Mini Life Transformations - Simple. Easy. Fast - The art of listening

A transformation doesn't have to be dramatic in order to be amazing. It can result from a series of small, consciously intended changes to your daily habit that, over time, creates massive improvements to your life.

In today's world we can often rush around, feeling stressed and busy being busy. This can often lead to us feeling disconnected and results in many people feeling lonely and isolated. However, this doesn't have to be this way. If you want to feel more connected to another person then its time to practice the "art of listening." Often, we listen in order to respond, we almost cant wait for the person in front of us to stop talking, only so we can start blurting out all our own thoughts and beliefs. This is habituated to the point of obsession and often we are totally unaware of what the person in front of us actually meant by the words they were using. When your intention is to feel connection to others, then it means there must be an interest in what that other person feels, thinks and believes. They may think or believe things that are totally contradictory to your own, however, it truly doesn't matter when your main priority is for connection. In fact, if their beliefs differ from your own, it provides a level of entertainment and curiosity because, after all, you already know what you believe and if everyone was the same...well, what a boring place we would live!

No one in the Universe has ever lived the life you've lived, thought all the thoughts you've thought or holds the exact beliefs you do. And this is true for everyone on the planet. That means, that everyone holds a gift that can be shared with you - the gift of perspective. If you are truly willing to listen to them, listen to UNDERSTAND them, then you may be able to learn great things. You may learn that what they believe may actually challenge something you thought was true and offer you a more beautiful way of looking at something. Alternatively you may feel that you prefer your own beliefs on the matter and so, even though their thoughts and beliefs work for them, their sharing these with you has allowed you to question your own, decide to keep them and consciously strengthen them.

If we go into every encounter with a sense of curiosity and playfulness, not only will be able to challenge our belief systems and grow in each encounter, we may pick up something that can help us feel more enlightened, fulfilled and joyful from the experience. Now to me, that's certainly worth the effort of listening.

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