My theory of evolution

There are many “Greats” that I have looked upon with a sense of awe, regardless of my belief in what they said. People such as Marx, Darwin, Freud, Alexander and Jesus. The attraction, for myself, was not if what they had said was “true” or not, rather that the one thing they tended to have in common was this overwhelming sense of justification of not being “normal.” To be normal would be the worst thing. To be average a disaster. We gravitate to things that we ourselves believe and those experiences will become things we embody in our life. I have had the realisation long ago, however now with more clarity than I have ever had before, that it is not that we should all be different - that is not the point of life. That we are unique and singularly special is an undeniable fact in my belief system, however that we should all want to be extraordinary is a concept I am only now starting to question more deeply. That you should want to strive to be “average” was a concept so unbelievably foreign to me that before this day I would never had admitted that it was “right” to do so. Naive, yes, yet profoundly eye-opening of me to discover that, within myself, I have never wanted to be normal, average or the same as anyone else and thus had projected these values onto others in an arrogantly humanistic way. I stand here humbled to the reality that it is in fact okay for another person to aspire to be exactly like another, to not want to make any type of momentous change yet simply be satisfied in a state of comfort. This is a growth that I believe has further clarified more of my beliefs that our job here on Earth is not to judge and criticise what another person has chosen for themselves, yet to analyse more closely and to decide what works best for ourselves. Then simply allow the other to exist in their state of genius difference and give appreciation for the infinite options of chose that is eternally available to us.

Our observation of others is not so that we may judge others as right or wrong, however it is simply to allow us to clarify better what our own preferences are for ourselves. Too much of history, of philosophical theory is to try to define and construct a vision and ethos of right and wrong, when one version is impossible and unnecessary. There is no right or wrong because it is entirely dependent on the observer and their belief systems. One persons right may justifiably be another’s wrong, it is only when we try to project that which is right for us onto another that we end up with disaster concepts such as imprisonment, slavery, genocide, racism and hate.

Debate has long existed regarding the ego, on its validity, on the fear of the idolism of self, leading us to narcissism and the result that would have on humanity; It is riddled through history. Yet for those that have studied the self and what brings us the most joy have mostly discovered that what is truly the best for ones self is best for all. Those with no or limited enlightened practice may not be able to see how this works, it will be likened to someone reading a language that is not known for a thousand years, even the images would be meaningless and confusing. However, when we recognise what we truly want and desire we begin to talk in a universal language; that is, the language of emotion. We understand what love is, hate, anger, joy, excitement, passion, fear, frustration and hope is. Our mind can be used to cultivate these very emotions without contextual reality of physical manifestations and is a true attest to our great power as human beings. It lives within our very being and we have already got a label for this magnificence – imagination. I do not need to give you a lemon to bite into in order to manifest the jaw and the saliva to run free as if you had physical possession of the condition before you in situ. Rather, your imagination is so compelling a power to manifest the physical result simply from the energy and reality that is thought and thus we can acknowledge that thoughts themselves are things and have physical consequences. This is a powerful realisation as it is our thoughts that we can harness and utilise with full control if we choose to practice it. It is only a shame that many of us fail to realise our full power of our thoughts and rather sit passively by as an observer and reactor to the stream that flows unopposed through our minds. To take back our power we must become conscious to our power of control of our own thoughts. Though thoughts may present themselves in our mind without our control, it is our power if we choose to focus and enhance them. Like a picture in our periphery, we can choose to turn our head and give the sight our full vision, taking it in and feeling it's full impact. Rather, we may chose to close our eyes or look away to something other, something more pleasing and therein lies our power of choice, the choice of how we feel.

Many argue that simply focusing on what is wanted is “bad” and that it does not make the unwanted disappear. To simply “turn a blind eye” is something condemned by many in society and this is due to confusion on when to look and when to turn away. This is because of the lack of self awareness, born, I believe, from the fear of ego. I urge those who feel this way to simply question. Does staring at what is unwanted, yet doing nothing to change it, only to feel the horror of the emotion it thus creates better for you than simply choosing to focus on more that is pleasing? For me the only result of such insane behaviour would be the negative state of the individual, which leads to hopelessness, fear, hate and frustration, all of which not only harms the individual, but all those that are in their vicinity. To focus instead on what is wanted can lead to a state of joy, ecstasy, enlightenment, happiness and love, which in my experience leads to the individual becoming who they truly are – a goddess and god to spread more of this emotion to others. When we see what is unwanted, in a state of love, we are able to constructively and lovingly begin to formulate solutions. When we see what is unwanted, in a state of fear, we begin to formulate more problems within ourselves and our community. Can you not think of any example where this would be the case?

To seek out what is truly best for yourself is the highest gift you could give to others as our true state as humans is one of love. Our hardships and challenges are not necessarily bad, although they may be unwanted, they shape us to make changes to bring more of the emotions we all universally strive for, for ourselves and for the many. Never do we want more peace than in times of war, never more health than in sickness, never more abundance than in poverty and so although the horrible state itself is not desired, it's presence makes us more keenly aware of what we would prefer. Now in a state of love, we may tap into our power of imagination to create solutions unlike any we have ever seen before! So we have lived in our millions of years on this earth with the creations of architecture to house us, water ducts to drink us, agriculture to feed us, IT to innovate us, air travel to connect us and the list goes on and on. Revolutions lead to evolution. Our awakening is here as we tap into our true selves and begin to focus on what it is that we ACTUALLY want. When truly aligned the material and even the physical begin to become less important with the realisation that it is love, joy, bliss, connection and happiness that really drives us to the core of our being. When this becomes our priority, we become our own priority and from this state we live as conscious beings of love, only able to share that which we are, pure expressions of love. So elevates us as the true human being, born in a state of energy, manifested in a state of physicality, put here to simply observe, without judgement for what is best for others, only to decide what is best for ourselves and live in a state of uplifted harmony among others, who like yourself, are perfect and god-like in their existence, no matter where they are in their emotional and conscious evolution.

This was written simply to stimulate thought. That is all

As always, sending you all lots of love.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

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