The Truth About Thyroid Disease. How You Can Heal Your Body.

We are often told that when we develop thyroid disease, this is a chronic and permanent condition. But this is a lie. I suffered from this disease for over 10 years and reversed it in only 8 months. I'm not an anomaly, I'm the norm, however, I did what most people don't because they simply do not understand how their body works and how to use their mind to heal.

Why do we believe that our thyroid disease is permanent? What makes us simply give up and accept what we are told is "true"? How do we discover a new way of living?

The questions here are the start of changing a belief system that holds us in illness. I was educated and indoctrinated under the medical system and worked with some of the brightest practitioners in the field. When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and given hormone replacement to take "for the rest of my life," I believed the story I was fed, "this condition is permanent, there's nothing I can do, it can't be healed, I must take medication for the rest of my life or I would get sicker and sicker." Unfortunately, this is what most people are taught and what most people believe.

How you are "diagnosed" with an "incurable" thyroid condition. If you're like me, you would have had a variety of symptoms that made you seek out professional advice from your doctor. For me, I was young and suffering from alopecia areata, another way of saying that my hair from my head was all falling out and they "don't know why." As I was going through exams in high school, I first thought it was the stress that caused the hair loss, until my bald spot grew and grew to an alarming size, which made me look for other explanations. I went to my GP and she said it was most likely a thyroid problem. I had a blood test to confirm, "yes, a thyroid problem." And that was it, medication for life and a diagnosis at a young age that I now have an autoimmune disease that I'll have for life. I was young and didn't question this bizarre system. I did what I was told and every morning I swallowed my pills and put cream on my bald patches. But the illnesses kept coming, one after the next. The alopecia never went away and the blood test kept confirming that I needed to take my hormone replacements every day.

Having a fascination with science and medicine, I went on to study for 8 years at university, gathering all sorts of degrees and specialties in the medical field. I was taught by those I trusted that conditions like mine were common and irreversible, and I believed that instantly, at face value. The majority of my Masters in Pharmacy looked at how we treat these illnesses through drugs and poisons. I never once even questioned why we don't learn about WHY we get these diseases. Once out in the "real world," now increasingly ill with asthma, eczema, cervical arthritis, arrhythmia, cystic rhinitis, and depression (how could I not feel depressed about being so young and yet so ill?!), I began to be sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! This was the greatest gift I ever got. I was now so ill that I was even contemplating "tapping out," as I call it. I had successfully done everything I was told would lead me to happiness - got the right education, climbed to the top, made a lot of money - and here I was, sick and depressed. And this is when I began to question the things I was taught to take for granted.

Why did I develop an autoimmune disease? Why does anyone? How come I was healthy for my childhood then it just "came out of nowhere?" Why was it "irreversible?" Why couldn't I do something to heal it completely, and heal all my other conditions while I'm at it?! These questions were the beginning of my awakening and true understanding of health and what I now call the sickness industry. The sickness industry is built to keep people sick. That's why those that work in the industry are only taught how to prescribe and dispense toxic poisons; a "medication" is a scheduled poison under the Poisons Act because it is a poison - aka it has toxic effects. These prescribed poisons have toxic effects, some of which may mask the symptoms of your disease but will often never cure your disease. These medical professionals are also not taught WHY you get that disease or how to heal your body, not because we don't know this information, but because it's not in the best interests of the companies that benefit from you getting, and staying, sick. When I finally started to see that there was a way to heal, I became obsessed with finding out how. I left the sickness industry, much to the horror of my loved ones who had seen me work so hard to "make it" in the field, and began to learn how to heal. After suffering for over 10 years with chronic illness, within 8 months I had reversed every condition.

People always ask me "how?!!" but what they really want to hear is that I took a "magic pill" and my body spontaneously healed. The fact is that it's not that easy, however, it is simple. Ironically, the truth of how to heal is much, much more exciting because what it actually teaches you is how to manifest more of ANYTHING you want in life. When I healed my body I had another important question, "now what?" I was no longer morally okay with working in the sickness industry as I knew better than to simply hand out poisons that mask symptoms. That gets people nowhere. I'm not saying simply stop taking your poisons! I'm saying find out how to heal so you don't NEED to take your poisons! I always say, there's a time and a place for everything. If you break your leg, you would use a crutch to support you, however, you wouldn't want to use the crutch forever, would you? Once your leg heals, you would no longer need the crutch. And that's what our body does - it heals. That's what it's designed to do. So, why do we have a belief that we can heal some things in our body but we can't heal other things in our body? That, just off the bat, doesn't make any sense! We need to start asking better questions, we need to start questioning the indoctrination of the systems we are conforming to and we need to start standing up for our rights to talk about these things and share these things openly! (Freedom of speech is now no longer something we have! We should be aware of that!)

What I want to convey is that you CAN heal your body and you can heal your life using the same techniques. Once I healed my body I had to recreate my career. Once I did that I used the same technique to heal my relationships with those I love. Now I understand that there is a power we can tap into where we can create whatever it is we want in our life using this same, simple technique. I teach this technique in my Master Mind Programs, of which I've now started teaching a Junior Program (8-13 years) and a Youth Program (14-17 years) as I think it's integral that people learn this as young as they possibly can! I've written many posts on how to do this, however, what I find is that people don't just need the "how" they need support to make the practical changes in their lives to get the results. We all know "how" to lose weight, yet often, it's those that have the support of a coach that see results.

I'll leave you with the formula of "how" to heal your life - please share this important information with as many people as you can. We need this message to go out into the world! We need to know that we are powerful, that we can heal our body, finances, and relationships. We need to know that we can do this right now, with nothing more than what you already have inside your wonderful body! What you need to know is that the first step to getting anything you want is understanding that you can get it. This sounds simple, however, it's not always easy. You must learn how to understand your emotions and how they are simply a guide to let you know what you're thinking. Your thoughts matter! Your thoughts literally create your personal reality (we call it your "personality"). You act off your beliefs. What is a belief? A belief is simply a thought you keep practicing and when you believe something, you will MAKE it true for yourself. If you believe that your disease is irreversible, then it must be, for you. It doesn't mean that others can't reverse it, it means that YOU can't. So, step one - Awareness. What are your beliefs? Do they serve you? Step two - Decision. What do you want to create more of in your life? Step three - Creation. Create more of what you want in your life by learning how to reset your beliefs into ones that make you automate action to achieve what you want. How? Focus your thoughts on what you WANT! You'll know if you're doing it right because your emotions guide you - aka, you will FEEL good. That's it! It's so simple and it works. I'm not the only one saying this message, there are thousands of us! Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr Bruce Lipton, Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Sadhguru... the list goes on and on! It's my intention that once you learn this technique, you implement it, prove to yourself that it works and that you are powerful, and then teach others how to do it for themselves. In this way, we create a movement of empowerment - to give power, to share power, enlighten (to give light to) the power within each of us.

I understand that simple is not always easy. Most of us have had a lifetime of indoctrination. We are taught that we must get old, we will probably get sick, "that's just how life is" and so on and so forth. It can be true and for many, it will be, not because it has to be like this, but because they have beliefs that it must be this way, and so it is. It is my mission, passion and purpose to help those who want to learn how to stop this cycle and take back their life. If you, or anyone you know is interested in finding out more, please reach out. If you're serious about learning how to do this, then book into one of my programs - LINK HERE. I have a few free workshops coming up, however, you MUST book on the previous link as places are very limited.

My loving request - I must start to teach this integral information to the children of our world. They are susceptible to the system and already they are manifesting diseases of the body and the mind at alarming rates! If you know of a networking opportunity where I can link in with home-schooling programs, sporting clubs, or empowered institutions, please let me know.

Please remember you are loved, you are strong and you are wanted!

As always, sending you lots of love,

Ze Winters

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