How much is your linear thinking holding you back?

Our mind is the most under-utilised assets we own. It can create, inspire, build, destroy, inhibit and expand anything and everything we can see in our world today. How you choose to use your mind will eventually result in the type of world you will create for yourself. Too often I hear people shutting themselves down, listing all the reasons why they can’t and consistently spreading their limiting mindset to all those they hang around. For every “I can’t” that you say, there is an even more powerful, “I can,” waiting for you. For every, “I’m not good enough,” there is an even more powerful, “I will continue to learn and get better until I am the master of this.” For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. What you think matters! We hear it all the time and it’s time to wake up! Above and below, black and white, yin and yang- there is always a different side, so why CHOOSE the side that pulls you down? Why choose the side that makes you feel bad about yourself or your life? It is only true because you choose to consistently focus on it and what you focus on you will be drawn to you! So change your focus. The way to change your thinking is to take control of the thought that you give energy to. Start to question the validity of thoughts that no longer serve you. Stop thinking linearly and start thinking explosively; Genius level divergent thinking will change your life. Divergent thinking is a different way of thinking. For example, when I ask you to give me all the uses of a paper clip. The average adult will give me 15-20 responses- earring, poker for iPhone, fishing hook etc. A genius level, divergent thinker can give me over 100 responses! You see, they don’t think linearly, they think explosively! What if the paper clip was 10 feet high and made of rubber? There is unlimited possibilities available to you when you are a divergent thinker.

Linear thinking contributes to millions of brilliant ideas being cut down, billions of dreams crushed and allows the problems of the world to explode. Linear thinking people like to project and put down divergent thinkers. They get super uncomfortable when a divergent thinker expresses their reality near them and will try and reshape that divergent thinker to think just like them. You get from 1 to 3 via 2 and to a linear thinker that is the ONLY option. But if a divergent thinker can get from 1 to 3 without ever using 2, the linear thinker will freak out and try and suppress the self belief that is within that divergent mind. You are wrong! There is only one way to do this and it is 2. Even when the logic is infallible, when they are screaming and shouting that 1+1+1 will get you there, the linear thinker will push you down! We have seen it again and again in society. When Isaac Newton discovered his law of motion and gravity theories the scientific world actually declared that there was nothing left to learn! That we were done, what they knew was fact and that fact was indisputable. This may seem ridiculous to us now, when Einstein’s theory of relativity smashed Issacs theory’s out of the water, but we still consistently do this today! For a long time we believed that our genetics govern our health. We now have a lot of evidence to say this is not true. The study of epigenetis is now known all over the scientific community, which states that it is our environment that controls our health NOT our genes. This was discovered in the 1960s and yet I was still uneducated in the schooling system about genes controlling our health!! How is this possible?

We forget that all “facts” are simply another word for “beliefs” and science for thousands of years would honour the word “theory” in the way it was intended, it is what we think is true for now. Our linear thinking now wants theory to be facts, facts that are true for everyone. That will never work. Everyone is different and what may work for one person may not work for another. We have to begin to open our minds and support those who want to think divergently. To do this we must release our fear of the unknown and have trust that these people are all working for the same thing- ease, love, flow and for the betterment of us all. Yes, you can always find examples of where people have used their power and intellect for harm. If you look hard enough for anything you are more likely to find it. If you look for examples of the good this has created it will far outweigh the fear based evidence. Think of electricity, flushing toilets, cars, planes, phones, internet! Divergent thinkers have helped changed the world!

Things we once thought “impossible” are now almost complacently overlooked. Hearing someone complain about their slow internet connection is almost laughable when you consider that only 50 so years ago it didn’t even exist. For those of you who don’t remember, when you wanted to know something you had to go to a library and look it up! Or you had to ask if some guy called “Bob” knows, and for some weird reason, Bob always knew. But you couldn’t just reach into a little box in your pocket and look up…ANYTHING you want to know! You couldn’t talk into a device that fits in your pocket and speak to someone on the other side of the world! If I had suggested that as a possibility only 100 years ago, I would have been institutionalised. Or worse- re-(un)educated! Our education system breads linear thinking.

A Progressive, longitudinal study with huge statistical significance have followed a group of over 1000 children from the age of 0 into adulthood. The results where startling!

Do you know the percentage of genius level divergent thinkers among the adult human population is only 5%! That’s horrible, however it gets worse. Do you know what the percentage of genius level thinkers are from ages 0-5 years? 98%! We are all born as genius divergent thinkers. The study found that after the age of 5 the level of genius divergent thinkers deteriorated, and deteriorated fast!

For this study see

Why would this happen? Well one popular theory is that the genius level thinking seems to deteriorate rapidly corresponding to the same time the children would be going to school. The longer they are in that institution, the more they lose their divergent thinking and begin to adopt the linear, restrictive thinking that is seen among the general population. This makes sense. In the current school system, there is a question and one corresponding correct answer. They are literally training your brain to think linearly. Can you remember doing your exams or a test paper and thinking to yourself how there are multiple answers to this question? But you knew the answer they wanted, if you wrote down another answer, even if it was equally correct, you would be marked as wrong. At school we would comfort ourselves with the beliefs that this wouldn’t last forever, that we would be out of school soon and then we could do it our way. And for most of us, when we did finally go out into the world, this unfortunately did not happen. We had to maintain that linear thinking as it infused it’s way into businesses and workplaces. Then came the Richard Branson’s, the Steve Jobs and the Tony Robins of the world. Revolutionary genius divergent thinkers that refused to conform to the systems linear thinking. Many of the worlds greatest minds escaped the rigorous restriction of the school system, either dropping out or not having the financial or family support to go into the institutions that we are all told will help us. And this was their greatest gift. They were able to hold onto their divergent thinking and develop it to serve the world in an explosive and wonderful way. Now if you have been through the system and believe that you are a linear thinker, then you are doomed. Haha no, don’t worry it’s easy to reprogram once you know what it is you want. Divergent thinking was a way of thinking that you were born with and with practice you will be able to make it your dominant thought process once more. Think of it like your first language that you learnt and forgot, it will be easy to relearn once you begin to consciously practice. Believe me, I went alllll the way through the system, I spent 12 years at school the another 8 years through University unlearning all my genius thinking. And with only a few years of practice I’ve been able to break those limiting thought patterns away after 20 years of immersion in linear thinking! Now please don’t miss understanding me, there are things in the current school system that are beneficial…I can’t think of any right now though…I’m just playing. The social side the different topics and even the different information that you learn can be extremely useful. I’m not saying the system doesn’t work to educate, I’m just suggestion that for some, there may be better systems of learning. At the end of the day, you can only say what is right for you.

For those of you who do want to begin to learn divergent thinking, then the first step is to recognise when you are thinking linearly. Start to pay attention and even begin to spot it in others. I was doing an interactive immersive theater performance with children recently and I unfortunately saw a lot of linear thinking in children as young at 7. I would ask the group what they would do if they had magical powers. “I would ask for more wishes,” one boy said. This is a prime example of linear thinking. He would use magic to get magic. A lack base thinking that focuses on the perceived security for the future rather than the clear focus of an achievable outcome right now.

So I prompted again, “and what would you wish for?” He replied, “money!” Again his linear thinking rooted in limiting mindsets. So I continued to pull his brain into thinking again, “and what would you use that money for?” I asked. He stopped and thought about it hard. “I would buy a house!” He finally declared and I laughed and said, “well, with all that magic, you could have just created a house from the start and saved yourself all that time!” All the parents laughed along with me.

Now, that child learnt that linear thinking. He would have been conditioned, mostly by parents, teachers and those he would look up to. Adults do this a lot, when I ask them what they would do if they had magic they often say they would get more money. That kind of thinking makes no sense to me. Money is literally worthless- it’s just pieces of plastic, paper or metal. Or even just a digital number, not even a physical entity! This is unless we see it for what it really is, Energy. Money is an energy exchange. We change this worthless thing for something we want and it’s the receiving the thing that we want that has made our minds associate the worth onto the money rather than on the thing that we actually wanted. That’s why when I say what do you want, people often say money. And I have to spend time coaching them out of their linear mindset to get to the real root of what they ACTUALLY want. What you focus on you will get, so it’s important to recognise if you do this. What would you spend that money on? A new house? Great. A holiday? Fabulous! A new wardrobe? Wonderful! And now I will draw you one step further- why do you want that? What do you believe you will feel when you get that thing? More joy? More freedom? More adventure? More love? You see THAT is actually what you want. It’s the feeling you believe you will achieve in the having of that thing. When we know this and acknowledge this, then we become very powerful indeed. We acknowledge it, we focus on it and inevitably we draw more of it into our experience. If we want more money, so we can go on more holidays so we can experience more adventures, then we can fast forward. We can go straight for more adventures now! We won’t have to wait for money or holidays, we can begin to ask ourselves, how can I get more adventure in my life today? You may be surprised how quickly your mind switches into divergent thinking to help you figure this out! Go on a hike somewhere you’ve never been before. Drive up the coast and swim with the whale sharks. Explore one new thing in your city that you’ve never done before. Divergent thinking will help you fulfill all your desires in the most creative and unexpectedly awesome ways! You have the power to fulfill all your dreams TODAY- do you have the courage to try?

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

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