The secret to happiness?

The secret to happiness. I’ve long wondered at this statement. Is how to find happiness and keep it such a secret? If this is true, then it is the worst kept secret in the world because every single person on this earth has found it (felt it), at least once in their life. So why do we keep calling it a secret? It implies that only a select few, a special few, the lucky few, know where it is and how to get it; Like a small creature that is fleeting and hard to capture. This way of talking and believing doesn’t serve us, it makes it feel like happiness is hard to come by. I know some people would argue that it is hard to come by for them, and even more difficult to keep hold of. This is never a good feeling and I can certainly empathise as I used to be one of these people. Now, this concept seems like the most ridiculous thing to me. I find happiness every single day and almost in every moment. Its easy to come by and its consistent in my life. I want everyone to be able to reach this state and I believe that one of the leading reasons it’s not like this for more people is because they keep saying statements like, “the secret to happiness.” It can be the simplest thing to feel if we stop trying to make it hard for ourselves. All it takes is a change in mindset and happiness is yours for the taking whenever you choose.

“But how?” you cry! Well first of all, whatever state you feel more often (anger, fear, stress, joy, love, appreciation) it is a result of your thoughts. Be mindful of the thoughts you are thinking and begin to ask yourself whether they are serving you or not. If you don’t feel good, then you have the full power to change the thought now, no matter what it is. You are thinking that thought because it is running off a belief system that tells you that the thought is “true.” However, there are many truths out there, which is why one person will react one way when they are exposed to a situation and another person will react entirely different. They each have different truths. Now I know you can’t simply change your truth /beliefs overnight, however you CAN change them. All it takes is a little practice and like anything, the more you practice the more it becomes a habit. So practice a “better-feeling thought” regularly and soon you will be feeling better on purpose. It doesn’t take long to form a new habit, so with only a little bit of effort over a few weeks, feeling good will be a new habit. That means you will naturally feel good with little to no effort.

A better-feeling thought is not a gigantic thought shift, its small, which makes it easier to do. So instead of looking at your bank account and feeling shit. Ask yourself what thought made you feel that way. Acknowledge that you chose to think that thought and you can choose to either keep thinking it or you can change it. Maybe you thought, “I never have any money to do the things that I want.” A better feeling thought would NOT be, “I am a millionaire.” I know this is not a better feeling thought because if I say it and it makes me feel bad (frustrated or angry), then it means I don’t believe it. So perhaps a better feeling thought would be, “I do a lot of things that I want, some don’t even require money, like going to the beach.” It just feels better to think about. Once this becomes a consistent thought then you can reach for an even better feeling thought, “I always seem to find a way to get by.” “I have the money to spend on things that I want all the time, such as delicious food; a beautiful, safe place to live; fuel in my car that allows me to drive wherever I want.” "I am more abundant than many in this world and I am appreciative of all that I do have."

The longer you have been practicing your bad-feeling thoughts, the more conscious practice you must put in every day. Remember that your mind is like a muscle. You don’t go to the gym once and come out with a six-pack. You must train everyday with your goal in mind to inspire you. Then once you get that six-pack you must maintain it. The mind is exactly like the rest of its body. Train your mind to reach for better-feeling thoughts and then practice this daily. If you want to feel good more often then, this should be as important as eating or breathing. You must do it every day! I promise if you practice this, then happiness will be yours you every single day.

Train your mind as hard as you would train for your dream body!

So there you have it, you don’t have to find happiness. It’s not some secret that is kept from you, you don’t have to earn it, or deserve it to be worthy of it. It is yours for the taking! You are so worthy of it, in fact you were born worthy of it! That’s why beautiful little babies smile up at you at the simplest things when they are first born. We can feel happiness often as children, we say they are “resilient,” which may be true, however it's more true to say that children are genius. They know that happiness is normal to feel! We forget to practice this sometimes when we grow and often we don’t even appreciate that it’s a conscious thing at all. It’s completely your choice whether or not you decide to feel happiness. I hope that you chose to feel it, you are so special and the world is all the more blessed to have you here in a state of joy. It makes you sparkle and this can inspire others to do the same. Your sparks of joy can set the entire world on fire, so light up and shine.

As always I'm sending you all so much love!!

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

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