Think on purpose

I believe that we are all here to experience love, joy and bliss. That we all deserve to be happy and for life to be a wonderful experience. Unfortunately for some, this is not the case. So, what makes their reality less than ideal?

A basic premise that I teach is that our thoughts create our reality. Many times, this is unconsciously done and, we get handed the results of our negative mindset, we tend to say things like, “why me?” as if life was happening to us. This is totally understandable because that’s kind of what “they” taught us, however where does it leave us? Powerless, frustrated and often in a state of distress.

Well I say that is archaic thinking and simply not good enough anymore! It’s time to take back our power to create our own life experience. If our thoughts create our reality and we are currently in a reality that is less than ideal, then let’s learn how to use those same thoughts to create a life of our dreams. Whatever you want is possible for you. This is evidenced by the many examples that live among us that started from a place of hardship and now live as momentous inspirations as to what is possible. There are idols that were once marginalised in society, some that were beaten and raped, those that were poor and destitute, others that were born with horrific disabilities. Whatever the perceived limitation, those that succeeded to greatness refused to bear it as their excuse. Instead they decided that they can achieve their dreams and that decision for greatness was the most powerful action they ever took on their journey to achieving it.

We are all powerful beings that have the gift of conscious thought. Its now time to stop making excuses and passing the blame and start to take back our power to create our own life experience. You cannot always choose what happens to you, however you can ALWAYS decide how to think about it. To alter your perception and thus change your reality, we must be conscious of the thoughts we are choosing to focus on. What you give your attention to expands, so pay attention to what you’re thinking and whether that thought is creating the life you want or holding you apart from it. Stop the useless mind chatter and begin to think on purpose! If you are wining, complaining or focusing on something you do not want, then begin to ask yourself the most important question of all, “what would I prefer?” Then focus on that, its that simple. If your pay is too low, it does not help you to stress and panic about it. That will only create fear and anxiety and it does not make the money flow any faster. In fact, because you are focused on the lack of money, that is exactly what you are getting. This is the Law of Attraction. So, ask yourself, “what would I prefer?” It doesn’t have to be big, it must be real for you. A million dollars may feel like a fantasy and by saying, “I want a million dollars,” that would probably only make you feel like shit because you don’t have it (and probably have a subconscious belief that you can’t have it). So, don’t jump too high, take easy small steps. Start with a better-feeling thought such as, “I always seem to get by with what I have.” This is gentler and definitely feels better than, “I don’t have enough money.” Remember, you create your own reality. The words you use will manifest into your life, so chose your words carefully, be conscious of the thoughts you focus on and readjust your focus to a better-feeling thought as often as you can.

Stop the useless mind chatter and begin to think on purpose!

Stop using your thoughts to harm yourself and bring you and others down. Pay attention to how you feel. Your feelings guide you to what thoughts you are focused on in real time. If you feel bad, then practice a better-feeling though. What you practice will get stronger. If you practice feel-good thoughts, then you will begin to feel good more of the time. That’s just logic. And soon your feel-good state will become a habit. It’s time to decide to stop using your mind as a weapon and start to use it as an ally. Don’t allow your thoughts to be untamed and run wild, practicing self-destructive habits just because “that’s what you always did.” Each moment is a new opportunity to practice a self-serving thought, one that feels good and fills you with a sense of hope, appreciation and joy. It’s time to take back your power and create the life you deserve, the life of your dreams, so if you’re ready it’s time to begin to think your thoughts on purpose!

As always, I’m sending you all lots of love.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your Soul

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