To vaccinate or not to vaccinate; Oh, what a question!

For those of you who follow my blog, I’m going to say the majority of you are very health conscious and hopefully always question what you put in, on or through your body. There is no right or wrong way to do something, every body is unique and the best person to say what will work for you is YOU. Others can offer you their suggestions, however no matter how “educated” they are, just remember, this is simply their option. We have no other way to look at something apart from our own perspective. So when offering our option, no matter how authentic and genuinely loving we intend, it is always what we believe will be best for OURSELVES. As a biomedical scientist, my honours project was specifically in vaccination research. I later journey through as a Pharmacist and so my awareness of the medical system is quite diverse. Having my personal journey move from sickness into wellness, eventually resulting my leaving the “sickness industry” and finding true health, I feel that I can offer a different perspective. My overall intention is to make you think, not to influence you one way or another. That would be a waste of time, as we discussed- only YOU will know what is best for YOU.

For those starting out with their conscious journey to physical health, the food and drink that goes into your mouth may be the thing you’re most focused on. For those further into your journey, perhaps you have become conscious of the lotions, creams, hair dyes, perfumes and all other chemicals you place on your skin. Knowing that the skin is one of the largest organs of our body can help us appreciate its massive job, not only to protect us from outside harms, but to also analyse and let the inside cells of our body know what’s going on in the environment. Simple switchover solutions can be employed for those wanting to reduce the toxic burden on the body, such as fluoride-free toothpaste, pure apricot kernel oil instead of chemical laden moisturiser, henna replaced hair dye. There is so much more awareness now that the substitutions are getting easier to source with no loss of convenience or aesthetic functionality. For those that have gone to the new level of conscious reality, we will also begin to be aware of the thoughts we think and how they influence the body. Where ever you are on your journey to physical peak health, I’m sure medications and specifically vaccinations may be something that gets brought up time and again.

For those of you who are aware of my journey, you will know how I reversed several “irreversible” conditions that the medical world had labelled me with and with my new found freedom from Pharmacy and the sickness industry in its entirety, and my lasting, perfect health, I became very reluctant to use or recommend any poison prescribed or recommended from an industry I had felt betrayed and manipulated by. A lot of work has gone into my energetic release of resentment and blame that I had towards the medical system, which took a lot of energy coaching on my own part and is always a work in progress. Now, years later, I am no longer triggered negatively by the industry and simply prefer to avoid the system for the most part. I feel that having left the industry, I have found a new, healthier, perspective towards the medical industry. One of balance; One where I can acknowledge that there can be ways we can utilise our medical knowledge in a way to empower and help patients. More and more I see examples of new age Doctors, who are becoming more consciously aware of the body’s power to heal and now make recommendations to support this healing, rather than the conventional system of “masking symptoms”. The medical system is beginning to ask the most important question available to us; Why? For example, when our body creates too much cholesterol, conventional medical practice is to give a pill that will prevent the body making it. New age practitioners are now asking “Why?”

The body is creating cholesterol for a reason! It may be doing so for many different pathological reasons, however the end result is that it does it in order to PROTECT us, I wrote a huge article about it in the Nexus magazine years ago! It’s not an accident or a mistake, it’s done on purpose, in response to something we are doing or exposing the body to, that needs to be counterbalance so we don’t develop disease (at least not unless we don’t remove the source of toxic stress). If it was an accident then why does all the atherosclerotic plaques occur in arteries and never in veins? If it’s simply “too much cholesterol in our blood that builds up,” as we are taught, then it doesn’t make sense that the build up is in arteries, where blood flows at a huge pressure and NOT in the veins, where it’s low pressure. That would be like saying the build up of sticks to form a natural dam would happen in a raging rapid over a gently flowing stream. No way. That water pressure would force the sticks to move along, they are more likely to build up over time in a gentle flowing steam. It’s logic! The same goes for the plaques in our arteries, they are there on purpose, to protect us. If we find out “WHY” then we can fix the cause and the body will no longer need to make the cholesterol in excess.

We have been incorrectly taught that the body makes mistakes, but that’s impossible. Just like your heart knows how to beat, how your lungs know how to breath, cuts on your skin know how to heal, all with or without your conscious awareness- your body is GENIUS! New medical practice can now be implemented to support people while they find out the “Why” and fix the CAUSE. It is my belief that medication should never be used as a mask. If you have pain, “WHY?” If you are depressed, “WHY?” If you have high cholesterol, “WHY?” By asking this question, we can stop assuming that our body is “doing it TO us,” and begin to realise that it is doing it FOR us. That’s empowering, that’s inspiring, that’s the way we can self heal and restore ourself to natural peak health, which we all deserve and can have with the right guidance and perspective. It’s not that medications are all bad or don’t work, it’s just that there may be a better way to use them. A “one stop pill shop” for all doesn’t seem to be working. We are not all the same; I saw my patients getting sicker and sicker, despite all the medications constantly thrust upon them. Rather, if we consciously used medications to support our body, with an intention to find out “Why” the body has fallen out of alignment, then work to restore that balance so we no longer need the medication. Instead of masking a symptom, never assessing or restoring the conditions that can support the bodies health.

So what had this all got to do with vaccines? Well these little bad boys are a very special class of poison. The industry has cleverly marketed vaccinations to instill fear in order to manipulate the population to implement something that makes the Pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars. They use this tactic a lot in the industry, however never so well as with vaccinations. You see, if you, don’t take your cholesterol pill, “you will get a heart attack or a stroke and die!” Or so they say. However, “if you don’t vaccinate, then I could be at risk!” Genius. Making YOUR actions cause potential harm to ME is a great way to amp that fear from scary to terrifying. Now, not only am I more likely to use your product, I’m going to pressure, shame and scream at others to do the same. Genius marketing. Now do I believe in vaccinations? It literally doesn’t matter what I believe, the only thing I want to make apparent here is that you question the “why.” Why that vaccine? Why that many or that at that age? Why that strain? Why that dose? What else is in that injection? Start to question the why and don’t just take it for granted that the medical industry has your best interest at heart. They are a business after all, and if I was in the business of medicine then I would want to make sure you remain sick enough to live a very long life always with medication and illness. To cure you would be a bizarre business decision. Not all vaccinations are “created equal” either. I studied influenza vaccinations, the “flu vax.” The yearly “government recommended” flu vax in Australia often contains the three most dangerous strains of flu that were found in the Northern Hemisphere the winter season prior to our winter. They make millions of doses in a preemptive prediction that those strains will cause the most issues to people with weakened immune systems when we hit our winter season. That makes sense, however did you know that some years there is no evidence that ANY of those three strains are even found in the Southern Hemisphere when our winter finally rolls around? Now, for me, this means there is absolutely no reason to vaccinate as you won’t encounter the three strains in the vaccine (there are often 20+ different strains going around at one time that the vaccination will not protect against). But business prevails, even though there is no logical benefit to get that particular vaccine in this particular year, it is still recommended. WHY? Because there is MILLIONS of dollars of vaccinations ready and made and need to be sold so they can profit. Does this mean that we should never vaccinate against the flu? Not at all, it simple highlights the facts that many people don’t know what they are actually putting in their body and why.

Some people say, “well wouldn’t we rather vaccinate than not?” I would ask, do you know what else is in that thing that you are injecting into your body? Do you know what the chemical stabiliser is? What about the preservative? What about the culture medium for the pathogen? How would those chemicals affect your body? And does your body exist in a healthy state where the odd toxic overload will be effectively handled or is your body already stressed with toxic load and this may be the proverbial “straw that broke the camels back?”

There is no right or wrong to anything you do. We are all trying to do the best for our health and the health of our loved ones and at the end of the day as long as that is your intention, whatever you decide is justified. To ask better questions about what you do to your body will only assist you on your journey to well being. Becoming consciously attuned to your body specifically can help you decide what you do allow and what you don’t allow. This is simply practice and trust; trust in your body and in your intuition. You can never get it wrong if you simply stop and listen to your body. It is intelligent and it is always working for your benefit. Remember to love that beautiful, unique body of yours. It is a magnificent gift, as are you.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your Soul

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