Is fun a dirty word?

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

What is fun for you? How do we infuse more of it in our life?

What feelings are invoked when you think of the word “fun”? For me they are feelings of excitement, laughter, adventure and freedom. It makes me feel energized and it makes me feel good! I love the word fun and I love all that it represents. Most people like having fun, however it’s an interesting thing that when we think of some topics, we often forget the concept all together, or worse, actually connote “fun” with something bad, such as “lazy.”

Think about your work. Do you automatically connote the word “work” with the word “fun”? Many people don’t. I certainly never did until recently (that is, the last few years). In my previous job I always found it interesting to observe the “I’m so stressed” competition that would take place around the boardroom table between the head honchos of the company. Each would take turns declaring how stressed out they were, often associating this with how “hard” they were working, as if this was a badge of honor. Like being stressed meant that you were working hard enough and therefore you were worthy of being in that prestigious position. If you even suggested that work could be fun you would be judged as “not professional” or “not appropriate.” That’s probably why I didn’t quite fit in there, that and the fact that I had a few other value clashes too. I remember a time when I also believed these things though, we hear it in a lot of typical sayings used. “Head down, bum up,” and “hard work pays off.” In my old professional life, which seems like a lifetime ago, I lived and breathed this philosophy. I thought that hard work would lead to success and to know if you’re working hard enough you must feel stressed out. I worked 12-14 hour days 5-6 times a week. And since what you believe is always what you get, I was extremely stressed and thus proportionately successful. I was a big shot Pharmacist who managed a busy pharmacy. I was respected in the community and with other health professionals in the area and I was generously compensated financially. So it seemed that my belief of “working hard” was serving me…but at what cost?

Living in a constant state of stress was exhausting and toxic for my beautiful body. I was only very young, however I was already inundated with a myriad of medical illnesses. Sinusitis, asthma, allergies, thyroid disease, alopecia areata (where your hair falls out in big clumps leaving you bald. This is an excruciating thing for any women to go through, and especially for a young women in her 20s) , heart palpitations and anxiety disorder…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Of cause being indoctrinated into the medical profession we are almost told to expect some type of illness and disease as “normal.” On top of all this I suffered chronic depression, a condition that the doctors would palm off as “genetic,” which made me feel hopeless and powerless. It was when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and threatened with yet another pill that I thought to myself, “there has to be another way!” So my transformation began and I’m happy to say after quitting my job and reevaluating my beliefs and mindset, I was able to reverse EVERY SINGLE medical condition within 8 months! Some of these conditions I had been medicated for over a decade and here I am now, living and breathing a brand new existence; healthy, happy and surprise surprise, more successful than ever! I now take no medications, I never get sick and I’m more happy than I ever knew possible (it’s funny how the medical profession don’t label me with “happiness” like they labelled me with “depression”). So what did I change? Haha well that’s a whole ‘nother blog! But let me just say, mindset was 99.99% of it. What you believe matters! If you believe you have to “work hard to succeed” then that has to be true, but does it serve you? It didn’t serve me. I now make “fun” one of my top values and I’m more creative and efficient because of it. I found that I can now do things in half the time it takes someone that “works hard and is all stressed out” and what’s more, I often produce better results more consistently. How is that possible? Well think about it! If the brain and body are in a state of stress then the mind is telling the body it is in some form of danger. Traditionally it may have meant we were getting chased by a tiger or our tribe was under attack or maybe there was a famine. Whatever the reason, stress meant life or death. Precious blood flow, which carries the energy and nutrients needed to help each of our cells thrive, is distributed to priority parts only. That’s the parts that will help us survive right now. “Flight or flight” so the muscles are all powered up to run away or fight the enemy, to allow us to exist tomorrow. This blood needs to be pulled back from somewhere else in order to do this, which is the frontal cortex (that’s our “genius” brain, it’s the creative side that problem solves and makes us “out of the box” thinkers like Einstein), also we don’t need the immune system (because who cares if you get a cold of a sabre toothed tiger is about to rip you to shreds?) and digestion gets the turn off service too (don’t need to absorb all those lovely nutrients for repairing and regeneration if we are gonna die right now). The body is innately intelligent! It can switch this “stress switch” on and redirect the power sources in the body as soon as it’s told that we are in danger. It literally saves our life when it does this, genius! The issue is that this stress switch was only supposed to be on for about 30 mins every 3 days. Instead, we now live in a state of “chronic stress.” And how does our beautiful body know when to flick the switch on? When you tell it to, of cause. You control your thoughts and your thoughts create your emotions. Pay attention to how you feel, that will give you some insight into your thoughts and in turn your beliefs, because a belief is simply a thought you keep thinking.

So to wrap it all up, what are your beliefs about having fun? Do you think you need to work hard in order to succeed or could you find a way to have more fun, be even more efficient and effective and achieve more than ever! And I feel it’s important to add that I don’t confuse “effort” with action. When I’m having fun I might actually end up DOING more, however how I feel about it is different than when I am “working hard.”

So go out and infuse more fun in your life, after all, life's too important to take it so seriously!

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

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