Can you talk yourself happy?

Your words are a powerful indicator of your energetic impact on the world. They can highlight internal beliefs, give strength and power as well as harm and destroy. You are a powerful being and what you think matters. In fact, it matters a lot because, what you think creates your reality. Your thoughts can make you feel amazing or they can make you feel like a failure. The issue is, many people think thoughts as a reaction to what they are observing. If a child observes a parent telling them that they are, "a piece of shit," then what is to stop them downloading that as "fact" and thus reality. The issue with this, apart from it feeling horrible to believe, is that if this thought is practiced often enough, it can become a subconscious belief that ends up playing out later in life. Often these kinds of subconscious, or hidden, beliefs act out in our adult life as self-sabotaging behavior. Its when you want that new promotion and say to yourself, "I wont get it anyway, so why bother applying." Or worse! You create elaborate, even mildly plausible, excuses as to why you cant apply. It doesn't matter if your excuses are obvious or subtle, the end result is the same - you hold yourself apart from something you really want. All because of some bullshit belief that was downloaded as a small child.

We can see bullshit beliefs playing out in all sorts of ways, we are always updating and pushing through them as we grow, however there are some that seem to "stick" more than others. It's the famous actor with fame and millions, who cant seem to find love. Its the couple, who are madly in love and married their high-school sweetheart, who are always broke. It's the successful woman, with the career, relationship and the money, who cant seem to control her weight. It comes out in different areas of our life and its different for each of us. The main areas our limiting beliefs seems to influence include finances, career, relationships and health and whats more, it seems to bounce from one area to another throughout our life.

It's not really known why some of these limiting, bullshit beliefs would be more affecting on some areas of life than others, and it doesn't really matter. As long as there is a block, there will be a limitation. The thing with limiting beliefs, bullshit beliefs, are that we are always overcoming them to some extent, we know how much by what physical reality we have manifested. If we have had a bullshit belief that has lead to us being financially limited, then we suddenly see our finances flowing, then we have removed the block. This doesn't mean we've done it for good - this is why multimillionaires that were once broke and then gain millions can sometimes, all of a sudden, lose everything. If overcoming the limiting belief was unconsciously done, then whats to stop it playing out once again when the conditions are right? It's the same with the magnificent man that you attract, everything is going well, however there is a pattern that if its going "too good," then you will find yourself single soon. Yo-yo body weight is the same. Get to a fantastic body and then you're sitting on the couch engulfing a cheesecake and feeling horrible saying to yourself, "why would I do that!" Self sabotage is the result of playing out a bullshit belief system. If you want money and you keep saying bullshit things like, "money doesn't grow on trees," or "don't waste money," then you are practicing a poverty mindset. People that do this will feel uncomfortable with having a lot of money. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Give me heaps of money! I'll be comfortable as hell! right? Well, the studies say otherwise (as well as my personal experience). It's why over 70% of people who win over $100 Million in lotto end up WORSE financially than they ever were before they won! Crazy hey? The thing is if you try to change the condition BEFORE you change the bullshit belief, then you will self-sabotage until you get back to what your SUBCONSCIOUS feels is comfortable.

Conscious vs subconscious - what's the difference? Conscious means your mind that is critical, analytical, creative, predictive. Subconscious is automated. The majority of our activity comes from the subconscious. why? Because its more efficient than your conscious. the conscious mind can really only do a few things at a time, however the subconscious can do thousands of things at the same time! If you ever talk to me when I'm concentrating on something, like a passenger in my car while I'm backing into a tight parking lot with screaming children running around, I guarantee I am not listening to a word you're saying. it would be a great time to get something off your chest that you've been dying to tell me but don't really want me to know.

"You're favorite jeans make you look fat and I hate that you wear them all the time."

"huh? Sorry what did you say?"

Smiling that its now off you're chest with no consequences, "mmmm? Oh nothing."

But while my conscious, like everyone else's, is only really able to focus on a few things at a time, the subconscious does everything else. It's the reason that when you first learn how to drive your car, there are so many things to think about, it's almost overwhelming. Then, once you've practiced enough that the subconscious mind has downloaded it, you can drive somewhere and not even remember the journey. This is just one example of your body's intelligent design. If you had to use your conscious mind all the time, you wouldn't be efficient at all. You would only be able to walk and then stop and listen and then talk. When we download things like walking, riding, how to make coffee, how to drive, how to do alllll those things that you do everyday without "thinking," this is all because you've practiced it so much that your mind has downloaded it into the subconscious to allow your conscious mind to do more of the "fun" stuff, like imagination and creation.

Unfortunately many people use this miracle gift of the conscious mind's ability to imagine and use it to self-torture. Rather than use it as it was intended - to create amazing advancements like air travel, motor cars, the internet - most people use it to imagine futures that are "worst case scenarios." This is then "logic'ed out" - all the reasons that we can give to justify why we need to focus on the worst case rather than the best case. Logically, this is actually insane, because there is no actual reason why the best case can not occur. Before we could fly in an airplane, this was JUST AN IDEA! And I'm sure there were thousands of people that put those imaginative genius down and told them they were "crazy." Why? Because it doesn't exist, there is no evidence that it can. That's the brilliance of humans - we create out of thin air! And its our CONSCIOUS mind that does it! In fact all of our human creations were once only a conscious thought from our imagination! From the wheel to 3D printing of live organs, its all from our imagination! So why do some create Microsoft and some create depression?

How you use your conscious is what your subconscious will download and automate. It all depends on what you practice! I said "create depression" on purpose, by the way. We can create it. It's not that you are broken or that you are "damaged," it only means that you have practiced depressing thoughts so often that your subconscious can bring these up so easily that you feel like shit all the time. How would I know? Well apart from my multiple degrees in the science and medical fields, extensive research into cognitive science and psychology and family history of suicide and depression, I've been there too! I've felt that absolute hopeless fog of depression and I was told that it was "genetic." That makes me absolutely pissed off. What is "genetic" anyway? It's a bullshit belief that you are born broken, right? And its actually been PROVEN as a bullshit theory back in the 1960s! Epigenetics explains how your genes are turned off and on by your environment, which makes sense because how would my liver cell and my skin cell, which are EXACTLY the same genetic make up, be different otherwise?! But unfortunately I believed what I was told, I even studied it in "big fancy Universities" for 8 years and got Honours and Masters in the medical fields that "proved" this shit. But its all just a bullshit belief. Once I discovered that, I took my power back. The power to create something different.

After years of feeling depression, stress and anxiety. After years of being told "its genetic" aka "there's nothing you can do" aka "you're broken." After years of watching my Aunty struggle and eventually commit suicide with depression. After years being taught that depression is a disease - like it just "gets you" randomly. After years studying my Masters of Pharmacy being indoctrinated that drugs are the "best solution" to a "broken mind," I began to believe it - funny that. So when I started to call "bullshit" I felt something massive change. First it was in my body, then it was in my blood tests and eventually it was in my belief system. I started to ask, "what if its just a habit of thought?" After all, if I focus on all the depressing "truths" in the world, then would it be logical that I would feel the effect of that focus. So what if I changed my focus. Yes, it was true there are people starving in the world. Focusing on it, without actually feeling I have power to change it, makes me feel like shit AND it doesn't help the situation AT ALL! So, its actually useless. So, what if I focused on the fact that I was lucky enough to have heaps of amazing food available to me anytime I need or want it. That made me feel really appreciative. And (surprise, surprise) appreciation feels better than guilt or pity. The more I began to focus on things I appreciated, the better I began to feel. Then, I would start to find more reasons to smile. Eventually I was focusing on things that would make me smile more. That became my new habit. Now, I am so practiced on finding things I absolutely LOVE in the world, that I feel so blissful, loving and joyful 99% of the time - its funny, I don't get diagnosed with "happiness syndrome." I wonder why that is?

The thoughts you practice eventually becomes your beliefs and your beliefs will dictate your actions. If you believe the world is an evil place and people are "out to get you," then you will feel like shit (that's the biggest issue) and you will probably be an asshole (lets be honest). This is how I used to be. If you believe (like I do now), that the world is an amazing place full of loving people, then you will feel amazing and you will probably be a fun person to be around.

So, what thoughts are you practicing? Are you practicing fear? Hate? Judgement? If you are, you will know by how you feel. It feels like shit to focus on fearful and hateful thoughts. If you are practicing appreciation, love, satisfaction and joy, then you will feel amazing. If feels great to focus on loving thoughts. If you don't believe me, then try it out and CONSCIOUSLY acknowledge how you feel. If you want to change how you feel constatnly, then consciously practice the thoughts that feel good. It really couldn't be any easier or simple.

Happy thinking and as always,

I'm sending you heaps of love

Ze Winters

BSc (Hons); MPharm

Master Energy Guide

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