Corrupt - Part 2 : Food, or is it?

What you're eating could be killing you. Discover easy ways to stop unconsciously consuming toxins and take back control of your health.

What makes us sick? Sounds like an odd question, doesn’t it? But it’s not actually as simple as we think. We’ve been uneducated to believe things like viruses and bacteria cause disease, we call it the “germ theory''. But that’s exactly the point - it's a THEORY; and it’s backed a lot by “science”, but what does it actually mean? The Germ theory states that we can become ill because of an infection in our body from a foreign organism. This germ will cause disease. If we isolate this germ and put it in a healthy test subject, then that subject will develop the same disease. This stacks up, we see it all the time…. Or do we? Remember I have a background in science, specifically virology (the study of viruses). I really believed in everything I was taught for my 8 intense years at University. However, it only takes a logical mind to ask better questions before this theory comes apart completely. Let me give you some “scientific” background about infectious agents. We are taught that viruses, for example, are these tiny infectious agents that can cause disease. So, every year we get something called “the flu,” which is an infection with the influenza virus - oh this virus has been around for as “long as humans have been around” (how they know this is astounding! To have the wisdom of millions of years… but we can’t figure out how they built the pyramids, weird?!). Also, strange that even though flu comes around every year like clockwork, since this screwy COVID pandemic, it seems to have vanished! That’s amazing! Anyway - viruses are extremely small and in the case of flu (and coronavirus), it's an airborne infection. It travels in the droplets you breathe out and in individual air particles. They are roughly 20 nanometres in diameter, which is why when the powers that be ask you to wear cotton pieces of material on your face, you should be concerned. Cotton fibres have a diameter of 11-22 microns - so this is as nonsensical as trying to stop mosquitoes from getting in your house using a large chain-link fence. But I’m not getting into this insanity as it really has nothing to do with health (and there is plenty of evidence for that over the years), it has everything to do with psychological manipulation and population control. It only takes a google search to check these facts by the way, so anyone who's under the illusion that face masks are for your health is ignorant by choice. So, when you cough… or breathe, these viral particles will spread in the air and area around you. There are several studies to show that these particles can spread for meters and stay in the area for up to hours, which means that if you happened to walk in the area, even hours after that infectious person has left, you will be exposed to that virus. So, let's say you’re on a bus. If someone was infected with a virus, after only a few minutes, the air on the bus will contain measurable amounts of airborne virus particles, because we know that when you breathe in and out we share air with each other and every living thing on the planet, you know this right? Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that we are all connected in such an intimate way. What this means is that EVERYONE on the bus will be exposed to this virus within a few minutes of sitting on it (with or without cloth pieces of fabric on their face), and everyone that gets on or off the bus will also be exposed for the next few hours. So, here’s the most basic and important question of all - “why doesn't everyone exposed get sick?” If the germ theory makes sense, you get exposed, you get sick - simple. Yet not EVERYONE exposed always gets sick - why not?

Such a simple question isn't it, but really think about it because it's very important. The answer, when you think about it, is quite obvious. You have an immune system that protects you from surrounding influences that have potential to cause damage. It’s a system within the body that is intertwined with everything! What you eat, what you think, what you put your body near, or on, everything in your surroundings influences your body and it’s immune system. It’s not just living infectious agents, think about what would happen if you drank bleach. It wouldn't be pretty. But depending on the level of tissue damage internally, your body will repair. In fact, that’s what it does 24/7! It always heals and repairs. We can even watch it happen, if you cut your finger you will be able to watch it heal in real time. So, another important question is how does it do this?

It takes a lot of energy to repair and heal. That’s why when you get really ill, you have to sleep all day. The body only has a finite amount of energy and it distributes this in an ingenious way. You need energy to think, run, digest, repair and so on. The body is genius at knowing what parts need the most attention at the right times. When you get ill, the body knows that rather than distributing important energy to thinking about creative things or running or dancing, it takes most of your energy just to repair. This leaves you feeling exhausted with little more energy than to just sleep and go to the toilet. Just like when you eat a big meal, it takes a lot of energy to digest because you have just put an external thing directly into your body and exposed all your internal cells to foreign toxins, infectious agents, poisons etc. This is priority number one! The body must protect itself, so it needs to bind to anything harmful and also extract all that’s usable for more energy. When you eat a large meal, you often get tired. The body doesn't have all the energy in the world for everything all the time, so it distributes it to the most important things at hand. I use these examples because they are clear and simple to understand and because we often all feel these and yet don't fully appreciate what they mean internally. We don’t fully appreciate how genius our body is. We don't fully appreciate how the body serves us and works for us every second of every day. In fact, often I hear people complain about their body. The very thing that is working for them every second of the day, repairing and healing from the toxins you have chosen to ingest, protecting from the germs that invade, detoxifying toxins in the water, food, air, lotions, medications etc and so on. And yet people will complain that their miracle body isn’t good enough. When I was a practicing Pharmacist, this was the thing I heard the most. Patient after patient would come in to tell me their sad story about how horrible their body was, how it lets them down, how it hurts, how it’s too fat or too broken. I also brought into this victim mindset, feeling sorry for myself as the constant pain and discomfort of my own illness were constantly in the forefront of my mind. The truth is, your body can only do what it can do. In order to heal my body from 10 years of chronic disease, including cervical arthritis, eczema, alopecia areata, hypothyroidism, depression, arrhythmia, asthma and chronic cystic rhinitis (which I did in only 8 months!!!), my whole mentality had to change. My MINDSET had to change FIRST, before I could heal my body. This is why I teach people how to take back control of their minds in my courses. If you don’t control your mind, you control nothing in your life, including your health. I’m getting off topic, I tend to do this. But it all comes together when we ask the important question, why do we get sick?

It’s not an infection, because if it was, everyone that gets exposed would get sick and that is simply not true. So, what is it then? Therein lies the issue, it’s not one thing. If you were healthy when you were born and then you developed illness later on, then it means that something you did created the disease. Sounds a little confronting doesn't it? It’s actually very empowering. It means if you can understand what YOU did to create the disease, YOU can reverse it. There are many things that can cause your beautiful body to become overwhelmed. And even though it’s getting constantly damaged, it seems to rally and find a way to compensate for your lack of awareness and constant injuries and even functions well enough that we often live for years longer, after this damage! The damage to cells happens in many ways. If I say drink bleach, you know (hopefully) that this will kill you, or at least make you very ill. You wouldn't do it. But do you drink poison? Anything in a can or bottle that fizzes is often filled with toxic chemicals that destroys your cells every single time you ingest it. What do animals drink? Water. Not coloured water. Not fizzy water. Not flavoured water. Just water. Yet after millions of years living this way, do we think that we can now drink poison and be healthy? What about the skin? This is your largest organ, which people often don’t think about because it’s external. Your skin is a gatekeeper, it segregates your trillion beautiful human cells (and symbiotic (meaning working with you to survive) bacteria, yeast, viral and many other organisms that exist to keep you alive and thriving), from the external environment. It protects you, it’s your first line of defence. It helps you to breathe, it also eliminates waste. Like the liver and kidneys, your skin is one of the major waste elimination organs of your body. So, if you have any skin conditions, this is your body trying to help you. It’s showing you that you are putting so many toxins into your body that it has to switch on this elimination system to get rid of them, and then we view this genius system as your body being “broken”. It’s not. What’s broken is your ability to see your involvement in your own toxicity. The skin absorbs nutrients and eliminates toxins all day every day for your benefit. It gives you information about your environment, heat, special awareness, even “Spidey sensors” that we call intuition. Everything that comes in contact with your skin has an impact on your body. What do you choose to put on your skin? Is it helpful or is it harmful? Look at the chemicals in the products you are choosing to put on your skin. What does that number on the back of the bottle actually mean? What is that colorant, fragrance etc? What does that chemical do to your beautiful cells? We lather these things on unconsciously all day, everyday and we often never take a moment to think how these chemicals affect our body and our health. Make up, nail polish, hair dye, shampoo, body cream, perfumes, patches. If you don’t think these little things add up to big deals, then you are blinded by your ignorance. It’s overwhelming at times, I know, but simply eliminating some of these daily chemicals can make massive improvements in your health. So, what’s that information worth to you? Enough to make you think? Enough to make you act?

I could go on about all the different things that affect your health, lord knows I’ve mastered it by now, however this chapter is about food. Or what we call food, which is actually non-food. Most of what we are choosing to eat is non-food. That means, the body doesn’t recognise it as something it can use for healing and repair. More than that, it actively sees it as a threat. Why? Because it is. These chemicals kill your cells. Your body has minutes (even seconds in some cases) to mitigate the constant threats that you are ingesting. If you ingest something that changes your pH, you would die in minutes if your body didn’t equalize the threat. This attack takes up energy. Not only that, you introduce toxins that cause the cells mechanisms to dysfunction. Their ability to regulate their environment, repair, replicate, produce the needed hormones or proteins for you to function as the human you want to function like. Your body is constantly eliminating all threats. Not only does it have to do that, your body can only build with the materials you are giving it. If you give a builder plywood, then it only has that to build a house with. If you give it marble, then it has better material and can build a better house. Your body is your house. You take it with you everywhere and it’s in a constant state of building, tearing down and rebuilding. There’s no need for disease. Only a very small percentage of people (roughly 6%⁶) are born with genetic protein deficiencies that cause disease. That means, most people (94%!!) create their disease because of their ignorance. That’s not the same thing as saying “you’re dumb”. I wasn’t dumb when I created my diseases, I was brainwashed. I was ignorant. But as soon as I became aware, I began to make different choices that lead to my being able to heal myself. This is possible for most people (the massive 94% of you!). It comes down to how your body is able to cope with what you are giving it. Are you bombarding it with toxins or are you giving it “marble” to build with?

Food. A trillion dollar industry. What does it sell? Ironically, mostly non-food. When you eat something packaged, it is processed. What does that mean? There has been something that has been done to it to make it “last longer” or “taste better”. It’s a “process” that they do to food to change it so that they can sell more of it. That’s as simple as it gets. But what does that mean to you and your body? When you put something processed into your body, your cells can now no longer recognise it. All of biology, every single living thing in the entire Universe (that we know of for now) is made of the same biological matter. There’s only a handful of building blocks, 4 actually - adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine - that make up every living thing. That’s it. Throw in a handful of proteins that are made from these 4 chemicals, and a couple of chemical reactions and that creates what we know as “life”. When we ingest something that makes sense, meaning it comes from living tissue in its original form found in nature, the body knows what to do with it. It can detoxify it and more importantly, break it down and use it for its own purposes, ie, to build a better you. But when we process these things, we change the structure and chemicals in the things we ingest. The body no longer recognises it or knows how to use it properly. So, it does the best it can with it. Most of the time it needs to get that crap out of your body as fast as it can before it causes too much damage. Often, we are pumping these chemicals into our body so fast that it really doesn’t have a chance to catch up, so it starts to store it in the safety of fat cells to deal with later, when the conveyor belt of crap slows down. But it never slows down! So, it just does it’s best with what you keep giving it. Eventually the systems begin to wear and deteriorate and we call that disease. Why does it put toxins into fat cells? Because we don’t break down fat cells readily. It’s a safe way to store toxins so it can be pulled out later and dealt with. If you fast for a while, all the fat cells are finally mobilized as the conveyor belt of crap comes to a halt, allowing space for “spring cleaning”. As there are now no new toxins coming in, the body will start to look at the toxins they have been storing to eliminate, waiting for this exact moment. It will break them down and release the toxins to be dealt with by the “de-toxification” (or detox) mechanisms of the body. If you don’t know what you’re doing and you fast after a long time of ingesting toxins, you can actually become really ill, it’s called a “healing crisis”. This is why people that are very ill and hold a lot of toxic fat, who fast, without supervision of a professional, can even end up dying from the release of these toxins all at once. That’s how poisonous this non-food is!

How much non-food do you choose to put inside your body everyday? Despite this insane consumption, our bodies survive! They certainly don’t thrive, as the disease and illness of this world has gone through the roof, however they do survive. They keep our heart ticking along, our brain firing, our lungs breathing, our cells repairing, DESPITE getting poisoned every time we put these toxins in our mouth. THAT’S HOW AMAZING YOUR BODY IS! It’s also why you can heal so fast. Your body works for you every second of every day. It’s always trying to find a way to support you, even if you do everything humanly possible to kill it. Let that sink in.

Let’s get into why these non-foods exist and then we’ll end with what you can do to take back your power and heal your body. Part one was a confronting look at the mass corruption this world is currently in. This isn’t a new thing, from roughly the 1700s (as far as my research has uncovered, however it could be longer), the families that ruled the world have grown steadily more powerful and during the age of anti-privacy, have actually managed to hide quite well in the shadows. These families were noted as being massive influences to the top corporations that own most of the biggest businesses in the world that control everything from what we wear, what we watch, what medicines we use and what we eat. There’s no “conspiracy theory,” this is facts that anyone with an internet connection can easily fact check. Who owns most of these things? Three major companies come up time and time again - Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street. Let’s look at the major shareholders of Pepsico, this is the company that holds a lot of the non-foods that the world consumes. This includes:

And who owns the majority shares?

This is not rocket science. This is simple research. Let’s look at some big non-food companies and who are the major players.




Now, who would profit from you eating this non-food and becoming ill? I guess, we should look at who’s the major shareholders of the pharmaceutical companies to find out?





Want to see something really interesting? You know all those health care professionals who are “learning” about health? Let’s see who owns them, shall we?


I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

It’s all there in black and white - there are only a select handful of companies (and thus people) that manipulate and control everything - from what you eat, to what you watch, to how you’re treated in the medical field, to what you wear, to how you socially connect on anti-social media, to how you travel, etc. All you have to do is a VERY basic search and the facts are in your face. I show you this information, not to overwhelm you but to empower you. Without awareness, you are a sheep to the slaughter, blindly going down the factory chain to be an economic pinata. It’s not like they are force feeding you this non-food (yet). What you chose to put into and onto your body is your choice - for now. Make sure you pay attention to what you’re choosing. It’s the little things that can make a big difference! Shall we make a plan of some simple “action steps” you can take right now to improve your health?

Choosing food over non-food

How can we consciously stop playing the game these controlling entities (I’ll call them B3, Big Three, from now on, however I’m referring to the three major companies that hold most of the stocks, as well as any other political, governmental or private parties- aka the very small 1% of the 1% that control the majority of everything - when I say B3). The first thing you must do in order to help yourself is to acknowledge that if you have any type of illness or condition that you can somehow see this non-food cycle has been a part of, is to take 100% responsibility for creating it. I didn’t say blame, I said responsibility. That’s a big difference. Taking responsibility means that I know that I didn’t know enough. I know (or now know) that I was getting manipulated by B3 to buy their -products. I know that it was a designed system to make it easy and affordable for me to consume large amounts of non-food. I know that it was my choice and my choice alone that put that toxic material in and on my body, even if I didn't know at the time what it was doing to me. By knowing this is where you are, you will now be able to consciously decide where you’re going. Taking 100% responsibility for where you are means taking back 100% of your power and taking back your control to change it. Without taking on 100% responsibility, it is like saying, “that thing made me feel/act/have XYZ.” As long as that’s true for you then you have voluntarily given your power over to that thing. I acknowledge that I was manipulated by the B3 to learn in a system of corruption, which is harmful for my body. I was marketed to and I was brainwashed and I chose not to question. I just followed the pied piper all the way to the hospital. Yes, I felt used and ashamed and stupid and resentful and angry and all these other emotions, however at the end of the day if you choose to feel that way, then you’re just sick and you feel emotionally unwell. Another choice and it’s all yours, but does it serve you? So awareness, without blame, shame or resentment, is key. I know it sounds easy to just say “don’t blame or resent” anyone or anything for where you are, especially if where you are is a state of being that is painful. I was very ill and it was hard for me to even live a single day without anxiety, pain and depression, so I understand. However, if you don’t get control of the way you think and thus feel, you give your control (and power) to others. I do courses on taking back this control, if you need help, then find them on my website,

You are where you are. Such a simple statement and yet really important. Many people want to beat up on themselves because of where they’ve been, yet that's unnecessary energy because you can’t change what was. The only power you have is in the now. It’s the power to decide what you are going to choose to think about and focus your energy on. If you choose to focus your energy on the past then you have already lost. You have given all your power to something you can’t control. That’s not to say you can’t ever think about the past, especially if thinking of the past makes you happy (like remembering good times), however focusing too much of your energy on it is a waste of your power in the now. It really doesn't matter how or why you got where you are today. It matters a lot where you want to go. If you don’t want to simply repeat the past, then all you have to do is something different than what you did to create your past. You might have to think about it for a minute, however you don’t need to annalyse it too hard because it's actually very simple.. If you don’t like where you currently are in life, that means that, in the past, you made choices out of fear that made you act in certain ways that led you to a mediocre life. They could have been simple choices, like screaming at a loved one and then they got hit by a bus and now you feel guilty, or they could have been profound, like choosing to eat, drink and toxify your body and now you have cancer. It doesn’t matter why or how you got to where you are, you are doing fine because as long as you are willing to pay attention to your focus moving forward, you will have the conscious power to create a future that you prefer. There’s no point in blame, as we’ve discussed, however you must take responsibility for where you are. Then you must become very clear on where you want to go. From now on, rather than focusing on what you don’t want, you must become a master at focusing on what you do want. More importantly, you must begin to fully understand why you want these things and ask yourself if they are coming from a place of fear or love. Sounds a little off topic from “food” doesn’t it? But it’s not really. Why are people fat when they say they want to be thin? It’s a simple formula: eat healthy and exercise. Everyone knows what they need to do, so why don’t they just do it? When I was overweight I would ask myself the same question, why don’t I just stop eating crap and start eating good food? But it’s not that easy. Even if you know “how”, without control of your mindset, you end up self sabotaging every time.

Taking back control of your mindset starts with finding your personalized, compelling reason to change from where you are to where you want to go. Whether that means sick to healthy, poor to rich, hateful to loving or even as simple as overweight to slim. Without a clear “why”, you have little hope of achieving what you want. More so, if your “why” is rooted in fear, rather than love, even if you do achieve it, you will still feel miserable. For example, if you just want to get slim so you look good, that’s a reason based from fear. Fear of judgment of others, that you’re not good enough the way you are and need to be different etc. Since that is never true, this will not inspire your inner guidance to help you because your inner guidance knows you are perfect just as you are. Even if you do end up losing weight, you will always feel lacking and not good enough because that is what you have been practicing on your way to your goal. If you want to lose weight so you can feel more energy, so you can do more of the things you love with those you love, that is a true want that stems from love because you are acknowledging that you are worth enough to feel good and to get the body that can help you do more of what you want. This will serve you because it is true, you are worthy of feeling good, and your inner guidance will intuitively lead you to what you want. It’s a subtle change but a profound one and it makes all the difference. This is why I’ve devoted my time to teaching people how to take back control of their minds. It’s, in my opinion, the most important thing you need to master in your life before you can get anything else you want. What’s more, when you understand how your mind works, then you can use it to help you get where you want to go easier and faster.

Now we circle back to food, or rather non-food. How much food vs non-food do you consume everyday? Every time you put something in your mouth, it’s an opportunity to heal or harm your own body. If you were to be 100% honest with yourself, how often do you harm your body? We might be able to justify it with excuses, saying things like, “I’m not as bad as that person,” or “It’s only once a day,” however these little things add up. If you have anything in your physical body that is not working as well as you believe it could, then there is an opportunity to change a behaviour that could result in your wellbeing. It could be as simple as switching a second coffee over to a herbal tea or even just a glass of water. It’s so simple and it really is that easy, however I know, sadly, many people that are sick will simply not do it. It will come down to their why. If their why is not compelling enough, if they don't believe they are worth good health, for whatever reason, even if they are not consciously aware of what that reason is, they will be sick for the rest of their lives.. But I believe that they don’t have to be. They could make the choice right now. If you’re feeling you can relate and would like help on how to do this, then below are some simple ways to start. The most important thing to know is that even one simple change, practiced consistently, can lead to massive improvements in your health.You don’t have to cut out everything all at once if you don’t want to, for most, that is too much. However, there are things you can do that are simple and easy and will change your life.

Where to start? Hack #1- Substitution

I don’t believe in cutting out anything unless it is particularly toxic. That would include toxic poisonous drugs and chemicals such as alcohol. I love my wine, however when push comes to shove, alcohol is one of the most toxic poisons we consume constantly. There’s a reason it’s so freely accessible and widely advertised, the B3 wants you to consume this. It causes cancer¹, brain damage², inflammation³, mood disturbances⁴, sleeping issues⁵ and the list goes on and on. There are no benefits, besides mood alteration where people feel slightly better initially, followed by mood disturbances where they will then feel much worse for days, weeks or even months afterwards. This is a toxic drug, it pains me to say because I do love my wine, but there is no reason we should ingest it if we’re looking purely at our health. I would also recommend that you review your pharmaceutical medications with a health professional that you trust to create a plan of how to heal the core root of the issue (that you are currently “treating” with these medicines) so you can safely come off then once you no longer need the drug (because you are healed).

Mostly, I recommend substitution rather than cold-turkey cutting things out. Why? Because it’s easier and also it replaces the behaviour habit, which is often more addictive than whatever it is you're consuming. Some simple swaps that I did initially include:

  • Processed sugars with honey and maple syrup

  • Second ++ cups of coffee with herbal tea

  • Rice with cauliflower rice

  • Pasta with zucchini pasta

  • Crackers and store-bought dip with cut up mushrooms (that I used as crackers) and homemade dip (not full of processed chemicals and toxic vegetable oils)

  • Gluten free options

  • Dairy free options

You will know what you do and what your weaknesses are. I was never particularly a sweet tooth, so cutting down on obvious sugars was easy for me, however savoury, which contain A LOT of hidden processed sugars, where my challenge. As you can see from the list above, I had a lot of rice, pasta and crackers. These were my comfort foods, so I had to find alternatives because I would ingest them often. I would also drink a lot of coffee (when I was a pharmacist, I would drink 5-6 a day!), so I had to find substitutes. I’ve currently had to cut alcohol out, which for me was challenging. Not that I drank a lot, however I enjoyed my wine with a nice dinner out or a champagne to celebrate an achievement. Currently I don’t have the energy in my body to deal with this additional toxin so I’ve chosen to cut this out. For me, I won’t drink anything other than black coffee or soda water, so when I’m at a nice restaurant, now I just get soda water. It sounds bleak, I’ll admit and at first I found it a challenge, however I think to myself when I crave a glass, why am I choosing to stop drinking it right now? That’s when your “why” has to be valid and strong enough, because in that moment, your mind will make up every reason in the world for you to go back to doing whatever you did before. It’s comfortable. But nothing changes if nothing changes. You have to ask yourself, “how important is my health to me and why is it that important?”

My “why” is very clear. I enjoy uplifting and inspiring people, from yourself, to my beloved family and even myself. When I’m rundown I’m no good to anyone. I have only enough energy to survive, not to thrive. I can do the bare minimum to get through the day and that’s not my purpose. If I have to cancel a talk or event, it physically pains me because I want this information to go out into the world so people can take back their power and create more abundance, joy and satisfaction in their lives. I love having the energy to do the little things that make my partner feel loved and special, to pop over to my parents and bring them some joy, to visit with my friends and make them laugh. All of this, when you are not at your best, must be put aside and for me, that is not the life I want to live. You must ask yourself what’s really important in your life. Is it being the best mother or father that you can be? Is it leading a successful business and supporting your team? Is it creating massive uplifting change in this life? Whatever it is, you must be clear of what it is and why it’s important to you. This will make decisions like swapping wine to soda water very easy. In fact, in the light of my “why” it is almost a joke that I would have found it challenging to do. But the truth is, in the moment, when the temptation is there and the habits have been practiced for a while (sometimes years or a lifetime), that’s when the clear “why” must be consciously acknowledged.

Hack #2 - Plan

They say if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. This is true, however many people don’t fully appreciate why this is true. Our brains are intelligent and highly efficient. If we do something repetitively, then our subconscious will start to make it automated to allow your conscious mind to focus on something new. That’s why when we learnt to drive, at first it was very difficult to pay attention to everything and yet now most of us can drive and we are off in “la la land.” Automation is essential, however we automate everything, including the things you might now want to change, such as what you eat. In fact, most humans eat the same thing day in and day out. Think about what you eat. I bet it’s only a mix of 10-20 things. That’s normal. So, to make a healthy habit is actually really easy - IF YOU PLAN. All you need to do is make a new plan, consciously stick to it for a few weeks until it becomes the new automatic habit. Then, it takes no effort at all and you’ve just upskilled yourself to become healthier. It really is that easy. You could do this with your diet, however you can do this with whatever you want. Your finances, your exercise, your relationships. You could plan to do something that would benefit yourself in any of these areas and then all you have to do is make yourself do it (using your “why” to inspire you) for a few weeks and then it will become the new normal.

Here’s what I did with my food. Since we only ever eat the same things over and over again, I looked at what I was eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I decided whether it was a toxin or a benefit for my body. Then, I either swapped it out or kept it, depending on my evaluation. Once that was done, I created three healthy options, that I would enjoy eating (this is equally important, you can’t eat something you actively hate, that’s not living), for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Identify what you’re commonly eating and say “is this a toxin, or is this a benefit for my body?” Sometimes it’s beneficial to talk about why this is so important with those you love so they can help and support you. Also, you might inspire them to join you on your health journey, which would benefit everyone - CAUTION: Don’t try and force anyone to do anything, their journey (no matter how much you love them) is NOT your responsibility. Allow yourself to take responsibility for yourself and through your loving example, others will often follow.

  2. PLAN three healthy options for breakfast, that you enjoy eating and that would start you off to a good day. Do this for lunch and dinner too. Three options for each meal gives you a good starting platform and you can always swap or change them later.

  3. Eliminate what you no longer want to eat. Clearing your environment just helps you make this transition a lot easier.

  4. Start immediately. If you ate a horrible breakfast, that doesn’t mean the “day is a write off.” You can always start wherever you are. You could start in the middle of a meal! Each bite is an opportunity to change. Start rethinking your beliefs.

That’s it. That is some really important information that I’ve shared with you and I truly hope that everyone reading this will make at least one conscious decision to help themselves. Just one small change can make profound differences. A small change in your thinking can create a small change in your actions, which can make a huge change in your life.

As always, sending you heaps of love,

Ze Winters.


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