Corrupt - Part 1

Part 1 - The tapestry starts to unravel

We’ve seen the biggest global corruption against humanity over the last two years. A genius set up and a huge push to create a domino effect of manipulation, illness and control. Under the guise of “health interests,” it’s blatant control tactics have gone almost entirely unchallenged. This cancer has spread to many areas globally. Commercialism, low self worth, government infiltration, total media and entertainment control, a sickness industry worth trillions of dollars and so on. It starts in your living room, you switch on your TV and mentally check out. We need it because we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re broken and not good enough. False beliefs like this are painful and toxic. As we are unaware we have even created them, taught to discredit our emotions and even be ashamed of them, we look to numb them out as an appropriate solution. Rather than challenge why you feel poorly, discover a false belief and rectify the root of the problem, these numbing agents allow us to expand and strengthen our false beliefs. This cycle strengthens the agenda of corruption and population control.

If you need proof of whether or not you are part of this hidden, toxic system, then simply ask yourself, “am I truly happy?” It’s an uncomfortable question because what if the answer is no? Then what? Then we’d have to acknowledge that what we’re choosing to do in our lives is not good for us. Then an even more challenging dilemma - will I just acknowledge this and go on to purposely and consciously harm myself, which is in many ways the easiest option, or do I change?

Change is scary. It’s unknown. In some ways we like the unknown because it gives us variety and interesting new experiences, however for most people, it’s wholly uncomfortable. But when we change, then things change. Simple. Just as, if nothing changes, nothing changes. Obvious, yet totally significant for our current situation. If we do not change, we will continue down a path where there is more poverty, disease, war, depression and more of those willing to take advantage of you and others left vulnerable in the world.

So, let's say we see our current state is not good. Most of us do you know. If you’re reading this then I can wager that you’re aware our world is in turmoil. Our outer world is simply an expression of our inner world. We are all in chaos. I’ve recognised this for a while now within myself and others. Like a lot of people, I realised this global corruption through hardship and pain. Working in the medical industry for many years, was at the top of my field. However, my awakening came as my body deteriorated. I was riddled with chronic disease including cervical arthritis, alopecia areata, hypothyroidism, asthma, eczema, depression, cystic rhinitis and arrhythmia. It was ironic that I worked as a Pharmacist at the time in what I thought was a medical system built for health care, when in fact it is simply an industry of sickness, it's the “sickness industry,” and I was the perfect consumer. It was quite clear I was only getting sicker within the system. The daily pain from the arthritis; the fear of suffocation as asthma and nasal blockages threatened to flare up at any time; The embarrassment as I lost my hair and the scars on my legs from the eczema got worse and worse. After 10 years of illness I finally decided to try something new. I left the sickness industry and started to study alternative healing. I healed myself entirely in only 8 months. I was shocked at how quickly the body could heal after so long in a state of disease. Diseases that I was told were irreversible and chronic, only to get worse. But it wasn't just the relief from illness that I gained from this experience, it revealed the toxic and manipulative industry that has enveloped the world. The pharmaceutical industry is a multi TRILLION dollar industry. That's with a “T”! That’s just including the sales of drugs and medical devices, not to mention the millions of jobs it creates - reps, scientists and researchers, academic teachers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, radiologists, phlebotomists, specialists and the list goes on and on. How have they managed to blindly lead us to believe they stand for health? When you begin to tug on this thread, you find a complex web that stretches across all areas of our life. It can be overwhelming at first. But I've never been afraid of standing up for what I believe in (well, actually, it was terrifying, however if I feel something is unethical and harming people, then how could I not say anything?!). So here I went - I began to tug on the thread. And there it was. The pharmaceutical industry who profit on the sale of their medication and medical devices are the ones doing the research to prove that their products work. I was a researcher for years before I was a pharmacist - I should have seen it so clearly. But sometimes we don’t see what’s so obvious in front of us. It costs millions of dollars to do this type of research, who can afford to test in a true study, unbiased, when they stand to gain NO financial benefits? So, these studies are published and show “enough” evidence to secure their place in the medical system. Then they educate the staff that will work as their little minions selling their goods. All doctors, nurses and pharmacists (and many other healthcare professionals) are specifically trained in a one-sided, biased way of treating humans. It’s no secret (although many still don’t really know about this) that during the early 1900s Rockefeller, who teamed up with Andrew Carnegie, changed medical education practices all over the world. Before this time, many natural healing modalities were routinely taught in the medical schools, however with a lot of money to influence change and conformity (which is how the corrupt elite tend to control and manipulate), soon the medical system was constricted only to teach about certain treatments that met very specific guidelines. No longer was there a diverse and natural ethos to health, now it was all a “pill for an ill” approach. And who owned most of the profits from these pills? Do I really need to spell it out? I was never taught in my 8 years of University education to ask “WHY” a person was sick. That’s not part of the agenda. That would mean pulling the thread and they don’t want you to pull the thread. They want you to blindly follow, to be a slave to the system. So instead you’re taught that this is the illness and this is the pill or medical intervention to treat it.

We’ve been throwing millions into researching the “cure” to this and that but it will never happen because where’s the profit in the cure? The most horrible thing about all of this is that there are probably millions of people like me. People who have cured themselves of disease. But why don't we hear about it? When I healed my body, when I got quantitative evidence, blood tests, x-rays, EKGs, MRIs to show I was healed, I thought, “Am I the only one? Am I special?” But I found out it was quite the opposite. There are so many people that have written books, made podcasts, done talks, tours and workshops on how they did the same. I was shocked! How is this not international news?? In the medical industry, they all say we want to help people, yet why is this healing not investigated? Not broadcast on every news station across the world? This question really kept me up at night. I wanted to assume it was because it was rare, I was just special. But it’s not true. I’m not special and self healing is not rare. So what the F*ck was going on?!

Pull the thread - I dare you.

Why wouldn't every news station air these healings all day every day? You can heal yourself! I know why the medical industry would go to length to make sure no one knows this, including their little minions - the healthcare workers, which is why I was NEVER taught this in Uni. In fact I was taught exactly the opposite. That when you were broken, then it got worse. And when you ask why we say BS like “its genetic,” or “it’s old age.” That’s a lie.

If you want more information on this, read about Epigenetics. Dr Bruce Lipton has a great book on this (there are heaps around, however I will list some people I personally trust and recommend), The Biology of Belief. Look up Louise Hay, who started Hayhouse publishing company, one of the largest publishing houses in the world specializing in wellness. Look up Dr Joe Dispenza, whose work is outstanding and has many of our core fundamental wellness staples, such as mindset, meditation and visualisation and their relation to healing (often disregarded by the “medical industry”) backed by credible and statistically significant research.

I understand healthcare workers don’t tell you this, but it’s not because they are evil or corrupt, it’s because they don't know! They believe the false story they’re taught in their expensive universities. I know in my case, all I wanted to do was help people. I studied hard and got multiple degrees, published in scientific journals, got my Honours and completed my Masters. To find out that not only was I part of this corrupt system that not only doesn’t support healing, but in fact actively harms people, was devastating! I won’t lie, it took many years to forgive myself for my ignorance and part in this corrupt system. Not only to find out that I was an active part in that system in terms of propagating it to others, but that my illness was inconsequential, that I was just a number and money piñata to the corrupt few that rule the system and gain from my sickness. Not only discovering that I could heal my body, which was a huge revaluation, however just the start of my journey! Now what will I do for employment? I studied my whole life to land in a place that I was horrified to discover was corrupt and harmful. I refused to be a part of that system any longer. Can you imagine finding yourself in that situation? Maybe you have? I was fearful. What will I do now? I even tried to convince myself that I was overreacting, that it’s not as bad as I’m making it out just to try and convince myself that maybe I could go back into the industry and take back my 6-figure job, my status, my security. However, when you see it, you can’t un-see it. And morally, I knew I couldn’t do it. But then it brought me back to my question, “why weren't these self-healing stories all over the media?”

I told you I’m not special, right? My healing is not a miracle, I’m not the “chosen one.” I’m entirely normal. I’m just like you. That’s really powerful. It means anyone can do what I did. If you’re currently ill, it means YOU can do what I did (stay tuned, in future chapters I’ll be outlining HOW I did it). But it doesn’t answer the question, “why don’t we hear about this?” It’s actually really simple, however it took me a while to believe it. Look who owns the media. Look at the major investors. It’s often tiresome to dig into the details of the corporations that hold the major shares within different sectors, and then to further trickle down to who controls those companies, but if you do the work it actually becomes super simple and obvious. In our world there are only a handful (and I do mean a handful!) of corporations that own our pharmaceutical industry, food industry, media companies and the tech industry. About 6-10 major players, in a world of roughly 8 BILLION people! But you don’t have to dig and do all the work, there are so many people aware of this fact now and are making it public. This short video is brilliant and really highlights the monopoly of what I’m talking about -

It’s worth a watch, after all, especially if you waste time watching their media outlets or use their tech platforms everyday anyway. And if you watch Disney, Netflix, use Facebook or Instagram, eat anything from Nestle, Coke Cola etc, then you’re paying these same corporations time and time again, so why not invest a little of that time to become aware of just how monopolized our world is? Most people might not even bother, not because they don’t believe it, but because they know it’s true. Why would they then not want to investigate? Same reason as before, it can be overwhelming. You might start to think, “what’s the point?!” You might even begin to feel helpless as the enormity comes to light. So, let me tell you why it's so vitally important that you don’t just ignore this information.

They say that information is power, however that’s actually rubbish. As Tony Robbins says, “Information is only POTENTIAL power.” If you don’t act on the information, then what’s the power in it? Then you might say, “exactly! I don’t want to act on anything!” You might not be ready to take any action right now, or ever, and that’s entirely up to you. But not knowing only makes the blows later much worse. You would have heard people say, “that came out of nowhere!” But what they’re actually saying is, “I’m totally oblivious to my reality.” The sad truth is that often they don’t even know that they are the ones holding themselves in oblivion! Have you fallen victim to this phenomenon? Did the COVID pandemic and all its subsequent restrictions and removal of personal freedom shock you? It did for me! And I’ve been aware of a lot of what’s going on in the world for some time now, I just didn’t realise the full extent. That’s intentional oblivion! All the information is right there in front of us and what’s more, it’s actually pretty easy to fact check and discover. It might feel good to be in lala land for a while, but when others start taking your, and your loved ones, freedoms away, then it feels a whole lot worse when you didn’t even see it coming! That’s how I felt when I initially discovered the pharmaceutical deception almost ten years ago. Having devoted my life to the industry, I was shocked to find out it was a system set up to profitise from the ill. I was disgusted that I was a pawn in their scheme, I was disgusted in the system and more, I was disgusted in my blindness to it. I felt used and I felt stupid. It was so obvious after the fact, but that’s what oblivion does to you. The truth is, if I was aware, I could have made different choices. If I chose to stay in the industry, then I would not be so shocked to see more people getting sicker and sicker than ever before. I wouldn’t have been shocked when instead of finding cures they found more long-term treatments for disease. I wouldn’t be shocked when our way of dealing with a toxic effect from the medications people are taking just resulted in our prescribing other drugs to combat the initial toxic drug effects. And did you notice that they market it as a “side-effect.” This is not an accident. They’re really clued in on manipulation and psychology. “Oh don’t worry about that risk of spontaneous heart attack, that’s only a teeny tiny “side-effect” from the painkillers you’re taking for your arthritis pain killers” - this is actually based on studies from CelebrexⓇ, I couldn’t even over exaggerate if I tried! (Araujo LF, Soeiro Ade M, Fernandes Jde L, Serrano Júnior CV. Eventos cardiovasculares: um efeito de classe dos inibidores de COX-2 [Cardiovascular events: a class effect by COX-2 inhibitors]. Arq Bras Cardiol. 2005 Sep;85(3):222-9. Portuguese. doi: 10.1590/s0066-782x2005001600016. Epub 2005 Sep 29. PMID: 16200274.

Solomon SD, McMurray JJ, Pfeffer MA, Wittes J, Fowler R, Finn P, Anderson WF, Zauber A, Hawk E, Bertagnolli M; Adenoma Prevention with Celecoxib (APC) Study Investigators. Cardiovascular risk associated with celecoxib in a clinical trial for colorectal adenoma prevention. N Engl J Med. 2005 Mar 17;352(11):1071-80. doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa050405. Epub 2005 Feb 15. PMID: 15713944.)

Actually, if you think I’m joking, take a look at what the drug companies HAVE to tell you their drugs can do to you! It’s in what’s called a CMI, or Consumer Medication Information. This legally has to be accessible to all patients (at least for now!). Celebrex is just an anti-inflammatory (great marketing once again, don’t you think? “Anti-inflammatory,” it’s brilliant, they advertise right in the description of their drug), similar to Nurofen. So you get a little niggle of pain, just take this toxic poison, that will make the pain go away. Don’t worry that you might get hearing loss, or sudden loss of consciousness, or even “severe stomach or throat pain, vomiting blood or black sticky bowel motions.” Sounds delightful! Extract of the actual CMI below. And this is just the “side - effects” from a little anti-inflammatory drug. Want to take a look at what the drugs you’re taking can do to your body? It’s all available on the TGA website -

No one asks, “why do you have pain?” Why do you get arthritis, or stomach issues, or skin problems, or breathing difficulties, or hormonal issues, or mental issues, or heart conditions, or… actually this list could go on forever. If you believe the false story that it’s your genetics or just old age, then what you’re saying is that “you have no power to change your circumstances.” And that means, that’s absolutely true for you. That will be exactly what will happen to you, you won’t be able to change your circumstances. But if you no longer want to buy into that BS narrative, then you have to start asking yourself better questions. My favorite is, “what if?” What if you COULD heal your body? That question changed my life! If you honestly believe there is nothing you can do to heal, then you won’t take actions that are different to the actions that created the disease in the first place. It would be like saying, if you believe you can’t fly, then you wouldn’t jump off a 50 story building. That makes total sense when the belief serves you, however when you have a belief like, “I can’t heal my body,” then does that really serve you? You can’t just believe you can heal straight away, especially if you’ve held a belief that you couldn’t heal for many years (or even a lifetime). However, you can say “what IF I could heal?” That’s a powerful question. Sound’s simple, but it’s not always easy. I totally understand, I’ve lived it. But there you are, it really is up to you. I’ll get into how you can change these limiting beliefs in other chapters. For now, I really want to open your eyes to the corruption and overwhelming manipulation that the few have over us, the many. We need to become aware. We need to open our eyes and our hearts. In order to discover a solution, we must first become aware of the problem. It’s not about becoming overwhelmed, that’s not helpful to anyone! It’s about becoming aware. Once you’re aware, you will be able to work together with others who are also aware in order to find a solution that benefits the many! You’ll be able to help me, someone who loves myself and all others. I believe in humanity, I believe in you. Although I know that we all have different beliefs, wants, passions and motivations, at our core, I believe humanity is good and loving. That’s why there are billions of us living together on this Earth and despite the large numbers, the majority of us live in peaceful harmony together. I mean, look around right now, aren’t you in peaceful harmony right now? Unless you’re getting bombed, or beaten, or savaged (often the result of restricted freedoms caused by the elites control that have lead to seemingly hopeless situations, including poverty, fear and war), you’re like most people, relatively safe. Yet we often make a mental prison for ourselves, I know because the stats don’t lie. There are more people living with mental illness now than ever before in history. So for now I’ll leave you with this - there are a few people in this world who are taking advantage of the majority's ignorance, are you going to be one of those ignorant many, or are you going to take the time to pull on the thread?

Until next time,

Sending you all lots of love


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