The art of forgiveness

Forgiveness doesn’t equal accepting what happened to you was “good” or “right”. It DOES mean taking responsibility for how you FEEL about what happened to you. The way you feel ONLY affects you. So if you feel angry, ashamed, hurt, heartbroken or abandoned, then those feelings are hurting you and you are worth WAY more than that.

You deserve to feel loved, worthy, wanted, accepted, adored, desired and appreciated. The path to feeling this happiness and joy is through forgiveness. Forgiveness is an art, it’s not easy. In fact, it can often be the hardest thing to accomplish in life, so much so that people may find they don’t have the courage to do so in this lifetime. It’s totally understandable, however what they are missing out on is to fully experience the next level of love and joy that the world can offer them. The reason it’s so difficult to forgive, is because it’s scary to acknowledge our own part in a situation that caused us so much pain and suffering. The greatest shifts in our souls experience can happen through facing our fears and finding the courage and strength to forgive.

Forgiveness is the gift we give ourselves. It has been heavily documented how forgiveness has lead to greater happiness, increased success of life goals and spontaneous healing from disease or illness. When we remove the blocks of our limiting beliefs, we allow the flow of greater abundance, joy and wellbeing into our experience.

So how do we forgive? In my experience the greatest forgiveness comes from pure compassion. The ability to look objectively at a situation and see how those events could have happened from everyone else’s perspective, without personal emotional investment. We are all doing the best we can with the knowledge and awareness we have at the time. This is true for yourself and this is true for everyone else, including your parents. Truly understanding this concept does not excuse the horror that you may have experience, however it may soften the feelings that have made you feel so horrible about the situation and offer you some relief.

When I first forgave a man in my life for an experience that I felt very hateful about, I simply said this statement to myself whenever I felt those awful feeling creeping up, when I thought about that experience or that man. “We all do the best we can with the knowledge and awareness we have at the time.” Over time I began to feel the hate ebb away and became replaced with frustration, which was a lot softer and enabled me to find a different way of looking at the situation. I began to think about the types of beliefs that he would have had to have in order to treat me the way he did. What would his upbringing have had to be like, how would I have acted any different with the same beliefs and self worth as he had at the time? Eventually my feelings softened further to sadness, then over several years, to compassion and eventually love. More powerfully, I began to find love and forgiveness for MYSELF though compassion. I began to forgive BOTH of us for our parts in the situation.

Forgiveness allowed me to think of this man and send him love, which I believe he didn’t feel worthy of to receive for a lot of his life. Not wanted by his parents and treated badly by people, told he was stupid or not good enough. Forgiveness allowed me to send myself love, I was no longer, “a stupid girl,” for allowing anyone to treat me that way. I could see myself with compassion, I was doing the best I knew how to do from my perspective at that time. I now know what I prefer and have the knowledge to set up healthy boundaries in my life so that I am always treated the way I deserve. I will never allow anybody to treat me the way that man did ever again, however I can draw these healthy boundaries from love for myself RATHER than from hate or fear from my past. Coming from love is more powerful and at the end of the day, it feels way better!

Forgiveness takes courage. It’s not easy, however it’s the greatest gift you can give yourself. And trust me, you deserve to feel loved, joyous and worthy. I hope you can find the courage to forgive and free yourself from your own mind.

I love you so much special one. I am sending you strength and love to achieve all that you want in life.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your Soul

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