Maintaining your state of bliss – unconditionally

Life is about ebbs and flows. In order to know that you’re expanding, we often feel the discomfort of wanting more than what we have. This is a great thing. It is really helpful for us to be wanting more – more love, more abundance, more bliss, more connection, more ease, more excitement, more love. It’s how we know that we have outgrown what we have already created and enjoyed in our lives. It’s these wanting urges that has resulted in our exponential evolution as a species. Our want of peace that helped us out of WW1 and WW2, our want of connection help us achieve the internet, our want of adventure helped get us the airplane. The list is endless in terms of our creation and innovation and it will continue to be so as long as we honour our urge to grow and expand.

So when you feel a longing for something, that’s a great thing! Your soul is expressing its readiness for more. Be excited and know that as long as you maintain an expectant state, that the things you want will be drawn into your experience. This has happened to you before, have you recognised it though? When have you wanted something more that you now, may, take for granted? How did it manifest? Was there an element of miraculous timing or “coincidence and luck.” That was your creation. You are a powerful being and what you want will come to you if you maintain focus and alignment on what you want. So how do we know what we are actually focusing on? When we say, “I want a million dollars” are we ACTUALLY focusing on a million dollars? When I ask what clients would spend it on, they say things like, “I’d pay off all my debt.” Sometimes that’s the first thing out of their mouth! And I say, “then you MUST always maintain debt.” If you WANT to pay off debt then the Law of Attraction must provide you with debt in which to pay off otherwise you would not be able to fulfill your desire. So be careful with your focus. How we know what we are attracting is through our emotions – how we FEEL when we say something. If you say, “I want a million dollars,” and your body buzzes with excitement then you are manifesting things that will bring more of that feeling. If you say it and you feel stress, anxiety and worry due to financial stress, then that is what you are attracting more situations of to bring about more of those feelings.

So the most important thing is to maintain awareness of how you feel. And the second thing is to maintain a state of positive feelings in order to be in flow to receive all that you have been asking, energetically, for from the Universe. If you feel a negative feeling, that’s a good thing. Acknowledge the subject and perhaps even what thoughts you had been thinking in order to get to that state. Then either refrain those thoughts or change the topic in order to alter your state. There are many ways to do this and with practice it can be very easy and quick to achieve. Finding a good energy coach will definitely give you the tools to achieve this consistently. When you reach a state of bliss then it’s a matter of holding this state for 30 seconds. Once you do that consciously, the Law of Attraction will help you get more good-feeling thoughts and the momentum will result in your elevated feeling. The easiest state to reach a better feeling is a feeling of appreciation. It is well known by wellness gurus that to appreciate and love what you have already in your reality will bring you bliss. What’s spectacular about that is that once you feel bliss, which is amazing, you are also in a state to attract more things into your reality that will bring you more of this feeling! That’s the Law of Attraction.

Many people like to blame the condition for the way they feel. This makes complete sense because as we observe something we will naturally create an opinion about it. However when we believe that the condition has the power to influence how we feel, then we have voluntarily give away our power to create our own reality. Acknowledging that there is a condition that you don’t like is not a bad thing, it is great because it give more clarity on what you would prefer. However, holding that condition as the reason why you don’t feel good is not helpful. It is absolutely 100% in your control in regards to how you feel. Contrast provides us a new focus to create our preferred situations. You will never want to be more healthy than when you a sick. You will never want more money than when you are dirt broke. You will never want more freedom than when you feel bondage. These situations will shape your energetic reality to call more abundance, health and freedom into your life. Where people come up short is their focus. If it is predominantly on what they do not want, that which they merely observe, then that is what they are drawing more of to them. It is not an easy thing to observe what you do not want and have faith that what you would prefer is coming to you. However, this is what must happen, not only to manifest that new reality, but to FEEL better in the moment. Think about how Hope feels in comparison to despair. How appreciation feels in comparison to lack. How love feels in comparison to hate. Finding the tools to be able to feel good in every moment, regardless of the condition is a practiced skill. Once mastered, it will make you one of the most powerful creator on the planet and this will be a benefit to all humanity. The world is ready for you and expectant in your glorious success. You were born to be loved, appreciated, wanted, healthy and to live a life of extraordinary bliss. Be conscious of your thoughts, they create your reality. If you are not living the life you know you deserve, then take action from an inspired place and seek a way to make your dream life a physical reality.

If you would like to achieve more guidance on retraining your thought pattern to serve you better and create the reality you want to live, continued bliss state, then organise a private Energy Guiding session today.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your Soul

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