How the f*ck do I meditate?!

Meditation is so simply and yet it often leads to frustration and anxiety when it comes time to sitting down and doing the deed. This is completely understandable because what we are asking of our mind is to slow down and quieten our thinking.

But what exactly is meditation and why the hell does every Wellness Guru recommend doing it? Meditation is a quieting of the mind in order to tap into your ultimate power. You are born to think, the mind is an amazing asset and, when our thoughts serve us, our mind can be of tremendous benefit to our lives. So it's not surprising that if we were born to think, that dialling this natural process down can be challenging for some people. So why is it recommended so much if our thoughts are simply a natural part of being alive? The issue arises when the thoughts we are thinking don’t serve us. If you practice thoughts that make you feel bad - that is stressed, anxious, worried, angry, sad, frustrated etc - then quieting your mind will be of HUGE benefit for you. It will feel like taking a cinderblock off your shoulders and giving you a break. Also, with a lot of mental chatter, even if it's all good feeling thoughts, how can you possibly hear the inner guidance that may at times only be a whisper?

For centuries meditation has been used as a powerful tool to reconnect to your higher self. There are many names for this power – God, Universe, Source, Inner God/Goddess, Higher self, however they all represent the same thing. It is the supreme power of energy that is responsible for the wellbeing of everything in existence. This power flows through all of us all day/everyday and as supremely powerful beings, we have the ability to choose whether to use this flow to achieve great things or to block it from our highest good. That’s the power of free choice. By quieting the mind we allow the flow to be felt and understood better within us so that we can actually hear our divine guidance. Imagine knowing how to do/say/act/think/be in each moment so that the result will be to feel absolute bliss in each moment? This is a reality that is fully available to you right now. To learn to meditate will be one of the most powerful tools you can harness in order to achieve everything you could ever ask for in life. We do it instinctively to some degree because we are all tapped in and flowing with this divine energy, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. We often label these feelings of knowing as intuition, luck or coincidence. By practicing quieting the mind consistently, we will be able to become more conscious of this and life will begin to flow more easily, you will have better timing, liaise with opportunities, find more ease and flow and eventually fully realise the Bliss Life you were born to live.

So how do we actually meditate? Do we have to set up a million candles, shave our heads, chant, “OM”? No, of cause not. Thankfully there is something called mini-meditations. These are conscious moments that only last a few seconds/minutes to achieve quietening of the mind. Did you know that mini-meditations are one of my favourite and most effective meditation habits? And they are SUPER simple! All I do is stop for a minute (usually takes half a minute really), I close my eyes and take a deep breathe in through my nose counting to 5, hold for a second or two and breathe out slowly through my mouth counting to 8. I do this three times. That’s it. Simple right? People sometimes like to argue for the complex, as if it's too simple, too easy, then it's not as effective as something more complicated, however I’ve found that the exact opposite is true, or at least can be if you want it to be. I prefer ease. I want things to be as easy as possible and MORE effective than if they were complicated and hard. I have created systems to make this possible through my conscious acknowledgement of what I want to create. Now there are some of you who will not believe meditation could be so easy and chances are you often make other things more complicated in your life than they need to be in order to feel validated or successful in some way. That’s okay, there is no right or wrong way to live, however if you are looking for more peace, then perhaps it's time to start questioning what things could be simplified in your life to introduce more ease. You're probably also thinking that mini-meditations couldn’t possibly work! You can go ahead and spend an hour trying to meditate, even though you have never been able to do it before and it always makes you so dam frustrated and your brain never seems to quieten down and blah blah blah….OR you could just try to do mini-meditations three times a day. In fact, I have a small, easy challenge for you. Rather than fight for the complex, or struggle your way to achieve nothing more than frustration, I want you to give mini-meditations a go. As soon as you wake up and right before you go to bed do three deep breaths and then set an alarm mid-day sometime to remind you to do another three deep breaths. That’s it! Just three breaths, three times a day. Do this for two weeks and just take note of how you begin to feel. Take note to see if things seem to be aligning for you easier. Take note to see if you’ve been more intuitive or “lucky” as they say. Take note so that you can see just how ridiculously easy meditation can be, while being super powerful! After all, what do you have to lose? You need to breathe either way, so try to do it consciously.

This is the first step to meditation. There are other types and forms, they can go deeper and longer and achieve even more wondrous things, however if you have never done it before, or you don’t do it consistently, then mini-meditations are the best (and easiest) place to start. If you want to run a marathon, you don’t start with running the whole marathon, you start with running a few kilometres and then adding more techniques and distance to your training as your fitness improves. It's the same with meditation. As you begin to practice, you will get better and your achievements will be exponential!

A lot of people believe that meditation is the stopping of thought all together and this is just unrealistic. It's the main reason people feel frustrated with themselves when they try and meditate. They think they are “doing it wrong,” however that is impossible. As we discussed earlier, our mind is supposed to think. It LOVES to think and thinking can be a wonderful and powerful tool for us. Meditation is simply quieting our thoughts and we can do this effectively by focusing on something slightly mundane, like the counting of our breath in and out, or a ticking clock or a dripping tap. These are used as distractions for the mind to keep it focused on something that will not lead it down a stream of thought. As you get better at meditation, the process will begin to feel more natural. Quietening the mind will not only become easy, it will become something you absolutely can't live without! You will be able to sit for longer and receive more wonderful things than you could ever imagine. I always use the analogy of the bookcase when teaching clients how to meditate. Imagine all your thoughts are books on a massive full-length floor to wall bookcase. Each book holds a story or train of thought that can consume your mind. There are some books you don’t read often and others that you read (often out loud to anyone listening) everyday. When you meditate you don’t want to read any of the books, you just want to observe the space. A book may fall down onto the floor and lay open, tempting you to start reading and you even may begin to read that book a little. But simply refocus your mind and leave the book on the floor. Soon it will begin to be easy to ignore the books that fall open, you wont be tempted to pick them up and read them at all. And soon after that, fewer and fewer books begin to fall open. Then when you have practiced your meditations daily, for long enough, a really special book will fall right into your lap, and it will feel like magic! It will be the most magnificent book you have ever seen, beautiful golden pages and the instinct to read it will be so strong that you just know that this is the book you were meant to read! THAT is how you tap into your divine power! And let me just tell you something….that book wasn’t sitting in your bookcase. It came from somewhere else. The only books in your bookcase are the ones you have read and reread over and over again until they look tacky and old. THIS book is new. This book is something you have never read before, information that is entirely knew or perhaps it tells a familiar story and yet not quite in the same way, it tells it in a better way, an inspiring way. Reading this book makes you vibrate with excitement. You feel energised and full of love and joy. And this book was meant for you! That’s just one of the powers of meditation. Oh, gives me goose-bumps just thinking about it!! It makes me feel like I can't wait to meditate again….And on that note – I'm going to meditate!! I can't wait to see what goodies the Universe has for me today.

Sending you lots of love as always.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your Soul

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