and burn?

A lot of my readers are generally master conscious creators. Its likely that you have more sensitivity to emotions and empathy for others. If you’re a student of Law of Attraction (LOA) then you are also probably creating a world where you feel good most of the time. However, no matter how conscious you are, no matter how perfect a world you have created for yourself and no matter how amazing your mental strength is, we all have low days. These are moments of contrast that show us more things that we would prefer for our experience. If something happens that we don’t want, then it stands to logic that with the right focus, you would have just learnt more specifically what it is you DO want. Master LOA students are more likely to feel lighter contrasting feelings than those that are not practicing conscious creation. So with the right practice they often choose better-feeling thoughts quickly and climb up the emotional scale fast and with ease. This is something everyone can do, and like everything in life, the more you practice the easier it is to do. When something happens that gives us a contrast to what we would prefer, we might feel frustration rather than anger, or irritation rather than sadness, or sadness rather than depression etc. I compare those that consciously create using LOA to those that don’t to those that get your car serviced regularly to make sure its running smoothly to those that simply sick their head in the sand and drive their car around hoping it will just run forever without any check-ins.

Feeling low periods, I all “ebbs,” is completely normal. Our emotions are our guidance system and emotions that feel off or uncomfortable are pointing us to an opportunity for growth and should be looked at with excitement or at the very least, positive expectation. Just like the great oceans of this planet, after every ebb there is always a flow. Its all in the natural balance. Without a negative emotion to let you know that there is something more that you want and prefer, we would stagnate. It is inherently in our soul to want to grow and learn. We want to want more. Its only when this balance gets thrown out of natural order that issues arise. What would this look like? Ebbs shouldn’t last a long time, they are there to simply make a point and direct you to make a conscious choice to move in a better serving directing and you will know you are back on track when an ebb is replaced with good-feelings and flow once more.

It is our right to feel good - it is our natural state. And remember, feeling good doesn’t mean feeling elated and ecstatic all the time. It can come in emotions such as clarity, passion, appreciation and even in contentment. Our ebbs, to use the car analogy again, is like a warning light for fuel. Its not there to harm you, its there to let you know that something needs to change for you to keep enjoying your smooth journey, in this case, more fuel. Now free will allows you to go ahead an ignore these signs, that’s your choice, however every choice has consciousness. You are fully free to choose to keep driving and never fuel up again. Some people get scared by this concept. They say, what if I thought at the time that it was a good choice to keep driving and I got stuck on the road! Well, its not that big of a deal really, just remind yourself, if you make a choice that you don’t like, you can simply make a new choice! If you chose to ignore your fuel light an got stuck on the side of the road, you have to take 100% responsibility for that choice. And now there is your power, you have millions of choices that you can make in this moment to move forward and what’s more, you have a great lesson – that flashing fuel light means put fuel in your car if you want to keep driving it. This is obviously a simplistic analogy, however life is actually pretty simply. What warning lights have come on in your life that you have chosen to ignore? What choices can you make to make sure that your road ahead is a little smoother? Choices that empower you, bring you one step closer to the things you want, create better feeling thoughts in your mind. There is always something you can do.

So, lets get back to this exact moment. The moment we have made a tonne of different choices and we have ended up at a crash a burn situation! Oh no! What do we do when we crash and burn? Well step one is don’t panic. It won’t last forever. In fact, if you do nothing, and I do mean nothing (aka meditate) you will naturally feel better. that’s why people recommend meditation. Remember, its our natural state to feel good. However, we can’t just sit around meditating all day. There are other choices you can make to help get you back in a thought habit that will serve you better. what a crash and burn means is that you have become sloppy with your thinking and that’s okay, however if you choose to re-focus you will be able to get back on board with a habit of feeling good fast.

It’s so easy to feel good when things are going awesome, but how do we pick our emotional selves up when we feel low and things feel like they are not going so well? I have been practicing conscious thought creation an LOA for many years now and have become a master of feeling good. I have coached hundreds of people how to maintain a state of wellbeing and have a live in a state of joy and bliss the majority of the time. However, being human, recently I have become lazy with my thoughts and slowly allowed my thoughts to slip until I experienced an ebb that I found hard to get out of. For me, that means that a bad-feeling thought pattern lasted over 3 days. This may seem like nothing to most people and I get it. I used to suffer depression an anxiety when I was younger and so I thought it was just normal to feel like shit all the time. When I learnt a new way of thinking I realized that this was completely rubbish. Now, I live in a state of bliss most of the times and experience ebbs for roughly once a year and generally only for a day or so before I am back to my happy self again. How is this possible? Well I'm super conscious of the thoughts I choose to focus on and how they make me feel. If I feel a negative emotion for more than 10-15 seconds, then I quickly recognizing what thoughts I have chosen to think in that moment and readjust them to get back into a better-feeling state. I go into this in more detail in other blogs, however the overall effect is that I feel amazing the majority of the time.

It is all about creating a habit. A habit of thought, and we ALL have one, whether its conscious or not. People that get angry all the time have a habit of thinking angry thoughts. People who are worried all the time have a habit of thinking worrisome thoughts. People who are happy all the time have a habit of thinking happy thoughts. I have become conscious of the thoughts I have chosen to think and I try to practice only the thoughts that serve me best, those that feel good. I compare this to your physical body, if you have trained and eaten well and created the body of your dreams, then if you have “a cheat day” or even a “cheat week” where you eat a little more junk food and don’t train that week like normal, then you may not notice a significant difference in your body. When you get back to your training you may observe your body is a little more stiff or sore the next day, however its usually not too big a deal. Now if you leave the training and eating well for weeks or months at a time, this may produce a vastly different outcome. You may find yourself looking in the mirror and finding that your beautiful, once sculptured body, is a bit flabby and soft. Leave your training and eating regime for longer and eventually the flabby and soft version of your body will become the new normal. This is exactly the same with your mind. If you practice thoughts that are empowering and loving, then you will create a habit feeling good. Simply practicing these daily will become easy and maintaining the state of feeling good will become normal and feel natural. If we become sloppy with our thoughts and start to focus on feel-bad thoughts, then we will notice our emotions follow suit. We may be snappier, feel physically more tiered, feel the need to “recover” or “get away from everything” more often. These are all the “warning lights” that are telling us to become more conscious about the thoughts we are choosing to focus on. If we catch ourselves early, then getting back on track will be easy, however if we chose to ignore these signs and keep practicing feel-bad thoughts, then this is when we may end up crashing and burning, just like I did recently. Wow, what a feeling! For those that know about LOA, what we focus on we draw to us. And I am a master at LOA. So when I feel good, the Universe gives me the most amazing opportunities! I manifest the most amazing people, free holidays, unbelievable job opportunities. For example, I wanted to pursue acting even though everyone around me was listing the reasons why I will never make it. I was in a peak state of flow and feeling good when I chose to leave my 6 figure business job to pursue an industry that I had no idea about, no experience and no training for. How did I go? Well, within one year I was accepted into an elite acting training program. This led to an agent finding and scouting me. My consistent focus allowed me to attract an amazing role on ABC and I ended up filming in my first ever Australian TV series. All within 2 years of being in the industry, with no experience and starting over the age of 30!!! Just because I had master focus. However, recently I have been lazy with my thoughts and when my focus shifted to what was not wanted, then I too am a master manifested in that area too. My car blew up, my finances dried up, my relationships with some important people that I care about blew up and my career took a hit. Oh dear! This happened over one week! What an ebb!! Now you can see why I train to avoid ebbs in my life. Not only do I enjoy feeling amazing every day, I definitely prefer it when things flow easily to me, rather than when they all go to shit. Well let me tell you, its so easy to feel sorry for yourself when these things happen. To try and find someone or something else to blame and to feel that life is “happening to me,” rather than “for me.” However, I know better and that kind of thinking just doesn’t help me or make me feel powerful at all. It does the opposite. That kind of pity party makes me feel like a victim, and self-made victims are the weakest people on earth. I know I create my own reality and I take 100% responsibility for the way I feel and for EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything, that happens in my life. This may boggle some people minds and I often hear things like, “but that person cheated on me, THEY did it TO me, its not my fault.” Look, this it may be true that these things happened and you’re right, you can’t control everything that happens to you, however you CAN control how you choose to feel about them. If your partner cheated on you, did you then choose to feel like you were not good enough? That you did something wrong? That they don’t love you and does this mean you’re unlovable?! All these thoughts often come in a barrage and make you feel like shit, that’s how you know they don’t serve you. If you chose to focus on them then I guarantee you will feel like shit and you will attract more thoughts like them until eventually you spiral so far down the emotional ladder you may even end up in a state of depression. And you know what, that’s okay. Yes, your human and its okay if you slip over every now and then. However, if we create our own reality then guess what? If we created something we don’t like or want, then we have the power to turn it all around. How? By doing the exact same thing we did that turned it all to shit. By using the power of our focus. This time, focusing in on what we DO want, would you would prefer. Thinking thoughts like, “I’m unlovable” never made anyone feel good and maybe you don’t believe thoughts like, “I’m perfect,” and that’s okay, you don’t have to make that kind of leap quite so quickly. If it feels unauthentic an uncomfortable to think something like, “I am perfect,” then that’s okay, don’t start there, work your way there over time and use your emotions to guide you to when you’re ready to think that thought. However, we could say something gentler to ourselves. Something we DO believe and something that feels a bit better and gives us a feeling of relief.

A mantra that I like to use whenever I’m feeling down is this, “I am enough. There are many people in this world that do love me and do want me. I do a lot of things right. I am kind and I am loving. I am worth liking and I am worth loving. I AM lovable. I am enough. I am good enough. I am smart enough. I am sexy enough. I am strong enough. I am enough, exactly the way I am, right here and now.”

Crash and burn tool-kit for survival

  1. Be conscious of your thoughts. It is my belief that thoughts, above all else, are the single most influential thing in your control, so use them wisely. My favorite thing to do when I need to realign is something I call “check ins.” I set my alarm on my phone at 4 random times through the day that simply pop up with “lovingly check in.” When they pop up, I stop what I’m doing then and there and I ask myself, “what am I feeling right now?” and “what thoughts have I thought to make me feel this way?” If it’s a good feeling, then I “milk it,” where I sit in that feeling and focus on how good it feels. If it’s a bad feeling, I consciously choose a better feeling thought. This is how we create new habits of thought that feel good. I have found that this alone is the most effective and impactful technique in getting out of a “crash and burn” situation.

  2. Breathe deeply. Our breath lets our body know what’s going on. Its one of those systems in our body that is mostly automated, however can be consciously controlled. Almost like we have an override button. When we are stressed and anxious, we will tend to breath fast, shallow breaths. By actively breathing deeply we send a message to our body that we are okay. Think about it. If we were in a state of terror - a tribal attack, a sabretooth tiger was stalking us, intense famine - we would often not be consciously breathing. We would be fighting for our life. So, when we breathe in and out deeply and slowly we are literally telling the body that we have so much time and freedom to be conscious of our breathe and therefore there can’t be any danger so imminent that we are going to die any time soon. There are so many benefits to breathing deeply. These can include; Re-oxygenising our body. This helps repair damaged cells and gives us more energy; Calm the nervous system and lowers our stress hormones; Elevates our immune system; Stabilises our mood; and helps with emotional control; Sends more blood into our prefrontal cortex of our brain, which helps with creative thinking; Lowering our blood pressure

  3. Focus on appreciation. We can only feel one thing at a time. We may cycle quickly from happiness to joy to love to excitement or from frustration to sadness to despair to anger etc, however its always one feeling at a time, regardless of its duration. When we are in a bad feeling state, the easiest way to feel better is to find something or someone to appreciate. There is ALWAYS something to appreciate. The fact of the matter is, when we focus on things that we appreciate, we can’t help but feel better and like everything, what we focus on grows, so soon you will bounce up the emotional ladder. From appreciation, to fulfillment, to joy, to love, to bliss.

  4. Eat well, move your body and get good quality sleep. Often when we are in a state of “crash and burn” we stop taking the basics so seriously. We may have little time or energy left because we are just trying to “get through the day,” however now more than ever we need to make sure we are taking care of our physical bodies. Try to avoid toxins in what you eat and drink because your body is most likely under a state of high stress already and doesn’t need any added burden to worry about. Get a good night’s rest and practice consciously quieting the mind, particularly before bed so that you’re in a good state to relax and rejuvenate. Remember that, “I don’t have time to exercise,” is just an excuse. I always tell people that in these times you don’t have time NOT to exercise! Moving your body will stimulate blood flow, allowing your body to better eliminate toxins and help move nutrition around to cells that may be damaged and in need of help due to the stressful load. It also elevates your mood by enhancing our feel-good hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine, while lowering our stress hormones. This also leads to a better immune system to help give you more energy and reduce the risk of getting sick. You don’t have to run a marathon or work out at the gym, you just have to move your body however you like that makes you happy. Dance naked in your room, take a coastal beach walk, skip rope, bounce on a trampoline. It doesn’t matter, do whatever makes you smile.

  5. Meditate. If you’ve never meditated before, now’s a really good time to learn. Just find something (a little boring) to focus on for 10-15 minutes a day, such as your breath or the ticking of a clock and sit quietly. That’s it. So simple. And, once again, if you say, “you don’t have time,” then are you really serious about wanting to feel good? Meditation has been PROVEN to reduce stress and elevate mood and is thousands of years old. You’re telling me you don’t have just 10 minutes to invest in your happiness? Get real. You have to start taking 100% responsibility for how you feel and start to invest in doing things that will help maintain your elevated mood. However, don’t expect miracles overnight! Its consistency that is key. You don’t go to the gym once and get a six pack, you go every day, consistently. You go again and again and you still don’t have a six pack and then one day, and you’re not really certain when the shift happens, you go to the gym and you notice that you have a six pack! It wasn’t any particular day that made it happen, it was your consistent investment in your body. The same is true for meditation. You will feel relaxed and your mind should be quieter during meditation and with your consistent practice, one day you will feel on top of the world again!

  6. Share your feelings with a loved one. Its sometimes good to share how you’re feeling with those around you that you trust. Their support and perspective can be one of the biggest assets in these times. I always like to tell my tribe when I, “just need them to listen and love me,” or when, “I would like their advice on an issue.” This is clear guidance that I give my loved ones BEFORE I share my feelings so that they know what I am needing from them.

  7. Don’t beat up on yourself! This is the most important part. You are human and you can ebb and flow like everything else in our natural existence. You have done nothing wrong and you are not broken. You are perfect exactly as you are. Its okay to have off days or even weeks or months. You are exactly were you need to be in this time and space. Just know that with disciplined focus on what makes you feel good, you will shift your experience and draw more of what you want to you.

Hopefully you don’t need the “crash and burn” toolkit often, however if you do, then just remember to love yourself fully. After all, you are the most wonderful thing in this Universe and when you are feeling amazing then you are of value to everyone and everything around you. So fill your love tank up first! Make sure its overflowing and stay focused on the thoughts that feel good.

As always, sending you lots of love.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your Soul

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