About TOP Minds


TOP Minds was founded to help people find a way to live a life they love. To find better health, create stronger relationships, find a more fulfilling career and live in abundance.

Our Vision

We dream of a world full of people that love their lives fully.

A world where everyone lives in supreme health and joy.

Where most people laugh and have fun every day.

Where everyone has loving connections with themselves and others.

Where people are working and providing others with service in a career that gives them a fulfilment and satisfaction.

Where people are abundant and can share that wealth with others. 

Our Mission 


We aim to be the most impactful empowerment movement the world has ever seen. We want to help a billion people find their power and create their joyous life.

Our Values 

Think on purpose

Pay attention to what you focus on and focus on what you want to create

Take 100% responsibility for your life 


Maintain your personal power by acknowledging that you create your reality 

Create your Bliss


Learn how to listen to your intuition and act from a place of loving inspiration

Lovingly Serve


You create from the energy you project; Project love, kindness and compassion in every interaction with yourself and others

Be the Inspiring Example of Greatness

Inspire others of what’s possible by living authentically and following your inner intuition 

Be unapologetically Cray-Ze

You are unique - live it, breathe it, be it. You were born like this for a reason, remain your authentic you on purpose

About Ze Winters

Master Energy Guide - PT for your soul

BSc Mol Bio, Bio Med (Hons); MPharm

Ze Winters is TOP Minds founder and principal Guide, with over 10 years experience teaching and guiding clients to create a life they want to live.

Ze has qualifications as a Molecular Biologist, Biomedical Science, completed her Honours in virology and immunology and has a masters in Pharmacy. Having successfully practiced within the medical industry for over a decade, Ze’s transformation into the wellness space was sparked by her chronic illness, causing her to look for alternative methods of healing. After 10 years of illness, including alopecia areata, hypothyroidism, asthma, eczema, cervical arthritis, cystic rhinitis, arrhythmia and depression, Ze created and implemented a new Master Mindset Technique and within 8 months she had successfully reversed every condition. Working as a successful Pharmacist at the time, Ze immediately left the sickness industry and went on to use the same Master Mindset Techniques to transform her life in her career, relationships and her finances. Ze created TOP Minds to help teach others how to take back control of their lives using the same Master Mindset Techniques.

"If your life is not working out for you, or if you think it could be better, then you probably have thought habits that keep you stuck. Take back control of your mind and you will take back control of your life. " 

- Ze Winters

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