Don’t think before you speak

Think before you speak? I hear this saying all the time, it means to be mindful of what you say before the words come out of your mouth. The hope is that when we stop and think, we will find our natural response to all things. That is, either love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance or appreciation. “Think before you speak,” has been a saying that is said and yet no longer has meaning for many. People are always thinking, in fact, you literally can not say anything without the thought to say it appearing momentarily beforehand in your mind. The issue only comes when the thoughts we think are habitualised as those of judgment, anger, jealousy, hate, mistrust and fear. When we offer no time to practice reframing our perspective in order to reframe our thoughts. Then we spew toxic words onto another or onto ourselves.

The gift of our words is in its ability to create our experience. You may have heard the saying, “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” This is very true. Your words have the power to create or destroy, inspire or crush anything depending on the energy behind them. It is no good to "think before we speak," as often we speak as a reflex in order to share our opinions with others. Everything out of your mouth is simply an opinion, it is the reality that you believe and it is made up of belief systems forged by the thoughts you continuously think. In order to change the way we speak, we must first practice changing the way we think. Only then will thinking before we speak be of any use. After all, we all "think before we speak," it’s more about thinking thoughts born from love before we speak. And like any habit, it takes conscious practice to achieve a new one.

Pay attention to the words you speak. Do they empower or destroy, do they inspire or harm? What beliefs have you created to allow such thoughts and thus words shape your reality? Now challenge those that feel bad, they do not serve you. Reframe your words to soften the feeling and keep practicing until eventually every word you speak lifts you, and all those around you, to extraordinary heights. Fill your words with love and kindness and watch your world transform into that which offers you only love and kindness. It may not be easy, it will certainly take practice and your effort will be rewarded in ways you can only hope to imagine.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your Soul

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