Don’t be “carefree” be care-conscious

It is becoming more commonly known that what you think about and focus on is what is drawn into your physical experience – It’s called the Law of Attraction. Most people are practicing a habit of observation and reaction, which means that their conditions, mostly, control how they feel. When we are merely the observer it means that “life is happening to us” rather than the more powerful and accurate beliefs of “we create our own reality.” To allow our conditions to control how we feel is to give our power away. A feeling is a result of a thought and we think a certain way because we create a habit of reacting to what we are observing.

All reality is simply perception, which is filtered through our beliefs. No one and nothing can “make” you feel anything, it is a choice to feel the way we do because we are the only ones that can choose to think and focus on a thought in our minds, whether you are conscious or unconscious in your choosing. This is why two people can observe the same thing and feel completely different about it. It will depend on what that thing means to them and this is determined by their beliefs. A belief is another way of saying a habited, practiced way of thinking.

So where do your thoughts come from? Thoughts are just energy, like everything in the Universe. This would be the same as asking where does the feeling of “love” come from? In fact, the emotions we feel are simply our interpretation of the thoughts we choose to think. Just like vision is the interpretation of the light energy we choose to focus on through our eyes and we call it sight or the sound energy we choose to focus on with our ears and we call it hearing. Just as light exists in our environment and we can choose to look at what we want with our eyes, so it is true about thoughts. There exists thought energy in the Universe and it streams through our physical body and we can choose which thoughts to focus on. Just like if I saw a disgusting dog poo on the ground or a beautiful flower on the pavement, it is my choice what I choose to focus on, the same is true for my thoughts. They are ever streaming. When I stream a thought that does not bring me joy, then it is my choice to focus upon it. My emotions will let me know whether what I am choosing to focus on is serving me or not. My power comes into the equation when I consciously choose what thought I want to give my attention, focus and thus energy to. Whatever we hold in our focus will grow and expand because we are giving it energy, that is the Law of Expansion.

I like the analogy that we are all like AM/FM radios, we pick up different vibrations depending on what station we have set our dial to. If we chose to set our dial to FM we will never be able to channel an AM station, it doesn’t mean that AM radio waves don’t exist. There may be someone in your reality that choses to dial into AM. Your radio is set by you. You can not touch others radios, only they choose to change their dial. It is common practice that people reset their dial depending on what others around them have got on their radios, however it doesn’t have to be so. This is the same with thoughts. There are an infinite number of thoughts that exist and you will stream in whatever thoughts are aligned with the frequency you have chosen to set your dial onto. When we practice and get into a habit of choosing a particular station, it's like “saving the station” button. What have you chosen to set your station to? Do you regularly tune into the “victim station” or the “anger station” or the “pity station” or do you choose to set your dial to the “appreciation station” the “love station” the “Bliss station?”

The more you practice a station, the more likely it will be your default station. This is powerful. It means that if you don’t like the shit you keep playing, then change the channel! How do we do that? When we have a habit of streaming a particular thought channel then at first it will take conscious readjustment of our station. Each time you start to stream something that doesn’t serve you (you will know when you are doing this by paying attention to how you feel) then CONSCIOUSLY chose a better-feeling thought. This resets your default station. Humans were given the gift of conscious intelligence, so don’t sit passively by and let just “anything” stream through your beautiful body, and just because that is how you have been taught or because you didn’t know better before or you have just “always done that”, give up the excuses and take back your power. Take ownership of how you feel and pay attention to the thoughts you have been allowing to stream into your mind. Then decide if that is the thought you want to keep playing and if it's not, then CONSCIOUSLY PICK A NEW THOUGHT THAT FEELS BETTER. It literally couldn’t be simpler. Your new better-feeling thought will begin to become a habit when you keep practicing it, like ANYTHING we choose to consciously practice. The end result will be that you will begin to naturally attract more of those feel good thoughts until your saved station will be set to the “Bliss station” the “fun station” the “laughter station” the “freedom station” the “passion station” the “accomplishment station” the “abundance station” the “wellbeing station” all the stations that feel wonderful. That’s the state you will be living in, not only will you begin to attract more in your physical world to provide more for you to observe that will bring more of these great feelings easily into your reality, you will FEEL amazing while you observe your newly created reality. And what’s more, you can begin to witness and appreciate your truly magnificent power as a Conscious Creator and live life as it was intended, joyfully and full of fun. So don’t just aim to live “carefree” – you should care about how you feel. It is your guidance system that tells you what thoughts you have allowed to play on your station and gives you the opportunity to reset your dial. Become more conscious – become “care” conscious and start living the Bliss life you always wanted to live.

As always, I'm sending you all lots of love.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your Soul

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