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Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Stop taking one ounce less than you deserve!

It all started when one of my sisters said to me, “if that man does not think you are a “fuck yes,” then it’s a NO!” It was so powerful that something big shifted for me in that moment. It was a man that I had fallen head over heals for. He liked me a lot, which was obvious, however it also soon became obvious that we both seemed to want different things. We got along amazingly, spending a lot of time hanging out, laughing, talking about life and really enjoyed each other’s company. After several months of this, I had developed stronger feelings, he was amazing! Everything I had asked for, sexy as hell, great banter, playful and adventurous, unreal hair…no I mean his hair was fricken epic, seriously. Anyway. I liked him and I wanted to know if he wanted to move the relationship towards a more one on one type thing. I was nervous because I loved what we had and didn’t want to lose it, however now instead of feeling great every time we caught up, I began getting too much in my head about where it was going. I stopped allowing myself to enjoy the moment, instead choosing to trade my happiness now for worry about what might happen in the future. Well, that is a whole 'nother blog! Important life lesson learnt. However, the overall outcome here served me really well.

Diving into my favorite "f*ck yes" life

Up until that point I had been single for over three years and very much happy with the relationships of fun and play I’d had throughout that time. Now it seemed that I was finally ready for more. I wanted commitment and I was finally ready to offer my commitment to another. Let me tell you, this is a huge step for me. I always valued freedom so highly that it took a momentous mind shift to be able to see how a committed relationship could also harbor freedom, even though my last relationship was a wonderful example. Sometimes your beliefs get stuck in your subconscious brain and take a little more work to release though, right? Well it seemed I had released it and now I was ready for more.

Talking to my sister I was concerned that bringing it up may cause us to lose what we have. She talked me through it and reminded me that I can always chose to keep the relationship as is, even after we talked. It made me think. I finally realized that I didn’t want to keep the relationship going if he wasn’t interested in taking it further, it felt more powerful saying it was my choice rather than it was my loss. We had a chat and it became really clear that he was absolutely not wanting anything to change. He loved our relationship exactly as it was and even though that had been enough for me for over six months, it was not enough anymore.

Obviously I was disappointed, however it freed me to open myself to new opportunities. I now realized that by not getting the situation that I wanted, I was able to more clearly define how I would prefer it. I loved hanging out with this man, I had heaps of fun and we connected really well on all levels- I wanted more of that AND I wanted a committed, exclusive relationship moving forward. I didn’t want a man that looked at me and said, “oh Ze is awesome!” I wanted a man that looked at me and said, “FUCK YES!” My god that vibes me up! I want a man that I feel that way about and he is sending me that energy right back!

Well, this sparked a “fuck yes” revolution in my life. It felt so good to only accept a “fuck yes” relationship with a man, that I wanted everything to be a “fuck yes”! I wanted to look at my body and not just feel “good,” I wanted to look at my sculpted body and say, “Fuck yes!” Heck, I wanted to say “fuck yes” to my health in general! I wanted to feel energized and excited about my life! With this new empowering standard that I now placed on my life, I ended up losing the 10 kgs that had managed to creep into my body. What’s more, it was easy, because I don’t have to force myself to go to the gym or eat right. I WANTED to feel that “fuck yes” feeling. That was my focus, so the gym and nutrition became an intense urge. I went into the day with a clear intention of, “what can I do today to feel fuck yes?”. I reignited my commitment to meditation and reconnecting with nature and began to feel absolutely unbelievable every single day, the way I deserve to feel! I quit my job! Yep, I had a fabulous job, working with amazing people, however it was just that, a fabulous job. It wasn’t my “fuck yes” job. Well if it’s not a “fuck yes,” it’s a no. Now I no longer work for money, I work for energy. I discovered that money flows organically when I am devoted to feeling passion and energy in everything I do. I didn’t do all this overnight, I practice mindfulness and connecting with my higher self everyday. You don’t have to dive off the deep end, just dip your toe in the water and feel the way the water feels on your feet. You don’t go to the gym once and get super ripped. It’s all gentle, consistent practice. What I would encourage is to find a way to infuse more “fuck yes” things into your life. If you are making dinner, then don’t make a great dinner, make a “fuck yes” dinner! What would that look like, smell like, taste like, feel like? Know this BEFORE you start- that is how we set clear intentions. Believe me, when your intentions are clear then you are more likely to achieve that desires outcome. I always compare this to driving in a car. If you get into your car with no clear intentions of where you want to go, you’ll likely end up somewhere you don’t like. You might end up somewhere awesome, however you are more likely to end up EXACTLY where you want to go if you get into the car with a specific location in mind. Even if you get lost and have to ask for directions you will still end up at your desired location right? It doesn’t matter how many detours or different ways you go, when you know exactly where you want to end up, you are always more likely to get there when compared to someone who’s driving around aimlessly like a lunatic. It’s the same with EVERYTHING you do. Get your intentions crystal clear. And if you end up getting exactly what you wanted and it turns out you don’t want it, then that’s okay too because you can create a new intention in a heartbeat! Life’s awesome like that. We always have choices and we can change our minds whenever we want. Just practice setting intentions for little things for now, then expand them as you begin to see how they work for you. When you go to bed, set your intention for your sleep. I want to be completely relaxed and refreshed when I wake up. Or I want to have a really insightful dream that will give me more clarity about xyz. When you are going into a business meeting, set your intentions. I want to achieve xyz from this meeting. That would look/feel like xyz. You get the idea. Try it out and start living your “fuck yes” life today!

As always, I hope you got something out of this blog to uplift and inspire you. Please let me know if there is a particular topic that you would like me to talk more on.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

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