My Recent Struggle & How I Overcame It

It can be difficult to cultivate joy when you're in a place of pain and faced with great challenges. Having said this, it's possible and I'm going to share with you my recent struggle with the COVID injection side effects and how I found a way out of stress and fear from a place of great illness.

Although I will talk to some degree about the statistics of the COVID injections and the current trials around the world regarding the crimes against humanity, this is NOT what this post will focus on. What I want to cover in this post is "now what." I'm talking to those who have been sick because of this injection or are struggling in any way with the current challenges they face. Struggling with the tyranny, struggling with the insanity of being forced to wear cloth on our faces that we know does nothing to stop any viral infections (not just a coronavirus) , struggle with the massive spikes in depression and anxiety that has swept the globe, struggle with family that might believe a different opinion, struggle with losing your job, or struggle with your own personal challenges unique to you. Where ever you are, I'm going to share with you what I'm currently doing, coaching myself, out of a state of hopelessness and fear and into a state of hope and determination. Not only will I be documenting my journey and showing you my method of healing as we move forward, I will show you how I get my mind back on track when I'm in massive amounts of pain and even fearful of the future.

As a scientist, I like to analyse the methods of others that have succeeded and teach based on their proven formula, however more importantly, I believe in teaching from personal experience. Recently I fell back into extreme illness after receiving 2 doses of the COVID injections. Regardless of your beliefs about vaccines, which I respect, the statistics worldwide of adverse reactions to all COVID injections has been well documented. After leaving the medical industry almost a decade ago and healing myself of all chronic disease (including alopecia areata, hypothyroidism, cystic rhinitis, asthma, eczema, arrhythmia, depression, cervical arthritis and anxiety), I vowed never to go back to the sickness industry. Suffering from these illness for over 10 years, I healed my body in only 8 months and have been perfectly healthy for the best part of the last decade. I didn't so much as take (or need) a Panadol in the last 7 years! I was healthy, had loads of energy, perfect skin, no aches and pains, happy and laughed everyday. I had found a way to live a life I truly loved and perfect health was just one of those areas I had mastered. After a life of pain, headaches, stress and illness, feeling good became my new normal.

When people ask me how I did it, I always say the same thing, there's no right or wrong way to heal your body. People are individual and the reasons they develop disease are all different. No matter how much the sickness industry wants to cookie-cutter the same treatments for everyone, we know this is simply ineffective (just look at how sick the world has become!). This means that the way you will heal may be different to another, even if you suffer from the same thing. Although there is no universal "right" way, there will be a right way that's specific for you. One thing I know to be true above all else, if you haven't mastered your mind, then you will struggle to find the right way for you. That's why I created TOP Minds, to teach people how to master their mind, not only so they can find the best way for themselves to help their body heal, but so they can find the best ways for themselves to find anything they want in life. The way you find your dream career will look different to another, the way you find your perfect partner, or build wealth or create your business will all be unique. You can learn basic principles, however we all know that moment in life where you just seem to get a "breakthrough" that comes from something we call "luck," some even say, "I had a lucky break." The truth is that you can create more of these "lucky breaks" if you understand your intuition and can control your mind so it doesn't get in the way, which we often call self-sabotage. There's actually a great formula that's relatively easy on how you can do this. I teach it in my 6 week Master Mind class. But life always seems to come around and re-test you on those things you learnt, doesn't it? And so this is where I stand today.

After I received the first COVID injection in November of 2021 I immediately fell ill and struggle to this day with reoccurring illness including mastoiditis, joint pain, a flare up of alopecia areata, illness that has left me with almost full deafness in my left ear and partial deafness in my right. I have been bed ridden for weeks on end and as soon as one infection seems to ebb another, much worse replaces it. To most people, if they got sick for a week or so, they don't think much of it, however for me, having finally created a body of health, getting sick for a week was unheard of! Getting sick for three months and counting was something I never thought I'd experience ever again. Forget the fact that I was a biomedical scientist and that I specialised in virology and vaccine research (my studies showing me facts that was part of the reason I didn't want anything to do with the sickness industry), intuitively it doesn't make sense. How could a healthy person be forced to inject a poison, which then makes them sick and we think this is a good thing? Many are not even putting 2 and 2 together. I hear it all the time, "I got jabbed and I'm totally fine." And then they tell me how they just "randomly" got an arthritis flare up, or how they now discovered they have IBS "out of nowhere" or even how they "just" got diagnosed with cancer. This is not unrelated. And the stats show us this. The Department of Defence whistle-blower presented statistics showing that the military personal that were forced to be injected with experimental COVID "vaccines" showed there was a massive 300% increase for miscarriage in 2021 compared to the past 5 years , a 300% increase in cancer over the same times and a 1000% increase in neurological disorders, increasing from 82,000 to 863,000 in one year -

I would rethink if you had any health issues following the jab and ask yourself, "was the injection a causation factor." Report these events to the TGA. Most people don't report adverse effects because they haven't connected an illness, new or flare up, with a jab or medication they had a week, month or even a year ago. Yet, despite this severe underreporting, the stats on adverse effects from the COVID jabs have gone through the roof! I'd predict that for every one event recorded, there would be at least 10 that weren't, and I'm sure that is a grate underestimation.

A Touch On COVID Vax and Current Trials

Despite the fact that there's many credible studies worldwide now that shows that no current COVID injections works as a vaccine, in that it doesn't stop the spread of infection (this is vaccine 101 - a true vaccine should stop the spread of infection), we are still being forced by our governments to mass medicate the population. Whether you believe in getting the COVID injections or not, your right to choose is what I feel is the most important thing. This would be true of any medication. If I through that the world was "too depressed" and mandated that everyone now had to be medicated on Prozac, that would be highly inappropriate. Not only does Prozac not work on the majority that are medicated, it would be contraindicated for many people (meaning dangerous for them to take with current medications or medical conditions). In fact, there's always a contraindication list for any poison (medications and vaccines). This was one of the first things we learnt when I did my Masters in Pharmacy. Nothing on this planet would be right for everyone. I have a sister that's allergic to cucumber. I think cucumber is fine, even healthy, for most people to eat, however it is 100% contraindicated for my sister. For her, this is a poison. If this happens with natural foods, then it's ludicrous for us to force everyone to get a poisonous injection, no matter how beneficial it might be for some people. People are not cookie-cutter versions of each other. Mass medication is a grave crime against humanity, no matter what the poison is.

I say poison, not to inspire fear, but because all medications registered in Australia (and throughout the world) and classified as a poison. They get categorised into different schedules based on their toxic potential. For example, a schedule 2 poison is allowed to be sold on the shelf whereas a schedule 4 poison needs a prescription to get at a registered dispensary. For example, paracetamol is a schedule 2 poison and thus you are able to buy this poison on the shelf of any pharmacy and even local food stores. A lower schedule doesn't mean it's safer. It's still a poison and poisons carry toxic effects. They call it "side-effects," a great marketing ploy to make it sound like the toxic effects you get from ingestion of a poison are okay; "They're just "on the side", over there, where we don't worry about them". Paracetamol is actually a very toxic poison and, in fact, when I was a practicing pharmacist I would hear about people dying from overmedication all the time, some accidentally and some on purpose. Paracetamol is very hepatotoxic, so it can shut off your liver and can kill you within the day and you can do it with about $3 worth of this poison. I'll never forget the call my colleague got when I was working in hospital. A distraught mother calling the hospital pharmacy. Her little teenage girl had a breakup and swallowed a whole box of paracetamol the night before. When she woke up in the morning she regretted her decision and told her mother what she'd done. She said she felt fine, however that's not to mean she was okay. Liver failure can be totally painless. Her mother had called an ambulance as soon as she heard and called us immediately, however we knew that seeing as her daughter took the overdose over 8 hours ago, there was very little anyone could do for her now. Her daughter was dead before the ambulance even got to their door. And we give this toxic poison to little babies like it's water. I can only imagine the horrific information we are still yet to find out about these experimental COVID injections.

The information to discover the horrific ramification on the worldwide population's health is difficult to find and even more difficult to understand. I can appreciate how the general person who has little to no formal research skills would be able to understand or navigate these convoluted rabbit holes. On top of this, the media (which we know is owned by the same companies that own the major pharmaceutical companies involved in creating and rolling out these "vaccines") are producing articles that try to convince the public that all these adverse reactions, expert witness statements and criminal investigations are "misinformation." In fact, the "misinformation" is now being used to justify an increase in government censorship and limit, even further, our rights to free speech. Canada saw hundreds of people protesting to take back the right to their own body autonomy (can we even believe this is something we need to fight for right now?), accessed 25/2/22. The result was that their government cut off their finances. Read that again. The government cut off hundreds of peoples access to their own money because they peacefully protested something they didn't believe in. Something they believed was wrong. How can we keep our governments accountable if we're not allowed to stand up and say something when we feel they are doing something wrong. Isn't that a dictatorship? Can you even imagine?! Let's say you stand up for something you believe in - let's say the government want to take your children off you to train them in the military to support their dictatorship and you don't want your children taken from you. So, what would you do? Probably protest (well, I hope you would!). Then the government freezes all access to your funds. Overnight, you are now destitute. Do you have cash on you? Which by the way they are trying to eliminate (thus the push to be "cashless"). How would you survive? Honestly, how many days would you be able to live without any access to any of your credit cards or money in the bank? Then, because we're now all "scanning in" and being constantly tracked, they cut off the funds to all those you associate with. Your family, friends and loved ones are now also destitute. Now what do you do? You might try begging to strangers, but would they help you? They would be terrified to help for fear of also being cut off and stranded like yourself. So, the population becomes submissive. This is not a "wild theory," it's what happened not too long ago in Germany (and most of Europe) and has been repeated many times throughout history. The formula for total tyranny: Government censorship + media and information control + social isolation (yes, that's right, this has been used as a tactic, with our without a "virus") + more restrictions of personal freedoms (what you can say, where you can go, and sadly, now what you have to do to your body to survive) + a general sense of anxiety and fear + restriction and total control of your finances = total population control. This formula has been used throughout history, with a lot of success.

Many were like myself - forced to inject themselves with a poison in order to work for money. If I told you, "you must have sex with a particular person or you will lose your job," you would be outraged; The world would be outraged. Yet, here we are. We've been asked to do something to our body that many people did not want to do in order to keep their jobs. That's pharmaceutical rape. Some brave people stood up to this tyranny and said no, they lost their jobs but they stood for something hugely important - your right to own your body. You have currently lost this right. We all have. Because we have been apathetic and compliant. I'm including myself in this. I have tried my best to educate and support others, however when push came to shove, I couldn't find a way to be able to afford to live without receiving this experimental injection. I don't want to go through all the statistics of adverse reactions or trials that are going on, I've done workshops and given events about this for many months. You have the internet, so please do your own research. If you can, look to people such as Dr Naomi Wolf, Robert F Kennedy Jr and the Children's Health Defence -, Dr Vladimir Zelenko, Andrew Kaufman, Judy Mikovits, Dr David Martin, Dr Pierre Kory and Vandana Shiva. Of cause there are hundreds (thousands!) of specialists that have spoken out over the last several years. I received two COVID injections and I've never been so ill in my life. And of cause I'm not alone.

VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System, publishes vaccine injury reports every Friday, so this number is exponentially increasing. Typically, VAERS only reports 1% of actual vaccine adverse events, so again, even though these numbers are horrific, it's probably severely underestimated. To see some more information about the statistics coming through, particularly in children getting "vaccinated," check out -

Find out what's going on and what it means for you and your loved ones.

Now What?

What I really want to cover in this post is "now what." I've been sick ever since I had the COVID injections back in November and there are many of you in the same situation. But even if you think you haven't been affected physically by the injections, there are even more out there suffering mental distress of the restrictions and chaos induced by this whole pandemic. Losing people you love, being isolated from one another, forced to be under house arrest, forced to cover your face. The spike in depression world wide is significant and psychologist are concerned these effects might have huge future ramifications. Babies born during this COVID era are shown to have massive negative impacts to their IQ because of masks. Children born during the COVID era show significantly reduced verbal, motor and overall cognitive performance compared with children born beforehand. Such a significant drop in cognitive abilities that researchers say that you would not find such a drop outside of major cognitive disorders As scary as all these statistics can be, they can also be really empowering. They say knowledge is power, however that's only if you can understand what you're learning and do something beneficial with the information. We are going to do this together right now, take all this information and create something wonderful in our lives because of it.

Where ever you are, how ever you're feeling, I'm going to share with you what I'm currently doing, coaching myself, out of a state of hopelessness or fear and into a state of hope and determination. Together we will be able to recreate our lives to live in a state of health, abundance and joy. Before you can take actions that benefit yourself and the world, you must find a place of power. That comes from joy and love, by harnessing the power of your mind to create these emotions.

Let's learn how to start, right now. Here's three simple things you can do today to get back your mind when you're in pain or in a challenging situation:

1. Learn how to breathe

Sound stupid? What I mean is learn how to breathe properly to reduce the potential for an anxiety attack when you're in a moment of stress. Learn how to breathe through intense pain so you can cope better and even reduce the pain. Learn how to breathe to reenergize the mind. How do we breathe better?

Most of us shallow breathe. We take small, shallow breaths and our diaphragm doesn't extend very much. By taking a full breath that pushes the diaphragm into the belly, not only do we fully fill our lungs up with fresh oxygen, we calm the entire sympathetic nervous system and tell our body that we are okay. This lowers our stress levels, which will improve our ability to emotionally and rationally think better and our body to heal faster. Also, most people aren't aware that their diaphragm is like the body's second heart. By pushing down into the belly, the diaphragm actually presses on a lot of our lower internal organs, which helps move lymph around the body. Your lymphatic system is an integral part of your immune system. It also maintains our body's fluid levels, all that extra liquid that drains out of the blood goes into the lymphatic system. That's integral for toxin elimination and even helps with blood pressure control! Seeing as the lymphatic system is just as convoluted as our vascular system, you have to think, how is it moving without a pump, like a heart? So, there you go! It does have a pump, the diaphragm, it's just that most of us don't use it properly.

By taking 3-4 deep breaths you're helping your entire body, including your mind, to calm and reset. I take 3-4 deep breaths first thing in the morning and I also regularly practice yoga - real yoga, not just "hippy yoga". Yoga is all about the breath. If you've done yoga before you would have heard this said time and time again. In the western world we often use yoga as an excuse to stretch and then wear Lululemon all day. But it was started thousands of years ago and ancient practices had less than 10 postures in total. That's because it's not so much about the posture, it's all about the breath.

The world breaths you and connects you to everyone. With only a few days separation, the air that was breathed in by you was, only days before, breathed out by someone on the other side of the planet. In fact, not just by another human, but another animal or even a plant. You are breathing something that was inside another living thing, something that gave that other living thing and yourself the same gift - life. As much as we take it for granted, this is a massive gift. Your ability to breathe. If you've ever had asthma, like I did, you will know how scary it can be when you think you won't get another breath. But for many people, they take their next breath for granted. I could go on with an essay, referencing hundreds of studies about the healing and calming properties of breathing right, however do I really need to? Don't you intuitively know this is an important thing to do? And it's so simple. Too simple, in fact, that many people correlate it with being unimportant or not as impactful. However, that's not true. Your heart beats for you all day, every day and you don't need to do anything consciously to make this happen. It's simple, but it's hugely important! This is like your breath, and you were given an "override function" (unlike the heart) for a reason. Use it!

Sit and take 3-4 deep breaths right now. Consciously notice what this does to your heart rate, to your mind, to your emotions, to your muscles. Feel each breathe move from your nose and mouth into your lungs and down, through your body. Consciously thank this breath for giving you life. Thank your body for being able to accept this gift. Thank yourself for doing this simple step, it says that "I'm worth feeling good," and you are.

2. Stop Sloppy Thinking

How easy it is to go into a spiral of worry, fear and pessimism when you're in physical pain. I was in horrific pain after these COVID injections. All my joints ached and I could barely move. I had a bone infection in my middle ear and into my jaw, it felt like I was getting stabbed in the face and I could barely stop myself crying out loud with the pain. It was excruciating. My fever was so intense that I was sweating up the sheets, uncomfortable in all positions and feeling clammy and unclean. The first time this happened, I was shocked. I'd forgotten what it was to be in physical pain, having so long ago healed my body. I barely ever even got a mild headache in over 7 years, so to have my whole body in pain was confronting. After several weeks, I began to heal and I was very appreciative to have that experience past me.... and then a week later, it happened again. This time I knew what I was in for. I knew how horrific the pain would become, I remembered the feelings like PTSD and began to panic. Panic and stress only work to lower your immune system. That means recovery is even slower, so it's not really a surprise when I say that this time it was even worse. Having taken only a handful of sick days off over the last decade, I had now taken over 3 weeks. You must remember that being healthy was what I was used to, that was my normal. It can be everyone's normal, if they do the right steps. If I felt sick for longer than a day, it was unusual. This is to give you some perspective. If you are used to having a million dollars and then you go bankrupt, your distance between realities is so much greater than if you were living pay check to pay check and then lost it all. Thus you will often feel the pain more acutely. It's always easier to go up in life than to fall and the father we fall, the more it's going to hurt. I was once always sick. To get diagnosed with another illness was almost like the "next logical step." I almost expected it because illness was my norm. Now that I experience perfect health, the fall to illness was a lot worse and the corresponding pain was also a lot worse.

I am a master of the mind, I live it, I breathe it, I teach it. I feel many emotions, of cause, however I am able to get back to a feel-good emotion quickly and easily because I have practiced this for many years. However, when I got ill, I found that after a few weeks of constant pain, I began to slip into what I call "sloppy thinking," When a negative thought came into my head, rather than simply dismissing it or "flipping it" (a tool I teach that can transform negative thoughts into those that serve you), I was sitting in the negative thought. If we sit in a negative thought, what happens? More thoughts like it will join it. After a while, you have such a cacophony of negative thoughts that you may start to feel overwhelmed.

Physical pain is a double edge sword. Not only does it take away your physical body's comfort, it also impacts your ability to sleep. I won't go into just how integral sleep is to your health, just know that without it, you would die. If you question just how important good sleep is, just think about this - How do you feel when you go without food for a day? A little hungry? I fast regularly for days, so for me, it's little more than a passing thought. What about if you went a day without water? Some people actually do this as their norm! (which I don't recommend! Staying hydrated is important to flush toxins and create a fluid environment for your cells to function properly). But how would you feel if you go just one day without sleep? You often feel horrible! When we're physically ill, or even mentally ill (for example, if your mind keeps you awake at night), you are losing a very precious gift - sleep. While we sleep we heal, we stabilise our emotions and we even download and integrate learning. It's so important. Pain and illness disrupt this integral mechanism and what that means is that "sloppy thinking" is even harder to combat.

When you're in pain, not only do you have a situation in your life that can cause you to create more negative thoughts, you also have a lack of sleep which makes your resilience and ability to flip these negative thoughts weaker. After the third month of illness, I began to slip more regularly into these negative thought spirals. After finally getting back some relief in my body, the pain subsiding and my sleep coming back to normal, I would get sick all over again. One night, not too long ago, after months of illness and starting to feel sorry for myself, I had an awaking moment. I was on the couch and my partner started gently massaging my back. It was a sweet gesture but I began to panic! My back was sore. It was that feeling that you can get just before you're about to get a bad cold or flu. I had been up and down for months and I was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel only to see it was another train, ready to flatten me once again. I finally broke. My mind flooded with panic, "I can't go through that pain again! I don't want to lose another 2-3 weeks of my life in bed and in cold sweats! What have I done! I've made a mistake injecting that poison into my body! What's the point of accepting an injection so I could continue working, when I can't even get out of bed to live my life!" On an on it went, this negative cascade dragging me further down with each thought. "What if I never heal again? What if I get sicker and sicker, like I was before?" I looked at my partner, hysterically crying and said, "I'm so sick now! I'm always sick now!!!" My amazing partner caught me in my downward spiral. He gently grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eye and with so much love said, "the only thing about you that's sick is your mindset." It was like a jolt went through my body. He was exactly right. I had allowed myself to become a sloppy thinker.

It was true that I was ill and it might be true that I would remain ill for sometime, or even get worse. I might start to re-develop a lot of those conditions I had previously healed from. This was all true, however it didn't serve me. I always say, "you can be ill and you an feel hopeless, or you can be ill and you can feel hopeful, the choice is yours and difference to your life will be profound." I had healed myself before, so why wouldn't I be able to do it this time? I knew why I was getting so ill, I had injected a poison into my body. My body was doing exactly what it needed to in order to heal, I just had to trust that this was true. When you're in pain and when things seem to be getting worse, it's easy to let your mind take you to a negative path. But is that helpful? Does thinking these horrible things help you? No. And what's more, it only makes you feel even worse. When you're in a time of stress or challenge, you must work harder to maintain your mind. That's why I try and encourage people to do the work when it's easy. Then you had a foundation based on habit. Habits take less effort because they're automated. It's always harder to learn something new when you "have to" rather than when you "want to." Although, when you "have to" often makes for a good motivation. Mindset training is appropriate anytime, however when you're in a state that you want to change, rather than a state that you MUST change, the learning is much more fun. I use the analogy - you don't want the day of the marathon to be the first day you run. You want to train first, get your body used to running long distances and then do a marathon. It's not that you can't run a marathon without training. If you needed to, if your life depended on it, you could do it. But it would be more fun if you planned to run it, if you wanted to run it and if you trained for it. The day of the marathon would look entirely different if someone who wanted to run it and had prepared for months, was compared with someone who had to run it and had not done the training. Our mindset is the same. I train my mind every single day. I've been doing it for so long that it's fun and easy. I mostly do it automatically. When something challenging happens in my life, I often find that after the initial surge in stress, I quickly turn that into excitement. I know that it's an opportunity for something better and as a result, I often manifest something so extraordinary that others around me are constantly telling me "how lucky I am." But it's not luck, it dedication because having a fantastic life is a non-negotiable for me. I get everything I want (eventually, and often NOT in the way I had thought... that's the fun of the journey) and I live joyfully. This allows me to help others do the same and that, selfishly, gives my life meaning, purpose and fulfilment. I train my mind on purpose. So, when I slipped into sloppy thinking, it didn't happen straight away, it was after months of torture. I was weak, tiered and broken down. I had thankfully manifested a loving partner who knew how to verbally slap some sense back into me when I slipped off the edge. I immediately snapped myself out of it and I made a decision, "I give up the victim card." I was able to take back my mind and use it to serve me. If I, with my constant focus on mindset, was able to drop the ball, I can only imagine how difficult it would be for someone who doesn't train their mind so diligently (or even at all). This experience made me a lot more compassionate for people who are ill and only now are trying to get control of their mind. Those who have not learnt the tools to get their mind to a place that can help them recover and feel relief might be in for a more challenging time. If this sounds like you, then I won't lie, it will be difficult. But it's not only VERY worth the effort, your life might depend on it. You must find a way to get rid of your sloppy thinking!

I do a 6 week program, Master Mind Program, that can teach you how to take back control of your mind- the next program starts in a week (March 5th), so get it in quick if you want to get started. You don't need to join if you don't want, however if you feel you have let horrible thoughts take over your life, then you do need to do something. The longer you leave it, the more you create a stronger habit of misery and the harder it is to break. Regardless of if you join my program, if you find yourself with sloppy thinking, I want to give you one tool that you can do right now that can profoundly help you. It's called "flipping thoughts."

Flipping thoughts. You get a thought. It's automatic, you just get it. It's the same as if someone threw a rock at you and it hits you. You have no control of that. So, this thought is there and you feel it. It doesn't feel good for you to think. That means this thought doesn't serve you. You must flip this thought in order to 1) take back your power and 2) feel good. How? You must find a thought that feels better and is true. Let's do one together, I'll use my personal experience as an example.

Toxic thought - "I'm so sick now! I'm always sick now!!!"

This thought feels like worry, stress and fear. It's literally painful to feel these emotions. When we feel pain (physical or emotional, pain is pain), that's our body letting us know we need to change something in order to protect ourselves. Thoughts are no different. If you think a though that creates a painful emotion, you must do something different to feel relief.

Flipping the thought

You can't think something that you don't believe and feel good. The goal isn't to just say something positive and hope you will believe it, that doesn't work. That's why affirmations often don't work. The goal is to find relief. You must say something that feels slightly better AND you must believe it. Using my example, I couldn't just say, "I'm totally healthy and I feel amazing," because that would be a lie and I don't believe it. My body is in pain. I am constantly ill for months and I feel tiered and run down. So, how do I flip this thought? I chose to say, "I feel better at some times than at others. I'm going to enjoy the times I feel good even more and use them to do what I want with appreciation." It gave me a sense of power that, although I can't control my body right now and I might get sick again, I know that I will feel good one day. And when I do, I will make sure I use it to do what I love doing. Once you find a good thought, you must focus on it. "Milk it" as I say. I asked myself, "what do you love doing? What will you do when you feel good again?" and then I went there in my mind.

I imagined how good it will feel to have the sun on my face. To lay on the beach and hear children laughing in the water. To go hiking with my beautiful man again. To explore nature and get cuddles as we overlook the stunning surroundings.

Thoughts attract those like it. Toxic thoughts attract toxic thoughts and the same is true for empowering thoughts. It only takes 1 minute of conscious practice and you can start to feel those good emotions from empowered thoughts.

I began to think of my man, how loving he is, how blessed I am to have finally found him. That lead to me thinking about how blessed I am to learn how to manifest the relationships I want. How I created a more loving family life. How I created a loving tribe of friends. How blessed I am that I created a more loving relationship with myself. How much I love others and want to help them. How blessed I am that I found my calling, my purpose - to empower others to feel good. What an amazing journey I've been on.

Then more powerful thoughts and with them, more powerful emotions!

How I've healed my body before and dam it, I'll do it again! How nothing can ever stop me as long as I live another day on this planet! How I'll double down and make sure that everyone I have contact with in my life will be my gift. That I will see each and everyone in this world as someone I have the blessing to love and learn from. How lucky I am that I get to enjoy the spender and magnificent of all the creatures, the beaches, the forests, the flowers, the scents, the sunshine, all gifted to me, simply for existing.

This powerful upward spiral took me to emotions of relief, hope, appreciation and eventually total love. I used to take roughly 8-9 months to be able to get out of a state of sadness or depression, now it takes me about 1-2 minutes (15 minutes if I've allowed myself to spiral too far with sloppy thinking, into toxic thoughts). This is the power of practice. Every time I feel I felt any emotion that was uncomfortable, I would flip it and find a better-feeling thought. It's a simple practice, however it takes effort when you begin to learn. You have to ask yourself, "how important is feeling good to me?"

3. Get help

This seems obvious, however many people miss this step. If you're struggling, then get help! There's always many excuses, many people say the same two ones most often, "I don't have time," or "I can't afford it." I used to say the same two excuses about everything I wanted in life. What I usually ended up doing was putting off something important until I got a sledgehammer moment. I don't want people to wait until that moment. Don't wait until you have to declare bankruptcy, get financial help. Don't wait for the cancer diagnosis, get health advice. Don't wait for the suicidal thoughts, get emotional support. Don't wait until you live a life of chronic anxiety or panic, get mindset advice. Obviously I'm bias and think my 6 week program can help people change their lives. I've done it to myself many times over and helped thousands do the same. I've done corporate series, I've done seminars to thousands, I've done workshops and I've done private coaching. I've always had great responses so I know that my methods work. But there's a lot of help out there and there's no one-size fits all. You will know what's right for you. Did you know that Medicare supports you to get up to 20 free sessions with a mental health professional each calendar year? Talk to your GP about this option if you feel it could help. There's also a lot of free resources for almost anything online. Financial advice, health advice, mindset advice, it's all there. However, just remember, if something is really important to you, put your money where your mouth is. You MUST invest in what's important. Not just money, you must invest time, focus and energy. I always say, "I can never to enough sit ups to give you a six-pack." I can teach you how to get one (metaphorically speaking), but I can't do the work for you. Decide what's important in your life and then find someone to support you to achieve what you want.

I hope that you got something out of todays post. If you have any comments or suggestions on other things you would like to know more about, please let me know. Thanks for all your continued support and loving energy.

As always, sending you lots of love,


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