Do you fuel up or f*ck up your body every time you put something in your mouth?

Diet and nutrition have become a leading focus within the health and wellness arena over the last few years, and with good reason. Over 2000 years ago Hippocrates was talking about how food can be your greatest asset or your biggest enemy. It makes sense because your body is made up of a collection of cells that are in continuous states of degradation and rebuilding. And how does a cell rebuild? It uses the building blocks that it gets from what you eat. We label that “nutrition” and the only issue (such as illness and disease) arises when we start to eat things that are no longer what I would label “food” and that have no nutritious value.

Sciences has shown us that in only a few months we have a new liver, in 4 months all your red blood cells are entirely new, the lining of the small intestine is replaced every 2-4 days, our skeletal cells are replaced approximately every 7 years…you get the idea. But the big question is why does our body do this? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just make a cell and keep it? Why make a cell, kill it off and remake the same cell? One theory is that this process gives our body the opportunity to heal and repair, so it can recreate the same cell, only better. So if you scratch your arm and damage some cells, our body can dissolve those cells and rebuild them back to normal again. And this is what happens to all cells all over the body, all the time! Our body is ALWAYS moving towards wellness, it wants to be functioning at the best level possible! That’s why when you cut yourself, your body sends platelets and clotting factors to stop the bleeding; it sends the immune cells to mop up and pathogens that may have entered the wound so you don’t get infection, it makes the epithelial cells replicate faster in that area to regrow the skin over the wound…it does all these things without your conscious thought because it is already, automatically programmed to serve you, it is “innately intelligent”. To protect you. To keep you thriving. The only way we can override this process is by our conscious desire aka if you keep going and cutting the same part of your body over and over again. The body doesn’t judge you. It will just keep healing and tries to adapt to what you’re doing so it can help serve you better. Maybe it will create a thick scar where you keep cutting so that it’s harder to cut the skin. Maybe it will make the hand you keep the knife in a little weaker so you can’t cut as deep. This analogy is to show you on an exaggerated scale how the body is always serving you, however it does this on a more subtle scale all day, everyday. If you eat something processed that will raise the pH of your blood by even as much as 0.5 pH, this can cause significant cell death, resulting in organ disruption, failure and when left unchecked, death. So the body must stop what it’s doing, be it fighting a pathogen, rebuilding better cells in the body, making feel-good hormones, whatever it is, the priority must me to stabilise this imminent threat to serve and protect you. And it does this through various systems, very well actually. But if you keep making the body stop what it’s doing because every time you put something in your mouth it has to clean up the toxins, then your body is going to start to suffer after some time. It would be like you trying to get an important project done and your toddler keeps interrupting you. You’re concentrating on your important project and BANG he runs into the wall and splits his lip open, so you drop what you’re doing and go help him. After some time your toddler is right as rain and you go back to your project and then moments later you hear your toddler scream and he has just shat himself and there is diarrhoea everywhere (haha I love this analogy, fun to be a parent hey haha). So once again you drop what you’re doing and go sort that out because he is your priority. Then you get back to your amazing project and ahhhh he’s run into the fence and has a wire sticking out of his hand…you get the picture. The more your toddler distracts you, the less you are able to get done on your project. If this kept going without a break, you may end up just doing a half ass job on your project just to get it finished. Or you may need to do give it up entirely depending on its level of importance. The body does this with ourselves all the time. It needs to prioritise what it can do for you and number one priority is always to make sure you don’t die. Sounds obvious, however did you know that raising the acidity of your blood just a fraction of a pH could do it! And EVERYTHING you put into your body has the power to influence your blood pH, so this means that everything you put into your mouth will determine how long the body has to stop what it’s doing and sort out that before moving on. There are foods that will maintain the bodies perfect pH, and even better, will give it the best nutritional building blocks to repair and recharge, and there are foods that will acidify the blood to lethal levels and thus force the body to work hard to neutralise its toxic effects.

What we put in our mouth will either give your body the nutritional building blocks to build that cell back stronger and functioning better, or it will be an added burden that the body must eliminate. Not only that, if all we are feeding our body is nutrient-poor food, then that is all it will have to use to rebuild its cells. Give a man some bricks to build a house and he can build it strong, give a man some hay and you are not going to be able to build the same thing. The body uses whatever YOU CHOOSE to give it to build itself back up. If what you are giving it is not working, then your body is so fricken intelligent it will let you know! It “taps you on the shoulder” with the pain response, “whispers in your ear” with your emotional feelings and smacks you in the face with illness. If you still choose to ignore it, it will “grab you and shake you” with disease, it will “scream and shout” with chronic sickness, “it will kick and fight and punch and slap” until you hear it calling for help. Until you wake up and listen. Until you open your eyes and say, “dear body! I am so sorry I didn’t listen, what do you need?” And the best thing about this is that you’re beautiful body will tell you what to do. And it will heal insanely fast if you listen. This is powerful because if your body is not functioning in a way you believe is optimum, then there is absolutely something you can do TODAY to help it rebuild the cells more optimally tomorrow. Eventually, when all the cells are replaced, they will have been built using better tools and the issue would no longer be present.

Modern medicine has unfortunately convinced some of us that our body is “out to get us” and that we must use some pill or cut it to shreds in order to gain control of the situation. This often makes people feel horrible, hopeless, broken. You are often told you are sick, there is nothing you can do and you will need this “thing” to keep you functioning. However, when we acknowledge that our body is always serving us, then we take back our power and we can begin to find out why our body would do whatever it’s doing and if it is something we do not like, we can change our behaviour to change the physical expression. By being conscious of what you put in your mouth, you can offer your body better building blocks and it will take these building blocks and rebuild all the cells it needs to, bigger and better than ever, VERY quickly. There is a lot of documented evidence of miraculous recovery, from Louise Hay healing cancers, to Donna Eden healing MS. I’ve lived and breathed this miracle, having spent years as a Pharmacist, believing in the medical system and having a barrage of “irreversible” medical diseases. Asthma, rhinitis and nasal polyps, chronic depression, Alopecia Ariata, Hypothyroidism, allergy, arthritis, asthma…god the list was exhausting. And now having 120% optimum health! And here’s the best part of all- it’s SUPER easy!

Now the area of food and nutrition can be muddled with confusion and clutter- don’t eat this, eat more of that, avoid this, supplement with that, eat fricken kale (I love kale but that’s not the point). So let’s cut the bullshit. Yes, of cause there are experts out there that can guide you to what would work specifically for you best (and I recommend them to people all the time!), however if you’re not knowing where to start at all, then it can feel overwhelming at first. So let’s get really simple and find an easy way to start. What do you KNOW is best for your body? Eat more of that. What do you KNOW is not best for your body? Eat less of that. Simple!

The molecular structure of foods that are grown by the earth are aligned to our own body’s cellular structure. Why is that important? It means the body has to do less to the food to absorb and utilise it when it’s rebuilding itself. The more processes a food goes through to end up in your mouth, the more work the body has to do in order to, firstly, make it safe for you to eat (aka reestablish optimum blood pH and inflammation) and secondly, change it into a chemical form that can actually be used in the body. Hence why eating “processed” foods is sooooooo taxing in the body. Also if the building blocks that you are giving the body are all processed, then the body has to make do! After all, it is building something great here- you! So if you give it a bent crow bar and some rusty old nails and rotten ply wood, then it’s got to make the house out of that or else you will have no where to live. So if nothing else in your diet changes, simply start by ADDING more good stuff into it. More “from the planet to the plate.” Raw, beautiful whole food. Because if you’ve got 18 rusty nails and 3 epic nails, the body is so smart it will always use the 3 epic nails first. This is how you can start to rebuild your house, nail by nail if need be, into the temple of your dreams (and yes, I am proud of my analogy haha).

If you would like more information or guidance on creating your perfect temple, then please email me. I hope you have achieved a better outlook to your amazing life and a renewed passion to rebuild your perfect body from everything I share.

Sending you lots of love as always.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

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