Copy of Mini Life Transformations - Simple. Easy. Fast - The practice of self love

Love is the most beautiful and powerful energy in the Universe. Loving yourself is the easiest transformation of all. Why? Because you are so loveable! It's so important that you see and feel love for yourself, not only because it feels amazing for you to acknowledge your true worth, but also because it will allow you to accept more love from others and share more love too.

Remember, a transformation doesn't have to be dramatic in order to be amazing. It can result from a series of small, consciously intended changes to your daily habit that, over time, creates massive improvements to your life.

So today, make your intention to begin to love yourself more - consciously. We want our "love tank" to be overflowing. Why? So we have more to offer others! Think about it, you cant give from an empty vessel. Think to a moment in time where you just felt fabulous. You looked great, you had heaps of energy and you were just in a "good mood." If someone got in your way when you were in this state, even if that someone was a complete stranger, we would probably just laugh and say, "no worries!" and even though it was an awkward encounter, for some reason, both parties walk away feeling great! No, think back to a time where you were depleted, where you were tiered and run down. Now lets say that someone comes up to you and asks you something simple, even sweet, maybe it was even someone you truly loved. And you bit their head off!! They leave with their shoulders slumped and their head hanging low and you feel like a horrible person, guilty and upset. Now, this is actually not your fault. You only gave what you had and unfortunately you let your tank run so low that there wasn't anything more than frustration or anger left. So, we want our tank to by overflowing, not just because if feels great for ourselves, but because we want to shower love, appreciation and joy over others too.

It's important to note here that self love is not the same as "loving yourself" in the sense of egotistical narcissism. In a narcissistic way, "loving ourselves" comes from fear, not love. Fear of judgement or other and so we "love ourselves" with the undercurrent energy saying "I'm better than someone else." This is never true. We are all different and unique AND we are all equal. To truly love yourself, you can feel the absolute appreciation for all other people in this Universe too and will only be able to offer them love, as you offer it authentically to yourself.

So how can we top up our tank super fast? One way is simple mirror work. Popularized back in the 80s and 90s by Louise Hay, this simple exercise can have profoundly beneficial results and fast! Simply go to the mirror and look yourself dead in the eyes and say, "I love you!" It may make you feel silly or even quite uncomfortable at first. Just allow the feelings to be, without judgement or trying to change them. However, if you commit to doing this simple and easy practice every single day, then believe me, magic starts to happen. You will start to feel more worthy of accepting love, more joyful, more accepting of others and generally more uplifted. What an amazing result for such little effort. Whats more, like any habit, the more we do it, the easier it becomes! Soon it will be so automated that every time you pass anything even remotely reflective, you're looking at yourself all loved up and saying, "God dam you sexy beast! I fricken love you!"

With love, Ze Winters Master Energy Guidance - PT for your soul

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