7 fast ways to feel good now

How do you re-centre when you feel sad, angry or stressed? It doesn't feel good feeling these things, yet sometimes it's difficult to get out of this state once your in it. I want to share 7 of my favourite, quick tools to realign and feel good.

When we feel good, life is so much fun. The sun is brighter, the colours are more vibrant, our conversations with people are awesome, food tastes amazing…let’s face it, when we feel extraordinary, life is extraordinary! This is what I call “being on centre.” I believe we were born to enjoy our experience here on earth. To have fun and find joy, regardless of the situation, is a gift of our choices to decide what meanings we give to our experience. We have the power to make any situation one of pleasure or one of pain simply by how we choose to look at the experience. Our perspective, influenced by our beliefs, determines our feelings. When we look at a situation and feel sadness, anger, frustration, fear or stress, then we have robbed ourselves of the potential joy that can be found within that moment. It’s true that some situations are more challenging to find the joy within them, however there are many situations where a simple shift in thought can make your experience truly more enjoyable. Those days where there is nothing particularly going wrong, however you still feel off. These are times where you can practice a habit of thought that will serve you and make you feel good. The more you practice this habit of thought, the more naturally it will become part of your normal, everyday experiences.

So what can you do to help you re-centre and feel good in times where you are feeling challenged. First thing I always do is stop and breathe. It’s the simplest and quickest way to reset whenever I begin to wobble off alignment. When we are going 100 km/hr towards a tree it is always better to simply take your foot off the accelerator and slow down naturally rather than try and make it more complicated with hand breaks and airbags. Simply stop. There is no excuse why you can’t step out of the moment and take a break. Go and lock yourself on the bathroom, in a room, in your car. Even better would be to go for a walk outside. Even if you were literally trapped in a room, close your eyes and detach from the moment. You only need a few minutes, and that’s such a small investment of time for a potentially huge reward of feeling good. Then breathe. I mean really, consciously breathe. Take three deep, long breaths in and out, acknowledging that this air is a gift for you, full of love and healing energy. When we breathe out slowly we send messages to the brain that we are safe. It lowers our blood pressure, reduces our stress hormones, increases our ability to problem solve and creative thinking and helps elevate our hormones that positively influence our emotions. It makes sense, if we were really in a state of stress, which traditionally would mean that an animal was chasing us or a tribe was going to attack etc, then we would never had time to slowly breathe in and out. So by consciously doing so, we tell our body that we are okay. I consciously do this at least 10 times a day. I do it when people are talking to me and they don’t even know! It’s important for me to tell my body that I am safe and more, that life is fun.

The next way I re-centre is through food. Food can be such a spiritual experience. It has been created by the earth and is full of life energy. When you eat directly from the earth you fill your body up with nutrients that literally create you. All your cells, tissues, fibres, nerves, hormones, everything, is created from the things you put in your mouth. By fuelling your body with the best ingredients the earth has to offer, you are giving your body the best building blocks to create your physical body. I make sure I thank my food for giving me such amazing nutrients and loving energy every time I eat or drink anything.

Get out into nature. There are a tonne of studies showing how hospital patients that simply ha e a view of nature from a window, then their recover time was cut by a third compared to patients who had no access to nature. That’s massive! Being out in nature is healing and we can feel it when we simply move among the trees or put our feet flat on the ground. The earth radiates at a frequency that is quantifiably identical to our hearts vibration. That is not a coincidence. Find time everyday to simply be out in nature, preferably in the morning. It doesn’t take long, go and take your three deep breaths outside in the morning and you would have done two things in one moment that will benefit you for the rest of the day.

Connect with your tribe. I invest time to make sure I spend time with people that fill up my love tank. These people are the energetic counterparts to my soul and they make me feel love, joy and fun. We find time to connect every week because we know that we are the culmination of the people we spend the most time with. They are people I admire, who inspire me, who up lift me and I offer them all this in return. Recently, we went to a yoga and ecstatic dance on the beach and a breakfast out – that ticked off so many re-centring tools, food, nature and breath also. Talk about a turbo hit!

Explore tantric self pleasure. The heart of tantra is to energetically connect with self and all energy in the Universe. Breathing is important. Whenever I practice tantric exploration, I always breathe in love and breathe out resistance. There are amazing teachers for pure tantric exploration that I recommend looking into, such as Layla Martin and Sarita. Self pleasure can be such an energising realignment technique. It’s not about “getting off” or simply reaching orgasm, although that can be a fun result of your self pleasure. It’s about truly loving yourself and appreciating your body in all its perfection as it is. Giving yourself a massage and consciously thanking each part of your body for functioning just for you, for always being there for you and for continuing to support you in this life. Finding more self love will allow you to be able to give more love to others in an authentic and centred way. You will notice when you are coming from this state because you will be able to come from love, compassion, forgiveness and kindness in each interaction. We are all human, so reacting in a moment of un-centred energy is going to happen from time to time, however with more self love practice, these moments will be few and far between. It allows you to truly have more fun in each interaction, whether it be with a loved one, work colleague or random person on the street.

Live in a constant state of appreciation. There is so much to be appreciative for, tapping into this amazingly uplifting state can re-centre you in a matter of moments! If you have electricity and a flushing toilet, then you are literally living better than the kings and queens of the past! That’s amazing. Truly appreciating these things can be of huge impact to your life experiences. When I want to jump on a good feeling thought train, I will take 5 minutes to write as many things that I’m appreciative of in this moment. This morning I wrote things like, the sun is out, I have access to the best beach on the planet, I can go and get coffee at my favourite café, I have an amazing bed that I am safe and warm in, I have the best car in the world that allows me to drive wherever I want, I love my parents so much and I feel that love for me, I have a perfectly functioning body that moves and experiences this life in so many different senses to allow me to enjoy things like touch, food and music…my list can go on forever! That’s why I set my alarm for 5 minutes, and I tell you what, after 5 minutes I’m actually tingling with good feelings. You may only start out with writing 2-3 things you are appreciative of. That’s how I started, just continued practice causes me to become more aware of all of the gifts I constantly receive from the Universe.

And last, but not least, sleep. Sleep is the best way to realign and re-centre. Set up your space, put on restful essential oils, such as lavender or chamomile, which can help to calm your body. Make sure the temperature is slightly cool, that your sheets are clean. Get your space nice and let yourself feel truly relaxed and happy in this space. Then set your intention. Consciously tell your body what you want from this sleep. Do you want to recharge or relax, to find peace with a specific situation, to get clarity over something. What do you want to achieve during this time? Every time you sleep it is another opportunity to reset. It doesn’t matter if you had a good day or a bad day, once it’s over, it’s over. Now is a new opportunity to create a new day, the best day! And even if it doesn’t happen straight away, with more practice, you will slowly begin to create better and better days and your life experience will be filled with joy, peace, fun and appreciation. At least this was my experience with consistent, conscious practice. Even when I have a sub-par day now, I know that tomorrow is a new day, with new opportunities and new adventures to be had. Life is just one moment at a time, I aim to make each one fill me with love and joy. And if I miss the mark, there is always another moment.

I hope this helps you find your joy in your wonderfully blessed life. I’m so glad you are here and I send you so much love.

Blissfully yours,

Ze Winters

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