A new year, a new you?

As we wrap up another year, it gives us time to look back and appreciate all the experiences that we have created over the past 12 months. Some were good, some where challenging and some where down right fricken extraordinary. It’s our ability to see it for what it really is that gives us our power, and that is, life is an experience. Whether it’s what you would classify as a “bad” or “good” one is almost irrelevant, all experiences are special. The magnificent ones allow us to appreciate and enjoy our life. The challenges allow us to redefine more clearly what we would prefer. Our focus will draw more of that to us, so as long as we are holding a consistent focus on what we prefer in our lives then it is inevitable that we will achieve our dreams. Yet we must remember that it’s. it the outcome that we always want, it’s the entire journey. The roller coaster is fun on the way down BECAUSE of the excitement and anticipation on the journey up! Ying and Yang in life creates a complexity of wonder and fun. It’s the present under the tree and it’s gift of possibility that causes the excitement. Once the present is unwrapped, even though we may live the overall outcome, the real excitement of the entire experience has ebbed. So appreciate the journey and what it allows you to feel. It’s a gift to be able to have these emotions, to feel joy, excitement, hope, appreciation, happiness, love. And it’s also a gift to experience grief, loss, sadness, anxiety, pain- it reminds us that we are still human in all our expansiveness, craving growth and that we are striving for more because deep down we know we deserve and are worthy of all our hearts desire.

It’s exciting to think of the possibilities that 2018 will be bestowing onto us. People begin “new year resolutions,” and while these are wonderful, do not underestimate the power of short term intentions. I hear some people say thinks like, “I can’t wait to see the end of 2017,” or “2017 was such a bad year.” Be aware of the words you use, they tell you your inner beliefs. Be cautious it to “ride off” an entire year so easily. Statements like this can easily allow you miss the opportunity to appreciate all the good that 2017 has brought you. In such a long time span there will always be things you can appreciate, whether that’s simply the fact that you have clean air to breathe, that you have fresh water to drink, that you have a roof over your head and a comfortable place to rest your body. Maybe you have even more than this! Maybe you received a smile from a stranger, a kiss on the cheek by a loved one, the hug of a mother. What do you have in your life that you are appreciative of?

Allow yourself to feel this appreciation for all that you have gained from 2017. If it was a challenging year for you then take a moment to think about what you have learned through these challenges. Have you learnt more about your preferences? Have you learned a better way to accomplish your goals? Have you forged stronger relationships through them? What was the gift you received from these experiences? In this state of appreciation you will be vibrating on an energetic frequency that will draw more wonder and positive experiences to you. Holding this state consistently at least 10 minutes a day can change your life in profound ways, even if that is just to make you feel good- that’s a miracle that is worth practicing appreciation for.

Let 2017 be viewed in the state of the observer. Whatever the year you’ve had, observe it and then look to 2018 with a fresh perspective. If you could have it all your way, what would your year look like? Let go of the logical side of your brain, that part that will ask you to explain “how” or justify why you would deserve it or what you would have to do to achieve it. Let that all go and just visualise how it would look/feel if it just simply was the way you would prefer if you had it all your own way. Who would you be around? What country would you be in? What would you feel like here? What’s the weather like? What kind of interactions do you have with others around you? Are you working? What are you doing with your time? Feel it! Let it in and just enjoy the experience. Now if you hold this visualised reality in your mind for only 2-5 minutes each morning, your subconscious would begin to let go of the resistance that may be telling you, “it’s impossible,” that “you’re. It good enough,” that “it would be too hard.” Soon it would become so integrated into your reality that your mind would start to show you ways to achieve this dream. It’s not a coincidence that when you think about a “yellow Getz” then you start to see them all the time. They were always driving around, however your attention and focus on them now makes it an obvious reality in your conscious daily experience. This is how visualising works. You hold in your mind your ideal preference and your mind will then show you things to support this reality in your physical experience. You will begin to notice new things, people and opportunities that may have always been there, only hidden by your limited view of how you thought your life “should” be.

2018 can be an amazing year for you. You are so worthy of everything that your heart calls for. Allow yourself to receive the abundance, ease and joy that you deserve. Don’t worry about how it should happen, that’s the Universes responsibility. Think of it like the best personal assistant ever, working tirelessly and lovingly to make your every request come true. Remember that if you request something unpleasant, which is whatever you’re focusing on, then your assistant is going to be working just as hard to make it happen for you. So maintain your consistent focus on what you want!

Have fun, be playful and have faith that everything is going to work out for you. Why? Because you are a special human being, in fact, you’re the MOST special human being that ever existed or will ever exist! Because you were born to be great, to be loved, to have fun, to feel good. That is what the Universe wants for you! Because when you feel good you have more creativity, love and positive energy to share with others! You fill others up and they have more creativity, love and positive energy. This effect is passed on until we get mass consciousness, vibrating at exciting new levels that explode out into massive expansion. Bang! We have electricity! Running water! More food production than ever! The internet! We are only growing and expanding so imagine what we can create for our human experience in the future?! Free internet for 99% of the world leading to free and accessible education. Better ways of sharing and storing food leading to less wastage and starvation throughout the world. Better ways to recycle and more bio sustainable productions leading to increased Earth healing and wellness. The future is exciting and wonderful, if you chose to focus on that which is wonderful and exciting. For me, I am blessed. I live every year, every day in a state of appreciation, joy and love. I never ride off a day just because I may experience a challenge or contrast in one moment. What a wasted opportunity to love the infinite moments available to me in the rest of that day! So I look into 2018 with the knowledge and expectation to have an extraordinarily time. To learn and grow, to connect and laugh. I may feel fear and challenge and I will look at those moments as exciting evidence that I am growing and that the fear is only coming because it may be new and unknown to me. But if it is new then that must mean that I’m about to expand and if I have the courage to grab that fear head on and move towards my dreams with love and the faith that the Universe has my back, then my reward will be to achieve something I have never had before! I say, “fuck yes,” to my extraordinary life! I will appreciate all the wonder it has in store for me and I will spread more love, inspiration and laughter than I have ever spread before!

Happy New Year!!! I love you so much, you are special and 2018 is going to be the best year of your life!

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your Soul

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