About TOP Minds

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About Energy Guidance

An empowered mindset produces an inspired person who achieves positive results more consistently and effectively. Discover techniques to reduce stress, decision fatigue and improve your general wellbeing. Using the same Mindset Mastery Technique that Ze used to heal her body of chronic disease, you can implement these core teachings to enhance your life in your physical health, financial wellbeing, pursuing your passionate purpose and building more meaningful relationships. 


We offer various programs, events and one on one coaching to teach you simple, yet effective tools to take back control of your mind and create habits of thought that will lead you to success. 

Our Vision

We want to see a world where everyone is living a life they truly love. To hear people laughing and enjoying their journey, finding their passions and unlocking their special gifts to share with one another. 

Our Mission - Why we do what we do

To inspire, uplift and empower everyone we serve 

We believe that everybody is unique and has a beautiful gift to share with the world. Everybody is powerful and special. We want to help people unlock this power within themselves so they can live a life of unapologetic fun, fulfillment and joy and share their true magnificence with others. In this way inspiration becomes contagious, empowerment becomes commonplace, love becomes our natural instinct and our uniqueness becomes cherished. 


Our Values 

Think on purpose

Focus on empowering thoughts and practice a feel-good thought habits 

Have 100% responsibility for your life 


Maintain your personal power by acknowledging that you can create your own reality 

Create your Bliss


Use your Inner Guidance System to align with Universal Energy and act from a place of divine inspiration

Lovingly Serve


Be a vessel of Universal love to everyone in your experience; always come from a place of appreciation, compassion and empathy in every interaction 

Be the Inspiring Example of Greatness

Act authentically and lovingly to inspire others of what’s possible

Be unapologetically Cray-Ze

You are unique - live it, breath it, be it. You were born like this for a reason, remain your authentic you on purpose!


About Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your soul

BSc Mol Bio, Bio Med (Hons); MPharm

Ze is TOP Minds founder and principal Guide, with over 10 years experience teaching and guiding clients to live a life they love. It is her unwavering passion to inspire, uplift and empower all those we serve.

Ze Winters has qualifications as a Molecular Biologist, BioMedical Science, completed her Honours in Virology and Immunology and a Masters of Pharmacy. Having successfully practiced within the medical industry for over a decade, Ze’s transformation into the wellness space was sparked by her chronic illness, causing her to look for alternative methods of healing. After 10 years of illness, including alopecia areata, hypothyroidism, asthma, eczema, cervical arthritis, cystic rhinitis, arrhythmia and depression, Ze created and implemented a new Master Mindset Technique and within 8 months she had successfully reversed every condition. Working as a successful Pharmacist at the time, Ze immediately left the sickness industry and went on to use the same Master Mindset Techniques to transform her life in her career, relationships and her finances. Ze created TOP Minds to help teach others how to take back control of their lives using the same Master Mindset Techniques, making it her unwavering mission to inspire, empower and uplift everyone she serves.


The story continues:

After successfully reaching the top in her science and medical qualifications, Ze went on to publish multiple research articles in various prestigious medical journals. Her honours year made Murdoch University millions of dollars in research grants and she won the ASMR Pathology award from UWA for her research. Later receiving a Masters degree in Pharmacy, she quickly elevated the ranks and became the managing Pharmacist in a large community pharmacy, while practicing in several of WA’s largest Private Hospitals. After discovering how to heal her body through alternative means, Ze no longer wanted to be part of the sickness industry and had to reinvent herself and find her new purpose. This sparked Ze to start her company, TOP Minds, to inspire, uplift and empower others to follow their passions and find their true purpose.


TOP Minds has proven wildly successful, however Ze wanted to put her Mindset Master Techniques to the test once more. Roughly 4 years ago, Ze took a brief hiatus coaching in order to pursue her life-long dream of acting. Stepping away from a 6 figure salary to follow a dream was scary. As many of her loved ones reminded her, she was over 30, never done acting in her life, in Perth (where there were little opportunities in the industry) and would be “throwing away” everything she had achieved. Not buying into these fearful justifications of why she should not pursue her dream, Ze ended up in one of the top acting classes in Perth, another feat people told her was “impossible.” She was the WORST actor her coach had ever seen and was told that she would “never make it on TV.” This didn't stop Ze, she kept focused on her goals and implemented her  Master Mindset Techniques. Only 6 months later, Ze was called out as one of the top performers, scouted by an agent and cast in a new ABC series, proving that there is nothing you can’t do with the right mindset tools.